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Why Awnings Are the Perfect Outdoor Window Treatments for Any Home

Outdoor Light Blocking Shades

Outdoor Light Blocking Window Shades – Perfect Outdoor Window Treatments

Sometimes buying an expensive home in the heart of a city isn’t enough. Maintenance costs and protection is very crucial for your home’s longevity and ensuring your comfort when you are indoors. Protecting your house from dust, extreme weather conditions, loud noises and intense glare is the need of any home. For this, every window of the house should be protected from modern window blinds or privacy shades. They not only amplify the look of the house but prevent it from external influences.


We have, in several sections, highlighted the importance and features of many indoor window protection ideas such as day-night cellular shades, blackout curtains, roller shades and Roman blinds. However, we must also point out that some outdoor light-blocking window shades can be as effective, if not more, ideas for dressing your windows. Of these, awnings are considered one of the better methods to protect your house from the sun’s merciless impact.

Awnings — The Perfect Outdoor Treatments for Any Home

Awnings are often mounted outside a window or a patio door as a supplemental roof cover to provide shade and protection from intense sun exposure. They are available in varied patterns, colors, and types, from stationery to retractable and in materials such as wood, vinyl, cloth and aluminum. As the minimize the heat to a certain extent, they help in preserving energy inside the house by reducing the need for an air conditioner.

Awnings with Custom Outdoor Roller Shades

Custom Outdoor Roller Shades

A highly effective and creative way to keep your home protected is by mixing two or more window treatments for your house. Awnings, when used together with custom outdoor roller shades, may prove to be extremely beneficial, providing the best of both worlds with their varied advantages.

Exterior roller shades are usually fabric screenings, made from fiberglass, PVC or polyester, that are rolled all the way down from a protected valance mounted on the top of the window. Their structure is thus made primarily to protect against the harmful UV glare of the sun that heats up the house and leads to discomfort in their absence. While they offer enough protection, they do not compromise on the visibility factor. You can still enjoy a good view of the outside even when they are pulled all the way down.

Using awnings with exterior roller shades leads to extended sun protection in addition to high energy efficiency and privacy. Awnings would provide the necessary shade while the remaining heat and glare get substantially filtered by the roller shades, all while providing a decent amount of natural sunlight in your abode. As both of them come with motorized access, operating them is also a very convenient task. Both are also rather easy to maintain and come in a variety of colors that you can match to give your house a stylistic touch.

Types of Awnings

Let’s look at a few of the most common type of awnings that are used in areas exposed to high temperatures.

1) Stationary Awnings

As the name suggests, stationary awnings are permanently fixated on the wall and are built on a welded frame. They are good for houses which necessitate a permanent addition. Long lasting and sturdy, these awnings offer excellent protection against extreme weather conditions, even in case of rain that might other leave permanent watermarks on the glass panes of your windows. However, as their position cannot be altered, they require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure their longevity.

2) Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings come with a variety of advantages, most important being versatility and adjustability to suit different types of windows and seasons. They provide varying degrees of coverage. The ways of operating them can also be different, from remote controlling motorized controls to operate by hand. The retractable feature comes in handy in bad weather to avoid any kind of sun burning or damage to wood floorings or other items placed inside the house. They do not require much maintenance but are known to be more expensive than stationary awnings.

Cloth Covers

Cloth covers are usually the stationary type which is generally user-friendly and easier to clean. The materials they are build of are either cotton or polyester. They are great protectors against UV radiation and are built to withstand moisture. Being durable and strong, they are one of the most traditionally effective outdoor window coverings.

Features of Awnings

The popularity of awnings makes them available in large varieties that are equally applicable for houses, restaurants, offices, hotels and commercial buildings. Let us discuss some of the most important features that make them ideal outdoor window covering options.

1) Energy Efficiency

By providing the necessary shade to your patio or window, and hence to the house, awnings can reduce your energy costs by lowering the need of switching on an air conditioner when temperatures soar. You may consider teaming this window treatment with a normal window curtain to maximize the effect.

2) Protection From Glare and UV Radiation

When the sun is shining bright, direct exposure to it may not only result in sunburn or stroke may also result in pigmentation and skin cancer in the long run. Installing awnings can greatly reduce the effect of glare and ultraviolet radiation and let you sit indoors in comfort and peace.

3) Motorized Controls

As discussed, many retractable awnings come with a motorized feature, where you can just operate them with the flick of a button or through a remote control. This entails ease in handling without making the entire process of opening and closing them arduous.

4) Increased Ventilation

Their shape allows you to comfortably open your windows more without it proving to be a hurdle. This provides great ventilation and lets you bask in natural sunlight when the weather is bright and pleasant.

5) Attractiveness

Awnings lend your house a timeless quality with their different types of modern designs and structures. This lets the passers-by and bystanders appreciate your taste in home furnishing and decoration.

Other Effective Outdoor Window Coverings

Despite their obvious advantages and extreme popularity, awnings aren’t the be all, end all of the outdoor window coverings. Here are some other outdoor window coverings that you can install and use them in tandem with awnings:

1) Exterior Shutters

They have rather sturdy slats that, when closed, prove to be effective barriers against outside temperatures. They offer substantial privacy with their room darkening features and let you enjoy a comfortable time in your living room or bedroom.

2) Bahama Shutters

Decorative and amazingly functional, Bahama shutters are installed in areas prone to storms. On the onset of disturbances in weather, they can be pulled down from their 30 degrees slanting angle without much effort.

3) Solar Shades

Solar Shades

As discussed previously, solar shades can provide maximum sun protection with their minimalist features and glare-resistant features. They also offer a unique and aesthetic appeal to the house when viewed from outside.


Thus, you can find a decent variety of awnings in the market with multiple features and materials. They are very useful window coverings that lend a fabulous touch-up to your house. They are also available in a variety of price ranges, so you can choose one according to your budget. However, you must be careful of installing them in areas which are compact and congested with traffic, as they may prove to be a hindrance for passersby and vehicles.

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