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Best Window Coverings For Combating Extreme Temperatures

Outdoor Light Blocking Shades

Outdoor Light Blocking Shades – Combating Extreme Temperatures


It is a myth that staying indoors can protect us from the harsh weather conditions outside. You might have the best palatial bungalow or sturdy materials that have built your abode. But in the absence of proper care, the best of high-quality homes are known to crumble and fade before time.


Outdoor Light Blocking Shades


We need window treatments that can help us combat extreme heat and chilling cold. We also expect them to provide protection against glare and loud noises while being aesthetically pleasing to the overall structure of the home.

Window treatments that are placed on the other side of the window can be as effective as the ones placed inside. We have multiple outdoor lights blocking shades in shutters, awnings, and ledges and the options of placing plants and flowers that come under the direct contact of the sun.


Best Window Coverings To Keep Heat Out


There are a lot of window dressing ideas in the market that ensure you get your money’s worth. The best window coverings to keep heat out are not only exquisite in appearance but also come with their own set of properties to make sure your house stays cozy and comfortable during any season of the year. These window coverings are specially designed to counter adverse weather conditions in places which experience them.


1) Cellular or Honeycomb Shades


Day Night Window Shades


Many day night window shades come in various types of blinds that boast of multiple features. Usually comprising at least two fabrics, the ones with thicker texture are used for blackout purposes to avoid extreme heat, while the other, lighter fabrics used for light diffusion are used for letting in natural light while having a minimal view of the outside.

There are a few day nights cellular shades in the market that can help battle extreme temperatures while ensuring enough light enters your home. Installing them is a very simple exercise. Their double cell pockets trap cold or hot winds and also absorb loud noises to ensure you get your sleep or can do important office work without getting distracted.



2) Custom Wood/Faux Blinds


Custom Faux Wood Blinds


The appearance and design of these blinds infuse warmth and old-world charm to any home. Wood and Custom faux wood blinds, beyond adding rustic style to the living space, act as natural insulators. They make sure that your house is protected against outside heat when the temperatures rise more than normal. On the other hand, the prevent hot air from escaping your home when the temperatures drop during the onset of windows.

Blinds from Graber ensure you get the best-in-quality and 100% natural wood that also protects the environment. This leads to avoidance of harmful dust particles in the home and thereby makes your home look vibrant and basked in the glory of the natural characteristics of the wood. These blinds are also easy to clean, and they are engineered to prevent cracking, fading and peeling.


3) Solar Shades


Solar Shades


The LightWeaves technology employed in Graber solar shades ensures that your house gets enough protection from glare and ultraviolet radiation without completely darkening your space. You can still enjoy some outside view through these semi-opaque shades. These are the perfect combination of light and comfort.

You can comfortably enjoy watching television or even read in diffused light without having to worry about your well-being. They can be layered with other window treatments too for enhanced privacy during the night.

Solar shades can be as easily installed outside as well, ensuring you have enough space inside to probably sit and layer your bay windows with important and useful decorative items or indoor plants if necessary. They come with a range of lift controls too: continuous loop lifts, cordless lifts and motorized lifts, the latter most useful for shades that are hard to reach when employed on large windows.


4) Pleated Shades


Pleated Shades


Pleated shades come with a palette of colors, textures, and patterns to suit your living style. Like other shades, they can be custom built and made with different fabrics for a variety of purposes. You can go for the room darkening fabrics with bold colors to meet the purpose of managing textures. To go for shades with a higher shelf life, you can choose ones with bigger pleat size that help in preventing sagging. Brands such as Graber offer them in high-quality materials to provide varying degrees of light control and privacy.

They also have options which enable operation without the use of cords, making them safe to be used in homes with children and pets.


5) Custom Plantation Shutters


Custom Plantation Shutters


You must look no further than shutters if you want to lend your home the ultimate classic and elegant touch. There are few window coverings that come close to these window coverings when it comes to the range and good looks that they have.

Custom plantation shutters have their slats wider apart from one another, making them ideal for bedrooms. They can be single or double hung, and can also be used for kitchens and bathrooms.

Café style shutters are good sun protection ideas in a restaurant where the blinding sunlight can be a big problem for customers. For this purpose, they cover the lower half of the window at table height.


6) Fabric Roman Shades


Fabric Roman Shades


Fabric roman shades come in a variety of options. They may have solid fabrics or pleated folds, but all of them provide unique designs which will certainly add a touch of stated brilliance. They can be made from heavier of lighter fabrics, but you may consider those with thicket textures as they provide good room darkening features.


7) Blackout Curtains


Blackout Curtains


What better way to garnish your living space by adding good old curtains and draperies for your windows? Curtains can be a single panel or in pairs, and have several types within (based on fitting, closures, and rods) that may suit the look of your house and according to your requirements.

The blackout curtains have an additional insulating layer attached to them that will give the room complete darkness when pulled down. This makes them essential for extreme climates as well as for times when you need to catch up on your sleep during the day. They can be manually pulled or have cord options too. When they are harder to reach, you may use wands to operate them.


To sum up, there are multiple options out there to explore, and you should go for the window treatment that best suit the hues and make the room. Since there are so many choices, you can customize your likings and the amount of privacy and heat/cold control you desire before zeroing in on the right one.

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