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Outstanding Window Treatment – Odysee Cellular Blinds

The Insulating Blinds.

It is said, ‘You are not fully dressed unless you wear a smile.’ We can say that window dressings serve the purpose of a smile for your home, completing its decor. Since today window dressing can be such a strong fashion statement, why not choose the dressing for your windows that will stand out in the crowd of standard shades and blinds? In my opinion, your best option would be the Odysee Cellular Blinds that will definitely help your home attain an eye-catching presence in the neighborhood with a sleek, posh look. In addition, they are highly energy efficient, provide UV protection and are incredibly soil and dust resistant.

The Odysee Insulating Blind is innovative in both in terms of adaptability to changing the weather and complete customer satisfaction. Combining the benefits of a blind-like view or privacy option with the soft look of a honeycomb shade, they are the most resourceful dressing your windows can get.

Two in One.

It is never easy to choose between the functionality of a blind versus the sleek look and advantages that come with honeycomb shades. With Odysee, you don’t have to make the tough choice. These blinds are unique because they combine the convenience of a blind with a look of soft fabric that gives it a feel of a shade. You get the best of both the shades and the blinds. They provide excellent light filtering and room darkening effects in your room while looking amazingly beautiful on your windows. With the cellular version; your window dressing looks like wood blind when you let it down with collapsed cells, but transform into honeycomb shades when the cells are open.

World’s Only Insulating Blind.

You suffer harsh temperatures, rough weather, and blazing sunlight outdoors, as you have no control over nature. Don’t you deserve absolute control of ambiance at least when you are in the safe haven of your home? Odysee Blinds, widely acknowledged as the world’s only insulating blinds, gives you that perfect control with an optimum level of effectiveness in blocking the outside weather interfering with your interiors. No matter whether it is freezing cold or burning hot outside, you can remain cozy and comfy inside your home.

Odysee blinds provide maximum insulation, saving big on energy bills. It is believed that nearly 40% of your budget is spent on heating and cooling of your home, especially when you live in the northern part of the American continent. A lot of the energy is lost due to poor insulation on your windows. With Odysee insulation blinds, you can sleep peacefully without giving a second thought to energy loss.

You can adjust the vanes from closed to open positions for effectively controlling the light filtering into your room. When completely closed they serve as room darkening blinds providing you considerable privacy. Check out some functions of Odysee blinds

· Raise the blinds to bare windows completely

· Lower the blinds fully with open cells for complete privacy and insulation

· Lower blinds with collapsed cells for light control

The insulating blinds’ vanes expand to block drafts that assault your windows in winter. During summer, they keep your home cool by reflecting the heat with its uniform white street side appearance. The 1” cells, besides providing excellent insulation, form a compact stack when raised.

Stunning Looks.

If you are passionate about the aesthetic aspects of your home, you can dedicate some time to surf through the different styles and types of fabrics available in Odysee blinds. You can opt for either cellular or non-cellular blinds.

Besides the basic collection of 36 standard colors, Odysee blinds present you a spectrum of additional 800 colors, all available in either light filtering or room darkening categories. The most popular color choices are alabaster, bloom, cobblestone, eggshell, honeycomb, island, vanilla, tranquility, macadamia, taupe, magnolia, spring meadow, red rock, slate, rich cream, and seashell.

With this kind of spectrum for you to choose from, it is child’s play to find the perfect fabric texture and color to blend in suitably with the present color scheme of your home. The result of a balanced harmony between your interiors and your latest window dressing is a stylish and elegant interior decor that goes soft on your eyes. There is nothing more irritating and distracting than the mismatched colors on your walls and windows.

Operating the Blinds.

Being lightweight, Odysee blinds are convenient to install, and with modern technology, operating these blinds is simple and uncomplicated as well. The standard 36 colors of the fabrics come with color coordinated hardware categorized under the ‘Personal Color System Collection’. The integrated clutch locking system will lock the blind automatically when the loop pull cord is released.

Odysee blinds give you an option of installing a fully motorized operating system that is a quick, convenient and cord-free way of controlling the blinds. No more dangling cords posing danger to curious and inquisitive kids or pets.

With the five channel radio frequency remote, you can operate all the six shades either independently or as a bunch. You do not have to be in the vicinity of the window for controlling your blinds.

Keeping Your Blinds Neat and Tidy.

Odysee blinds are easy to maintain since they are made of anti-static fabrics that automatically repel dust. Typically, a swipe or two with a feather duster or low suction vacuuming should do the job.

For spot cleaning, dampen a clean cloth with a solution of warm water and mild detergent and dab over the sullied spot, taking care not to rub the fabric roughly. Once the spot is cleaned, let the blinds down fully to dry. Once in a while, you can hire a professional for ultrasonic cleaning.

Decorate your windows with Odysee blinds and relax with the ultimate privacy and light control at your fingertips.



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