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Cove Like Ambience With Outside Blinds for Your Patio

Outdside Blinds for Patio

Outside Blinds for Patio- Stay Cool and Comfortable this Summer

Outside Blinds for patio are installed to the outside of your patio to block the sunlight before they reach your interior, making the extended room cooler and ensuring safety of your furniture. It is an effective way to keep the heat at bay versus other alternative treatments like door tinting or glass films. They are one of the most ideal shades to keep heat out.

Outdoor blinds for patio are one of the most practical ways to extending your living space to enjoy nature at its best. They help in covering up your patios to keep control of the light filtering in along with ensuring you have enough privacy. They convert your open spaces to slightly covered areas for entertaining your guests or curling up with a book when you want to spend time on your own with a cup of coffee. They are designed to be durable and long lasting during hot temperatures and can be taken down during the winters.

Outdoor Blinds for Patio

Outside blinds for patios can help to protect the doors, windows, furniture and other valuable products in the interior from sunlight. The blinds can be easily cleaned by any hose or simply with a cloth. It can save your inner porch from rain, wind and other elements of nature.

If you are looking to purchase Outdoor blinds for patios, then we at ZebraBlinds, offer you an amazing range of products to choose from. You will be surprised at our customized treatments to suit your needs. We offer plenty of options to choose from, from different types of Opacity, Colours, Patterns, Lift types and fabrics ranging from light-filtering to room-darkening in alluring colors depending on your privacy requirements.

In addition to being fully customizable, our blinds will offer you a number of other exciting features. These include:

• Alternatives to sliding glass patio doors

• Water damage resistance

• Solution-dyed fabrics that resist mild dew

Easy Steps to Installing Outside Blinds for Patio

Outside blinds for your patio can be installed in any frame, making them practical and maintenance free. Here are a few easy steps:

  • Measure along the outside edges that surround the area. Measure the exact length from the top to the bottom of the area and the side you want to be covered,
  • Mark the mounting area by holding the brackets on each corner of the headrail. Place the brackets on the markings and drill the screws to fix the brackets in place
  • Slide the headrail into the brackets and snap it into place
  • If you decide to go with a valance, install it in the center of the rail.
  • Install the cord slips between 6” to 12” apart for safety and ease of use

Your Outside Blinds for Patio is ready to be used. Settle down and enjoy the view of Mother Nature and her wonderful gifts to us. Remember, it happens only at Zebra Blinds!

How to Install Outside Blinds

How to Install Vertical Sliding Panels for Sliding Glass Doors?

• From the bottom point of the sliding door, measure to the top point of your sliding door. Centre your headrail on the pencil mark you have made while measuring. Mark 4” inside of the headrail.

• Align the top of your left bracket along the inside of your pencil line and fasten to the wall with the supplied screws. Now install your screws on both ends of the headrail.

• Hook the front of your headrail into the bracket and rotate till it snaps into place. The portion of the vertical blinds that rotates is called a vane. To make it easy to install vanes begin by spacing the vane stem by pulling the cord.

• Pull the chains to operate the openings so that they face you. Attach the first vane by gently sliding it into the plastic stem until it snaps. Repeat until all vanes are attached.

• Install the safety bracket until your cord is completely tight. Install the bracket on the outside frame of your window blinds where it will not interfere with the operation of your blinds.

• Often a valance is used to cover the top portion of your installation to give it a more modern look. And voila, your vertical sliding panels for sliding glass door are in place.

Do make sure you first read the instructions on your blinds box carefully for any instructions that could be different.

Vertical Sliding Panels for Sliding Glass Doors

Using Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Doors

Cellular shades are known for their design and style. The unique design of the honeycomb structure provides the ultimate level of protection from soaring temperatures. These vertical cellular shades for sliding glass doors are the best option since they are completely insulated and hence, can be used all year round. The vertical cellular shades for sliding glass doors from our premium brands offer you a huge range of enticing colors and styles to let you customize and create that ultimate fashion statement.

Vertical Cellular Shades

All our products for patio blinds are made from high-grade raw materials with quality finishes. This is the reason why they enhance the look and feel of your living space and last for years.

Even though they block the sunlight, outdoor shades don’t block your daytime view. Offering protection from harmful UV rays, our outdoor shades and blinds ensure contemporary looks while keeping the interiors of your living room safe and sound.

So have we given you enough reasons why you should choose Outside Blinds for Patio from Zebra Blinds and stay cool this summer? Let’s talk and start building your personal space for a private cup of coffee, relaxing with a book or just having fun.

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