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Can Motorized Blinds Be Used Outdoors?

Outdoor Motorized Blinds

Outdoor Motorized Blinds – An Important Consideration

An important consideration that most people keep in mind while buying window shades is their relevance to the home. Many a time, we buy window treatments that may be functional and possess great looks, but when they only prove to be a hindrance in your living room and end up being a liability, there’s no point of having them in the first place. It, therefore, makes more sense to install them only in places where they are utmost useful.

A window shade with water-resistant properties is best used in a kitchen, a bathroom or a laundry room. Blinds with insulating and energy-efficient properties are best used in homes or rooms that experience extreme weather: high summers or chilly winters where sub zero temperatures are common.

Similarly, blinds in homes that are cluttered with too much furniture and important items that cannot be discarded end up taking only more space, thus adding to maintenance troubles. At the same time, we cannot have a home without a blind or shade in place. What we need are window treatments that save space by being installed outside the windows, or even outdoors. It will be another added benefit if we can operate them from inside using a remote control.

Let us discuss the motorized blind feature in outdoor shades in the upcoming sections.

Outdoor Motorized Blinds

Outdoor Motorized Blinds and Shades

Outdoor shades are increasingly becoming common for a number of reasons in many homes. They go beyond just being a pretty design element that just serves to spice up your living space and increase your curb appeal. They do their part exceedingly well in protecting the home from harsh weather conditions, especially against the ultraviolet glare of the sun that may damage the walls, floorings, and furniture inside the house. At the same time, if you’ve been missing the time you can spend outdoors by sitting in your patio, motorized outdoor shades are a great solution to reclaim your outdoor spaces.

Here are some cheap motorized shades for outdoors that can be set up without having to operate them manually or by way of a cord.


An awning is an example of a permanent window dressing or door-dressing addition outside the home and can add great curb appeal when you’re aware of how to install it perfectly. Awnings are made of a number of varied materials, including aluminum, metal, wood, or a sheet of fabric, and are then attached over the home for patios or just outside your windows. They can also be retractable, in which case they can be operated by way of a remote control to adjust the level of light you want inside your home. By protecting your house from outdoor temperatures and keeping your privacy intact by covering a major portion of the indoors, they’re great alternatives to your regular window blinds. They can also be used in conjunction with indoor drapery, shutters, or motorized cellular shades to ensure that your house stays 100% protected.

Exterior Plantation Shutters

Exterior Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters can take the shape of both indoor and outdoor styles. While indoor shades have somewhat become common, they may be difficult to open or close when you have furniture placed directly inside the window. They may block movements and may make the home more cluttered and disorganized than it actually is. In such a scenario, having exterior shutters that open outside may prove to be a great help while being equally practical and advantageous as indoor window treatments. Many shutters have a motorized tilt option.

Exterior Solar Shades

Motorized Exterior Solar Shades

Exterior solar shades are weather-resistant and save energy costs by protecting the interiors with a huge protective cover. They help block the scorching sun rays before they get a chance to hit the indoors, thus ensuring your utmost comfort while upping the attractiveness of your home.

When these are installed, you can save a lot on your precious and expensive interior decor by preventing their fading from prolonged UV exposure. This is because of their exterior-rated and durable fabrics with components engineered to withstand dust and moisture.

Features and Benefits of Motorized Outdoor Shades

Brands such as Graber bring a lot of comfort and convenience to your home with window dressing ideas that are powered by remote controls that are reliable and robust. Here are a few benefits you ought to be aware of to ensure your peace of mind with motorized window shades.

1) One-Touch Control of Shades

The motorization allows you to have instant access to your shades whether they are within manual reach or otherwise. The motorized feature also allows you to access more than one window blind in one go, as long as they are within 65 feet from your location.

2) Optimized Ambience

Allow only as much light as you want inside your room without any compromise on your choices. You can open the shades, close them, tilt them to your liking or schedule their timers when you want them in place.

3) Stylish and Sleek Operation

Motorized blinds offer you the best of technology while being a major highlight of a contemporary, sleek living space. They avoid the use of a cluttered and dangling cord.

4) Peace of Mind

You can choose to sit and relax in peace without worrying about the safety of your kids or pets, who may, when within reach of corded blinds, may damage your window treatments and affect their operation. The benefit of having motorized window treatments is having full control of them through a remote that you can keep within your grasp at all times.

Types of Control Options in Graber Motorized Shades

One of the major brands selling you top-quality indoor and outdoor window treatments is Graber, known for a wide range of shades, blinds and drapery with intricate design and construction. Let’s look at the various control options offered by Graber that are unique to your shade control needs.

  • A simple remote, which can be used to control single or multiple shades and available at a reasonable rate.
  • Multi-channel remote to ensure a powerful and flexible control, offering a dozen channels to reach individual shades or those in groups

Besides these options, the latest technology governing the smooth operation of shades makes use of Z-Wave communication and a Z-wave hub. You can choose Z-wave motors which are smoothly integrated with home automation systems and devices by popular brands such as Google and Samsung. When you connect your shades to Samsung’s SmartThings Z-wave hub, you can also connect your Z-wave shades to Google Home or Amazon Alexa and control them with your voice.

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