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Heat Gain and Skylights – get protected with Shades

Shade Your Skylights with Shades, Blinds, and Shutters Skylights are terrific architectural features of o building used to enhance the infiltration of natural light into homes, in particular. Homes that have sloping roofs with eaves that extend well beyond the boundaries of external walls let very little light in – in such instances, skylights have come to the rescue. In…

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Alternative, Affordable Student Housing – Cellular Shades

Controlled Daylighting for Alternative Homes Students need to focus for good outputs while learning concepts and skills to be adopted in professions. A safe and comfortable place to live in is a crucial part of student life. But student housing, on or off campus, poses challenges that need careful consideration before students decide where to live.       Accessibility…

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No Excuse for Uncovered Windows – Dual Roller Solar Shades

Taking Charge of Wasteful Habits That are Excuses I look at myself in the mirror, and I really don’t like myself anymore. I have everything I could ever need, yet the chores are never completed. We live in a swanky 3,500 sq ft apartment in Manhattan, overlooking the verdant Central park. Our spanking new apartment, just 10 months old, is…

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Window Shading for High Performance Buildings in Schools

The Importance of Good IAQ in Classrooms I remember when I went to school. Back in the 70’s and 80’s……the smell of chalk, the smell of fear, fluorescent lighting that was quite unpleasant, the cracked, marked wooden desks and chairs! The teachers were never very friendly, and we didn’t ask many questions, but nothing to complain about, really. But a…

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