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Patio Sun Shades Help To Reduce Harsh Sunlight In Your Living Room

Patio Sun Shades Help To Reduce Harsh Sunlight In Your Living Room

It is imperative to protect your home during all seasons. Otherwise, the weather may not just impact your well being but also have terrible consequences on your valuables that may be placed in direct contact with the sunlight. This was a situation that I used to face almost every summer. My house was compact, and there were not enough trees in the area that could otherwise prevent the sun from being in direct contact with my interiors. In a way, it was good, since I felt no need to turn on the light during day time. However, the home got so heated up during peak temperatures that I had to look for alternative options other than my standard window shades. It doesn’t help when the windows are wide or small. Summers are a pretty sensitive time when you are affected by blinding sunlight and glare that may disrupt your everyday activities like TV viewing, working on your laptop or even when you are trying to relax during weekends. It may be worse for people who work in night shifts, and who need a good day’s rest to be energized at night. However, when we can already protect our outdoors by setting up effective shades, the indoors can be well taken care of.

Outdoor Shades Protect The Living Room

There are several reasons why patio sun shades are go-to window treatments for many homeowners. As you will discover as you read further, there is not one reason why people prefer them when summers approach and the sun is shining at its brightest in the sky. To begin with, they may work wonders for houses that are not surrounded by enough tall trees to protect you from the glare. What becomes necessary is to work on your patio and round it off with outdoor sun shades. This will filter the sunlight that comes in your patio, and in turn, will even lessen the impact that it would otherwise have in the living room that faces the outdoors.

In the presence of effective motorized outdoor shades, your living room window treatments will also last long, especially if they are made from materials that are not heat-resistant. Inferior quality window treatments tend to bend and fade away quickly when exposed to heat for too long. You are better advised to go for top window treatment brands such as Graber and Crown, which are known for their premium quality stuff that would last you for several years.

Patio Sun Shades Add Another Hangout Space

Sure, you are in love with your living room and the bedroom, but imagine how claustrophobic it must feel when you’re enclosed in a compact space with no access to sunlight and nature. However, we do understand your apprehensions when it comes to sitting outside during the peak of the summers. No one wants to be drenched in sweat and be distracted by the glare when you have work to do and indoor tasks to attend. The installation of patio sun shades outdoors resolves this problem for you too. Then you can dress in minimal clothing, wear your favorite eyeshades, prepare a glass of lemonade and enjoy sitting in your front verandah and hear the birds chirp. We all deserve a break like that. And the presence of outdoor shades makes it all simple for us. Besides, the extension of another hangout place creates an extra space where you can entertain your guests on a pleasant weekend evening, where you can chit-chat, enjoy a drink or simply read a book when you feel like.
Solar Shades for Patio Doors

They Lessen The Harmful Impact Of The Sun

The importance of Vitamin D and their activation of serotonin in the human body cannot be undermined. Isn’t it why doctors recommend taking a morning walk and get exposed to natural sunlight at least for thirty minutes in a day? Our lives are so busy working indoors in homes and offices that we often neglect our health in the process. However, you must be aware even when you are taking this advice seriously. Long hours in the sun may keep you feel rejuvenated and relaxed, but it might also result in excessive tanning and exposure to ultraviolet radiation which can damage the skin and lead to several sun-related ailments. And when the sun is shining through the windows in your living room, observe how it impacts your TV viewing experience when you have friends over to catch a live game or watch that latest movie.

The solution: hang blackout shades in the living room, or better still, use it as an opportunity to protect the patio with solar shades that filter the light that falls indoors.
Outdoor Blackout Shades

A Protective Covering Against Intruders

Prowlers and robbers can often be spotted in the neighborhood, eyeing houses and places that can be ransacked and entered into without difficulty. So houses which are brightly lit during day time, and with window treatments that do not hide the view from outside, are often the soft targets for these people. This is exactly why solar shades are constructed. People have understood their importance fairly well, as these shades can allow homeowners to have a solid outdoor view without being spotted. So if you see any suspicious characters lurking around in your property or in the neighborhood, you can alert the cops and protect your home.

A Well-Lit Outdoor Space

We need not specify more about the energy-efficient design of these coverings with more than 10% openness percentages. A patio with just the right solar shades doesn’t need any lamps and lanterns except when the sun sets and you still need to sit outside and enjoy the evening breeze. External shades on windows give just the right amount of sunlight inside, reducing your overall electricity costs by up to 10-20%. And when you have shades that do not heat up the indoors, the reliance is less on air conditioners during bright summers, which are otherwise quite a necessity.

Graber Exterior Solar Shades

Known for their design, which is exclusively constructed for your outdoor space, Graber solar shades are just what you need this summer. They provide privacy and protection for your patios as well as decks and keep your indoors safe and sound from the blinding and affecting light. Here are a few of their features, which will help you make your purchase.

1. Made from a wide variety of materials and fabrics which are sun-resistant
2. Available in various openness percentages to ensure effective UV protection. The various openness percentages are 1%, 3%, 5%, 7%, and 10%
3. They are the best for providing privacy during day time and offer protection against the glare.
4. Graber exterior sun shades are also available in motorized options, which can be controlled from anywhere in the house.
5. Graber makes use of materials that ensure good air quality inside the home and hence comes with a Green-Guard Certificate that assures the maximum level of protection against odor-causing and stain-resistant bacteria in the home.

Final note: Having exterior patio sun shades is important for a wide variety of reasons. They protect the home against heat, glare, and UV radiation, besides creating a great outdoor space that can be utilized for relaxing during day time.

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