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Five Amazing Outdoor Blind Designs for Your Patio

Outdoor Patio Blinds Ideas

Outdoor Patio Blinds Ideas – The Need for Intelligent Patio Blind Designs

The patio is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day’s work, catch some relaxing alone-time or hang out with your friends and loved ones. With the right blinds in place, it can get even better! Outdoor patios are no longer the ignored or overlooked spot they used to be a few years ago. The limited space inherent to modern homes has been one of the driving forces behind the increased focus on outdoor patios and their value as an additional living area ideal for recreational activities. That, in turn, has made us realize the importance of both styling and utilizing our patios in better, more fulfilling ways. Unsurprisingly, finding suitable blinds plays a big part. The right blinds can accentuate the beauty, safety, and comfort offered by your patio, truly transforming it into an integral, valued part of your home and lifestyle. With all the design options available in the market, picking the right one for your patio can be a somewhat daunting task. But don’t worry, we got it covered and created a list of the smartest, coolest patio blind design ideas of the day. Take a look…

Five Awesome Outdoor Patio Blind Design Ideas

Patio Door Window Treatments

Patios are like a private connection to the outdoors, offering quick access to external sights and natural light, one of the best spots to beat on a perfect day! A boardgame session with the kids, a get together with friends, lunch with the family, a romantic dinner or a quiet drink by yourself…the patio is the ideal spot for all this and more. But factors like unsavory weather, dust, insects, external unwanted noises and concern for privacy can keep us from enjoying this resource as much and as often as we’d like to. Here are five amazing design solutions for patio doors that solve these issues and ensure we can make the most and the best of our patio.

Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical blinds can help strike that ever so elusive balance between brightness and privacy, making them one of the most obvious choices for exterior patio door blinds. Vertical blinds offer a diverse range of materials, including fabric, aluminum, vinyl, faux and natural wood. Their breathtaking variety in color and texture makes it easy to match the exact tone and look of your patio furniture and overall design. With a sophisticated level of light control, you can have a relaxing time reading even on the brightest of days, or block out the light completely if you’re in a mood for a nap! Controlling the amount of light entering the patio is as simple as tilting the louvers. Modern-day vertical blinds are a wonderful blend of style and practicality, offering optimum comfort while still keeping it sleek, in sync with your design sensibilities. They’re also highly reliable and easy to install. With the new easy wipe and waterproof fabrics, they’re also incredibly easy to clean and keep in a good shape for years to follow.

Outdoor Solar Screens

Exterior Solar Shades

In outdoor solar screens, we have a green energy solution tailor-made for improving the whole patio experience! These shades are effective both as mild privacy screens and as protection against rough weather so you can feel at ease being yourself outside. Quite a luxury, right! Exterior solar shades are made of weather resistant materials and promise a quiet, smooth, pollution-free operation. They allow a quick switch between a clear outside view and light blockage, ensuring complete security from carcinogenic ultraviolet rays and glare. They provide a degree of privacy during the day when it is bright outside and darker inside, but not a night time when you have lights on. Their efficacy as a means of temperature control helps create a safe and pleasant environment while, at the same time, preventing undue energy expenditure caused by artificial temperature regulation. So, while outdoor solar screens reduce your energy bills, they also offer a delightful range of color and fabric to choose from, including sheer screens that offer clear, uninterrupted views of the outdoors without compromising on comfort. Tempting, right?

Sliding Panel Blinds

If you’re interested in uncommon, innovative patio door blind ideas, sliding panel patio blinds present an excellent option! You have a wide array of colors, fabrics and blind designs to pick from—from soft, natural themes to bold and dramatic color combinations. Roman, woven and roller panels are some of the most popular choices for modern patio doors. Apart from the appearance and composition, sliding panel blinds also offer choices in the type of control mechanism—wand control or cord control. The installation is a simple, effortless process, same as the blinds’ cleaning and maintenance. Sliding panel blinds offer seamless functionality, with the panels stacking together neatly, completely clear of the door when the blinds are opened, presenting a clear view of the outside world. You can customize the number of panels in accord with the available area and design and effectively achieve the desired level of brightness and privacy for your space.

Honeycombs or Cellular Shades

The unique honeycomb design of these shades offers both style and security, effectively beautifying your patio in addition to protecting the space from heat, ultraviolet rays, dust, cold and unwanted external noises. These shades are ideal for extreme weather conditions, from excessive heat to freezing cold. Cellular shades are great for insulation, preventing undesirable loss or gain of heat. While this helps create and maintain comfortable temperature conditions around the year, it also reduces the need for artificial air conditioning, effectively saving you quite a lot of money in the long run. Easy to install, these shades also offer a wide range in colors and textures, making them one of the best patio door blind ideas of our times.

Outdoor Plantation Shutters

Outdoor Plantation Shutters

Outdoor plantation shutters have long been a favorite for covering patio sliding doors. Their appeal and utility have only improved over the years with the enhancements in design and building material. Exterior plantation shutters are great for privacy, ventilation and providing protection against inclement weather conditions. You have the option of choosing between real wood and composite wood assemblies, both long lasting and highly durable. Bypass style exterior plantation shutters have sliding panels that move on a track and stack behind each other when the shutters are closed—ideal for patio doors! With the impressive variety in terms of the shutter color and amazing customization options available for the louvers, the size, and tilt of the slats, even hinges, you have the luxury of creating the perfect look for your patio. Exterior plantation shutters are relatively easy to install and require negligible upkeep, a winning choice in every manner!

Things to Consider When Selecting Patio Blinds

Appearance and style are certainly two major considerations when looking into outdoor patio design ideas…the blinds have to look good and gel with the overall design theme, but there are other factors that need just as much if not more attention. Modern-day patio blinds offer some incredible features, ranging from wind sensors, waterproof covers, even self-extinguishing blinds! Make sure your selection covers your area’s climate and environmental conditions. Be stoic, don’t get swayed by seemingly luxuriant features that aren’t practically relevant to your patio. Your goal here is to enhance the beauty, safety, as also the comfort levels so you can spend more time in your patio and relish every second of it. Remember, this, here, is a long-term investment that can add great value to your lifestyle. This is also an opportunity to channel your creativity and unchain your imagination. Choose wisely and have fun!

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