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Outdoor Solar Shades to Reduce the Summer Heat

Outdoor Solar Shades

Every nature lover has struggled with the summer sun since time immemorial. Imagine having to deal with the intense heat of a hot summer day simply because you like the view. You surely don’t wish to keep the normal blinds closed because your home needs a little sun and some fresh air. And perhaps opening the window to where you like it makes your home too uncomfortable and hot. Well, the days of your eternal summer solar struggle are gone and it’s 2019 now. So we can help you in a way far better and much more effective than ever because now we finally have the technology (kidding, we’ve had it for a while, years actually)!

But that’s why we’re here – to keep you in the loop. Of course, in this case, we’re talking about outdoor solar shades, one of the best options to control and still enjoy the hot summer sun. Not only do these keep you from sweating half your body weight in your own home, but they also keep you from having to crank up that air conditioner to full.
Outdoor Solar Shades
You’ll find that exterior solar shades are actually semi-transparent pull-down shades that keep the sun out while leaving you with an unobstructed (and perhaps breath-taking) view of that pristine landscape outside your window.

While choosing solar shades, there are three main statistics to consider that will help you determine how effective your solar shades will be:

• The first statistic is the solar reflection percentage or ratio. The solar reflection percentage determines how much of the light that falls on your solar shades is reflected away by the solar shades.
• The second statistic is would be UV protection, which determines how useful your solar shades are in protecting your home from UV rays. UV radiation has carcinogenic properties and continued exposure of your furniture and décor to the sun’s unblocked UV rays will result in a great degree of fading and may even incur other forms of wear and tear. The greater the percentage (this may also be in the form of a ratio) of UV blocked the better the solar shades will be for your health and your home.
• The third is the solar transmittance percentage or ratio, which tells us exactly how much of the sunlight will pass through the shades.

It’s important to keep these three things in mind while figuring out what kind of exterior sun shades you want. You will also find that you save a LOT of money on energy costs when you don’t have to worry about keeping your home cool with some excessive cooling options. You’ll find that while solar shades do a really good job of blocking out the hot summer sun, the real treat of having these shades is how much you’ll be able to enjoy an almost unobstructed view outside your window.
Outdoor Motorized Sun Shades
It is important to know that your solar shades come with very specific light absorption capabilities. The more effective your solar shades are, the harder it will be to see through them. Conversely, the less effective the solar shades are, the easier you can see through them (this also means that you will have less protection from the heat and from UV rays. Since solar shades come in a variety of different openness settings, make sure you choose the one that best fits your needs of view, privacy, and light control.

You will also be able to get your solar shades in multiple colors and hues, so you can rest easy knowing that you will be free to take your pick based on what color would suit your home the best. Solar shades are not just applicable to the home either, you will find that any place that has a great view but a punishing sun will benefit greatly from the right color solar shades. It’s also advisable that you consider what color you will be going for when choosing your shades, as darker shades will absorb more light but emit excess heat into the room.

Those are a few things you need to know about solar shades before you take that leap and place your order. They’re easy to install and spectacularly transparent, so get your outdoor blinds and just reeeelax!

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