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The Complete Guide To Dressing Your Patio Doors

Panel Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

Panel Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors- Best Window Treatment Ideas for Patio Doors


Panel blinds for sliding glass doors are a commendable addition to the house. They provide an easy access to the outdoors and help you welcome good amount of natural light in your house. If you have a beautiful backyard or a pretty garden attached to your residence, installing a patio door can do wonders for you. You can sip your comfy drink sitting on your favorite couch and enjoy a peep outside every now and then. This will help you keep an eye on your young one while simultaneously reading your favorite book or during your work from home hours. Better if it is a sliding glass door as you can effortlessly slide them open without disturbing the furniture around. Space saving and energy efficient, sliding patio doors also add a lot of aesthetic value to the living room too.


Bare patio doors are a piece of beauty in themselves but if you want to enhance their looks further, you can dress them up with a patio door covering. If you live in extreme conditions, you can amplify the insulation by installing energy efficient panel blinds for sliding glass doors. Their cellular variants can help you cut down your electricity bills to a considerable level. The patio door treatments can also provide you with a good amount of privacy, safety and light control during the bright mornings and a blackout experience to preserve your sound sleep during nights. A numerous variety of window coverings are available in the market these days. Depending on your utility and the interiors of your house, you can grab the best ones and make your room look much more classy and complete. Allow us to introduce you to all the variety available and help you make an informed and wise choice. Go through our blog, make your choice and thank us later.


Sliding in Style: Panel Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Graceful, bold and elegant, sliding panel tracks offer a very spruce look to your doors. Besides using them to cover up your patio doors, you can also use them as room dividers. Each piece of the blind is made of a large panel of fabric or bamboo which is stacked behind a series of panels. They are available from two to five panels, each on individual tracks tucked to a metal-based headrail. With a roller system at the top, you can slide them easily and enjoy extreme light control. Available in natural materials, they can add a very contemporary feel to the room too.

Graber Sliding Panel blinds – Graber offers some of the most premium panel blinds for sliding glass doors. You can operate them with a cord or wand, depending on where you install them. Available in a number of shades and fabrics, you can choose your favorite among bamboo, jute or reed materials, or from Graber’s selection of roller fabrics.


Panel Blinds for Sliding Glass Door


Honeycomb AKA Cellular shades


Budget-friendly and energy efficient, honeycomb shades work really well in extreme weather conditions. Their beehive honeycomb structure helps them to provide you with ultimate insulation. The air is trapped between their hexagonal cells which contributes a lot in maintaining the inside temperature. Install the shades with a vertical gliding option. No cords or wands, operate them with a simple push. You can either install an entire piece of the shade or split them into two as per your convenience. You can also couple them up with your favorite piece of curtain or drapery to give your living room a complete look. Go for pastel color curtains and light color honeycombs to add the ultimate elegance to your room. Add some interesting accessories and curtain ties to the draperies and enjoy the royal canopy.


Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Door


Some Sheer Beauty for Your Sliding Doors


Elegant, tasteful and sophisticated, vertical sheer shades are an amazing option for sliding glass doors. They can provide you with a lot of flexibility in controlling the light and privacy. Translucent in appearance, they let a very soft light inside and maintain a breezy feel inside the room. Their rotating fabric vanes provide you extreme convenience while opening and closing the curtains and trust us, sheer curtains in a room provide a look to die for.


Vertical Sheer Shades for Sliding Glass Door


Exterior Solar Shades for Patio Doors


If your door faces the blazing sun in the mornings and your primary concern is to maintain a correct balance of solar light entering inside, then solar shades are an ideal door treatment for your patio doors. Choose from the variety of materials available from different openness levels. Also, if you are looking for the ultimate in light control, then you can go for a roller shade plus solar shade combination.

Exterior Solar Shades for Patio Doors


Roller and Solar shades Together


Roller shades are available in blackout and extreme light filtering options. In addition to light control, some shades also offer protection from those damaging ultraviolet radiation which creeps inside your home sweet home during the scorching hours of the day. Install a pair of solar shades outside your patios and select a contemporary looking roller shade for the inside. Enjoy the light control with an amazing piece of embellishment to your interiors.


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