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Perfect Shading for My Pool and Patio

Perfect Performance from Graber Exterior Solar Shades.


“A friend of mine has a house with a basketball court and a pool. The guys go over and play basketball; I lie by the pool and nap in the sun. That defines me. That’s consistent with who I am. I don’t pretend to play basketball because I wanna feel like one of the guys. I wanna lie in the sun and relax.”

Ryan Seacrest.


That describes me perfectly. I love outdoors and gardening, but there is something about the pool that tugs at my soul. When I had a patio and a pool of my own, I spent a lot of my time, especially during weekends by the pool, enjoying a good book, taking a dip or just admiring my beautiful garden. I loved this leisurely inactivity until the sunburn and other effects of harsh sunlight began to show on my body. My online research regarding sunburn led to topics like UV exposure, skin cancer and many other harmful effects which can result from over exposure to sunlight, especially when the sun is high up. This kind of scared me so much that I had a tough time garnering enough courage to get on the deck chair during the day. Another problem I needed to address was the temperature of pool water, which was good in summer, but kept me out of the pool for nearly 8 months. I decided to do something about the presenting problem without having to sacrifice the activity I loved so much. After all, I had invested so much on this house with a pool and patio!


My small sized pool was adjacent to my patio. The shape of my patio, pool and home made it convenient for me to get the entire area of pool and patio covered with exterior solar shades along with translucent roofing which would make it an extended part of my home without completely taking away the outdoor feel from the area. This was also a great solution to the insect problem I usually faced when spending time outdoors in the evenings.


I planned on the covering up my pool and patio area with the Graber exterior solar shades and polycarbonate roofing which would make it a beautiful and protective enclosure for me to enjoy my relaxation time. But it had its drawback as well. Earlier the pool would be warm for almost 4 months a year due to the sunlight striking it directly, making it convenient for me to take dip, but the roofing and shading would prevent the pool from heating naturally. So I planned on installing a solar pool heater, which would make the pool accessible to me for a longer period of time than it did previously.


I first did the roof and then the solar heating of the pool and finally installed exterior solar shades, which not only deflected the UV rays and heat of the sun effectively but also gave a more classy look to my patio. I could now furnish my patio with some cool furniture because I did not have to bother about fading anymore. These shades are made out of a meshed fabric comprising polyester, vinyl and fiberglass that assured me of its aesthetic appeal and durability. Since my patio and pool area faced south, I installed dark colored solar shades which provide the benefit of optimal glare control by reducing up to 90% of visible light coming through, yet at the same time allowing a good exterior view. The darker shades absorb heat and are well-suited to the south facing area that received less sunlight. Installing solar shades prevented direct sunlight striking my living room windows, making my air conditioner work less as well.


Motorization of these shades was absolutely necessary for complete ease of control and management, especially when they are installed on a vast area. The wind sensors fitted with the shades are convenient as the shades rise automatically in windy conditions, keeping them damage-free.


I was very satisfied with the results and there are reasons for it. Now I have

  • A good outdoor view
  • The darker fabric color gives me better glare control and visibility
  • The solar shades effectively block damaging UV rays
  • The motorized shades with a standard radio-frequency AC motor provides convenient operation by wireless remote control
  • I could manage them from anywhere in my home without being in direct vicinity of the shades
  • The product was durable since all the components were rated for exterior use
  • There was reduced heat in my patio area
  • A warm pool available all throughout the year, sparing few very cool weeks
  • No pest trouble while I laze around beside my pool with a book in my hand


This summer I have enjoyed sun bathing as much as I have enjoyed my pool without worrying about the harmful UV rays. The insulation has improved the ambience inside my home as well. I have enjoyed the sight of the grapefruit hanging down the tree in my backyard, the butterflies fluttering over the flowers, squirrels running over my picket fence, and many more amazing sights! I am glad with the investment I made, a great asset for my home in future.



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