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Everything You Need To Know Before Installing Plantation Shutters

Patio Door Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Gone are the days when window treatments were limited to drapes and two or three varieties of blinds or shades. Today you have a huge window treatment market that is flooded with different varieties and variants of window coverings. These include different types of shades and blinds in their corded and cordless variants with some of them going the motorized way. There is a third popular category of window treatments that belongs to the shutter group. These shutters add a touch of grace and elegance to your rooms, as they are extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. You can get them in different colors and textures depending upon the color palette of your room and the decor style that you have chosen.

The elegant and natural looks of wood are the main characteristics of these shutters and help to add warmth to the windows and the surroundings. Apart from being aesthetically gorgeous, these shutters provide adequate insulation from outdoor heat and sound. They give you control over lighting and privacy and also helps to preserve your outside view. When we talk about plantation shutters the best place that comes to our mind that does justice to the window coverings are patio doors. If you are looking for the perfect window treatment for your sliding patio doors and want it to address your varied concerns, go for plantation shutters and you will not regret your decision.

Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors

Plantation Shutters for Patio Doors

Patio doors are the focal point of any room and they are a fabulous addition to your house. Apart from giving access to the porch or patio, the wide expanse of glass looks aesthetically wonderful. They give a fantastic view of the outside and lets in ample light and air but they need to be treated well for them to be functional. Plantation shutters do an admirable job. The transparency of these shutters makes them gel in with the sliding glass doors leaving a very classy and exquisite effect.

Sliding Shutter Panels: If you are looking for something different, you can consider sliding shutter panels. These will provide single side stacking just like vertical blinds. The mechanism makes them easy to operate as the panels slide from side to side. The only concern in this is ensuring you have enough room for the stack to gather on one side.

Non-Sliding Shutter Panels: For those who have large patio doors instead of sliding doors, don’t worry, you can also install plantation shutters. You can enjoy the beautiful view outside and sip in your herbal tea sitting right in front of your roses and lilies. You can adjust the tilt of the louvers to obtain your desired privacy and light control. The result will be a modernized royal look uplifting the overall appearance of your house.

Plantation Shutters for Patio Doors

Things to be Considered before Buying Plantation Shutters

Consider a few things before opting for Plantation Shutters so you can make an informed decision.

• Framing or Dividing Rails: The first thing which should be considered is about the framing and dividing rails. It will help in selecting whether your whole door or window is to be covered by a single panel or if you want a division.
• Mounting Options: Make your mind about the mounting methods. This can include either mounting inside the window or outside. Select the one based on the mounting option available for you. If you opt for outside mount then you need to take measurement of the entire area where you would want the shutters to cover beyond the door frame.
• If you have opted for inside mount then you need to take measurement of the glass door area. Take measurement of the length and width of the sliding glass door at the top, bottom and at the centre. Diagonal measurement of the glass door is also advised. Then you need to measure the depth for the backspace which includes the depth of the glass door frame from the glass surface into the room. Make a note of all the handles and knobs so that the plantation shutter does not encounter obstructions when closing and opening.
• Many mounting styles are available. If your sliding glass door is set into the window wall and there are no other framing then opt for no-frame mount. If the door has a frame then you could choose from L-frame, Z-frame or even a hanging strip.
• Louver Sizes: Consider the kind of view you are looking for. Select the size according to the amount of exposure you need. Larger sizes provide a considerably clearer view.
• Tilting Options: You can select whether the tilt bar is located on the front of the back of the shutter. This will affect the way your shutter looks and also the way you operate the shutter tilt by hand.

Once you have made a note of these points and got the much needed information and data for ordering and installing your plantation shutters you can go ahead. Taking care of these pointers will help you get the best fit for your shutters, better functionality and avoid any mishaps in the installation process.

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