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How to Improve Your Outdoor Living Experience with Motorized Window Treatments

Improve Outdoor Living with Motorized Window Treatments

The Appeal of Outdoor Spaces

Spending time outdoors is something we all love to do. Being stuck at work for major part of the day or cooped up in a school can be exhausting. It is mentally and emotionally draining to be restricted within four walls of a room with a laptop for the company. You look for a chance to step out into the fresh air, take deep breathes, and clear the cobwebs clogging our minds. Being out in the open can be a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience. A hot cup of coffee and a good book out on the porch is one of the better ways to spend your time. It is a good place to meet your family after a hard day’s work and bond over a delicious meal. Arranging a barbeque on those warm summer afternoons with your close group of buddies with a bottle of beer is our idea of a perfect holiday, a day well spent.
Motorized Exterior Solar Shades

Need to Improve Outdoor Living Experience

A beautiful porch or a backyard becomes the most coveted space in the house. You could spend hours relaxing and lazing around. However, like all things, there are factors that may make you twice before stepping outside to enjoy the sunshine on your back. During peak summer months with the mercury rising, the sunrays are no longer warm. They are harsh and the harmful UV rays that can penetrate your homes, exposing you to its dangers. Even if the sun is not beating down mercilessly, there is no stopping the prying eyes of your neighbors who may find it their job to peek into your open backyard or porch. You may not find it too comfortable being exposed. No matter how much you may love open spaces and yearn for them, there must be something at your disposal to grant you control of your premises and protect your privacy. You need a solution that will help preserve your privacy, control light, and sun rays without compromising your love for open spaces. Exterior Solar Window Treatments are perfect for your outdoor windows.
Exterior Solar Shades

Benefits of Exterior Window Shades

Outdoor or exterior motorized window shades are a great addition for the open spaces in your house.
• They allow the right amount of light filtration, which means that despite the shades, you have plenty of light pouring in without disturbing your eyes.
• They block out the harmful and harsh UV rays.
• They keep your home safe and help maintain your privacy. It is perfect for escaping the curious eyes of the neighbors.
• Irrespective of the weather condition, hot or cold you can sit in your open space and enjoy. They are well equipped to block out both heat and cold air.
Motorized outdoor shades are available in different patterns, styles, and color, you need not worry about the exterior shades spoiling the décor of your house. They make a great style statement and increase the aesthetic appeal of the open space.
• Opting for some protective window coverings will also allow you to make greater use of your open spaces. You can even make some additions like a sofa and some cushions and create a cozy setting to entertain friends. You no longer need to worry about bad weather, rains, snowfall, or icy cold winds.
• The solar exterior shades help to reduce glare without a reduction in view. This means that you get to watch those fascinating and stunning sunrises and sunsets without compromising on your privacy or exposure to direct sun rays.
• The solar sun shades are durable, sturdy, and extremely functional. They are made to withstand harsh climates and hence do not wear or peel off easily.
• Exterior Solar shades are great insulators and hence help to keep AC and heater bills in check by preventing heat loss during winter and keeping interiors warm during summer.
Sun Porch Window Treatments
Getting these shades motorized the best thing to do. It makes working the shades of these oversized windows easy and simple and can be achieved with the press of a button. Now you have the perfect solution for your open spaces.
Transform the open spaces in your home into sun-shaded, privacy-preserved sanctuaries with the exterior window shades. You can improve your outdoor living experience vastly by installing these window treatments. They are elegant and functional, compromises neither with your view of the surroundings nor with your privacy. You can now spend hours outdoors and make most of your free time enjoying the airy feel of the open space without having to worry about your health or about that particular neighbor who is always trying to take a sneak peek into your house.