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Taming the Architectural Beauty of Large Palladian Windows

Palladian Window Treatments

Architectural Beauty: Palladian Window Treatments



When searching for Palladian Window Treatments or arch-style windows, it can be hard to find the right solution that fits properly and still looks great. Many advanced floor plans emphasize these window styles in master bedrooms or living rooms, so being able to reign in proper light control and privacy becomes even more important.

Palladian Window Treatments are perfect when we need to decorate a broad window opening with a semi-circle shaped arch on top of it. They are a modest yet efficient way to answer several different limitations for window coverings, particularly with wide openings. While we employ a significant quantity of time selling window treatments, we put as much emphasis on installing them correctly. The installation is nearly as important as educating our customers on the advantages, characteristics, or challenges of each product. Let us discuss the importance of using the proper hardware for your window treatments.


The actual difficulty arises when it comes to installing a blind across these broad windows. Almost every window treatment in such a space would require center sections to supplement support, but there exists no wood casing to drill inside. Another hurdle of this type of space is that if you drill into the window frame itself, it may void the guarantee of the window!


# What You Can do With Palladian Window Treatments


Palladian Shelf for Windows 

With a Palladian Window Shelf, you can reconstruct a frameless window into a beautiful space of art. With this architectural component in place, blinds may be installed either above or below the unusual window’s artistic curve. The shelf offers a number of new design possibilities for different windows.

Do you have a Palladian window that needs proper window coverings? Not sure whether to choose either blinds or shades? Don’t worry, and we are here to help you with the selection of the Perfect Window Treatments that address all your issues with regards to your Palladian window.


#1 Measuring Your Windows for The Installation of Palladian Windows


Palladian Window Treatments 

Before placing your order for these window treatments, you need to know precisely how and where to measure your windows.

Always use a steel tape measure to measure your windows. Measure the exact point of your window where you want to install the shelf. Make sure that both sides maintain the same level with the surface of the window opening to assure that the window treatment will be installed correctly. If there exists any difference in the measurements of your window sizes, choose the smaller one so that it will be fit properly.

The Palladian Window is a beautiful and elegant feature of a home, from both the inside or outside. Early Palladian windows were not decorated or covered in any way because they were placed in areas that did not require privacy or light control. Nowadays that isn’t always the case, but more importantly, homeowners realize the energy saving advantages of window treatments. If you own a window that needs a frame for installing a window treatment, the Palladian Shelf helps you dress up those windows with ease and fashion. These shades are made from the finest hardwood, perfect to use for the arched top windows and can be used in combination with any window treatments.

Choosing the perfect window treatments for a Palladian window is a tough task. Without proper hardware, it’s extremely difficult to filter the light entering in through those huge windows and achieve the amount of privacy that you require. With a Palladian shelf, you can install blinds on these arched windows with comfort and ease. This way you protect your loved ones and your valuable belongings from the harmful sun rays.


#2 How do Palladian Window Shelves Work?


Palladian Window Shelf

These shelves allow you to hang window treatments on your Palladian or arch top windows without piercing or drilling into the window frame and voiding the window’s guarantee. The Palladian shelves from Graber are made from high-quality American hardwoods and can be customized in depth and width to fit your window. They allow you the freedom to choose the style and color you like as they have an extensive range of designs and color shades.

Palladian Shelves have concealed mounting brackets that ensure a seamless look onto your window. For top-mounted window coverings, they make installation easy and straightforward. A vast range of polishes means matching your existing home decor is amazingly simple. Enjoy the style and ambiance of your home and get the security of a limited lifetime warranty with your Palladian shelf.


#3 Special Characteristics of Palladian Shelves


# Made from superior North American hardwood

# Compatible with any Graber Window Treatments

# Specially designed for arch top or Palladian windows

# Can be used as a divider that separates long windows and makes them look better

# Simple mount brackets included

# Many color options to match your window casing

# Allows for installation of blinds directly to the shelf


Palladian shelves are made specifically for installations that require a horizontal piece to mount blinds too and are designed to blend seamlessly with your existing window frame. They are made specifically for Palladian windows that have no partition between their larger rectangular section and the curved arch top section but are versatile enough to be used for any time of window that needs a divider or support for installation. Without a top mountable surface, sometimes you need to use inferior side mount or angle iron hardware for window treatments that require top mounting. Besides making the installation part difficult it also makes the hardware visible and makes them look odd. This is where the decor of the Palladian shelf comes into the picture and address all the limitations in decorating these kinds of windows. The best feature of the palladian shelves is that once you install them, they look entirely like a natural part of your window frame.

If your windows are too tall for the existing window treatments of your home, and you only want to cover half of the window, then Palladian shelves can help. Even for windows that are not arched or irregular in shape, you may need expensive draperies to cover them. Installing palladian shelves to these kinds of windows will help you to add standard length window treatments at various positions along the window irrespective of the actual length of the window. Cover the bottom half of a large window and let in natural light through the top.


#4 Where to Buy a Palladian Shelf?


If you have a Palladian window that requires being covered, get a Palladian shelf to change the overall look of your room. We at ZebraBlinds understand your needs and offer you the best shelves at the lowest prices. You can design your home based on your style, taste, and personality. If you choose the right one for your home and get them installed, you will cherish the beauty they offer your home at the lowest price. You can either create a traditional window or a contemporary one that complements your existing home decor. 

For further details surf our website or contact us and let our window treatment experts help you to choose the perfect window treatments for your Palladian window. No matter what your window coverings needs are, you can get a stunning look for your home at the best prices at ZebraBlinds.