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Perfect Blinds and Shades for Children’s Rooms

Blinds and Shades for Children's Room

Perfect Blinds and Shades for Children’s Rooms

Curtains and shades for your child’s room not only set the ambiance for the entire room, but they also ensure your child is cozy and safe. That means they need to be attractive, while still maintaining that important element of safety. is deeply committed to ensuring children get the safest spaces possible with child proof blinds designed to prevent accidents. is proud to offer a huge range of gorgeous blinds and curtains in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics to match the decor in your child’s room. At the same time, we offer convenient home delivery as well as a low-price guarantee, ensuring even the busiest parents can buy the right window treatments for their child’s room.

Safety Considerations for Children’s Blinds

When choosing window treatments for your child, your first concern will be safety. Unfortunately, each year, children suffer from strangulation and other injuries due to window shade cords and blind pulls. Here are a couple style options to ensure that doesn’t happen:

    •  Cordless blinds or shades. The safest option for a child is a cordless blind or shade with a motorized mechanism. This allows you to open and close your child’s blinds easily and safely while reducing risk of injury.
  • Smart home blinds and shades. Another option is to use smart home shades and blinds which allow you to control the windows and shades in your child’s room with the touch of a button from your mobile device. If your child has pets in their room or has a computer or TV, being able to control the blinds from a mobile device ensures you can close the shades to keep out damaging sun rays — while still not having dangerous cords. There’s also an added benefit of being able to program shades to automatically raise or lower at naptime or to allow light in when it’s time to wake up.

Other Aspects to Keep in Mind

After safety, you want to be sure any blinds and shades in your child’s room ensure absolute comfort. Thick blinds and curtains can help keep out prying eyes and can help make your child feel more comfortable in their space.

If you don’t necessarily want to go with a thicker curtain, cellular shades can help keep out glare or warm air in the summer as well as cold air in the winter, creating a comfortable space while helping you control energy bills. Parents always appreciate that, since it leaves more money in the household for band trips, sports uniforms, school supplies and other expenses.

Of course, your child may have a specific idea of how they want their room decorated. Being able to match curtains or shades to the color of a favorite duvet, carpet or color is important. Visit to check out a variety of blinds, shades, curtains, shutters and other window treatments.

We have a large selection of colors, patterns and even customized options so you can get the exact look you want. offers free samples as well, so you can try out fabrics, patterns and colors before you buy. With easy ordering, door-to-door delivery and a low-price guarantee, we make it easy for you to create a gorgeous room for your child. Order your blinds today!

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