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Combining The Contemporary And The Traditional: Panel Shades For Sliding Glass Doors

Panel Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

Combining The Contemporary And The Traditional: Panel Shades For Sliding Glass Doors


Panel Shades for Sliding Glass Doors make an elegant and bold statement in any kind of decor. Usually used for larger windows or patio doors, they are one of the most modern blinds and shades if you are looking for a contemporary option. In case you have a very traditional decor with sliding panels and wish to flaunt it, then consider offsetting it with Panel Shades for Sliding Glass Doors. They can easily combine contemporary and traditional existing decors.


While Choosing Panel Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors, You Must Take Into Consideration A Few Points

  • Light control

  • Privacy

  • Traffic passing through that door

  • Insulation during the winters

Here are some solutions you will find interesting while considering your purchase




Flat Sheer Window Shades


Our exclusive Drapes Collection includes endless options that can be customized to fit any sliding glass doors. Choose from stationary drapery panels with tiebacks in loud patterns to offset a subtle room or use solid colors to go along with any existing patterned furnishings.

  • Flat Sheer Window Shades attached to a rod with ring clips make an ideal choice if you have furnishings with printed fabrics
  • The translucent material allows soft light inside maintaining a cool temperature indoors
  • Ensuring the right usage of curtains can help you preserve your privacy while allowing you complete control over the light


Vertical Blinds


Graber Blackout Cellular Shades


Vertical Blinds are a great modern blind for your sliding glass doors. Ease of operation makes them an ideal and popular choice. Excellent control of light control and privacy make them ideal panel blinds for sliding glass doors. They are available in a variety of colors, materials and lift types. They look great on sliding glass doors since they stack neatly on one side with easy access to the outdoors.

  • Graber blackout cellular shades are popular for their unique design and style. Its unique structure protects you from any level of outdoor temperatures. Graber blackout cellular shades glide effortlessly on the panel tracks and provide insulation for energy savings. They make for an ultimate fashion statement and can be coordinated well with any decor or architectural style. They are a crucial choice if you’re looking for noise canceling window blinds in the bedrooms.

  • Combining natural light with effective temperature control, Woven Wood Blinds are perfect light filtering and eco-friendly choices for your patio sliding glass doors. Just beautifully gentle filtering light that adds natural style to your rooms with their harmonious textures and tones. They are the best blackout shades for your bedroom and other areas where privacy is a must.

Graber Pleated Window Shades


Graber Pleated Window Shades


  • Dress up the traditional sliding glass doors in your home with Graber pleated window shades that are evenly spaced out with crisp folds of the fabric
  • This product features a black ladder support for evenly placed pleats to avoid sagging
  • Available in stunning textiles, sheer to opaque, customize these shades to your preference. They are an economical option but in a class of its own


Smart Blinds

    • Going Smart by choosing blinds that are functional can be quite a task
    • With options like Venetian Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds or Vinyl Blinds, the choices are huge
    • You cannot go wrong with either of these since they provide the most basic of functions of ensuring light control and privacy
    • Available in varied patterns and designs these blinds are easy to operate and maintain for sliding glass doors
    • Smart Blinds make an easy option to choose for sliding glass doors as they tend to consume less time in maintenance and are easy to operate.
    • They are an ideal choice for homes with kids and the elderly along with being budget friendly


Custom Plantation Shutters


Custom Plantation Shutters


  • Shutters are fashionably elegant and a sophisticated addition to sliding glass doors
  • Though available in a limited range, you will fall in love with these since they are the best eco-friendly option
  • Made out of premium hardwoods, they are one of the best heat-blocking window blinds and in winters they act as insulators
  • A simple operating mechanism makes this an ideal low budget option if you have priced in mind
  • Airflow, natural light, and visibility can be easily controlled by closing or be opening the vanes

Choosing Panel Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors is an immensely huge task. Decision making can be confusing with the galore of options available. From best blackout shades for the bedroom to flat sheer window shades, from pleated window shades to smart blinds and shutters, mixing window treatments in one room can be a challenge. And to add to that ensuring the decor is complete with the existing furnishings.

At ZebraBlinds, we help you with the right choices and advice. Our experts have accomplished professionals with years of experience in making homes complete with their advice. Order free samples or just simply drop into any of our nearest outlets to check out your window treatments.