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Out with It: Why Outdoor Blinds Can Sometimes Be More Effective Window Treatments

Outdoor Light Blocking Blinds And Shades 

Why Outdoor Light Blocking Blinds And Shades Can Sometimes Be More Effective Window Treatments

The window coverings that we use in our homes can be used for a variety of purposes. They protect us against rain, heat, cold drafts, and unwanted intruders trying to get a peek inside our house. They also provide privacy at night and are excellent noise canceling options especially if your house is in the middle of a busy street. There’s no doubt indoor window coverings are essential. But are they the be all end all of the window coverings? Our quest for protecting windows often discounts the practicality and benefits of using outdoor blinds.

Outdoor Light Blocking Blinds And Shades

The motorized outdoor shades come in a lot of variety and styles. At times they can be even more effective than indoor shades. A lot of brands and manufacturers have come up with premium quality sun protection shades that are attractive and aesthetically appealing at the same time for onlookers. To find the right outdoor blinds for your house, there are certain considerations you need to keep in mind. In the following section, we will look at some of the most effective outdoor blinds ideas that you can install for your home.

Remote Control Outdoor Window Shades

Remote Control Outdoor Window Shades

Outdoor shades are typically mounted over larger spaces which are more than the size of the window. Hence, many of them come in remote control options which makes them convenient to function and operate. Remote control outdoor window shades avoid the use of cords which may otherwise make it a difficult task to constantly pull and release them at the desired level. They are also safe and convenient to use and allow you to avoid the dangers of entangling unsuspecting kids and pets into the strings.

Types of Outdoor Shades

Let’s take a look at some of the outdoor shades that are very effective window treatments.

1) Custom Outdoor Roller Shades

Custom Outdoor Roller Shades

Custom outdoor roller shades are a great solution to all your window treatment woes. They come in a high-quality, special technology fabric that is thus constructed to let a decent amount of sunlight inside while acting as a great insulator to your home. They protect the home against heating up during high summers without obstructing the outside view. It also lends a fascinating appeal to the home and can be easily rolled all the way down when needed. It provides a minimally effective look but is available in various patterns and colors to satisfy the inner fashionista in you.

2) Deck and Patio Awnings

Awnings are very reliable outdoor protection ideas that provide a protective sheet covering over patios and decks. They are necessary for shade protection and do not cost much. They can also be made of wood and aluminum and are mounted outside a window in a fixed or retractable form. The retractable ones come in motorized options to control their movement, and they protect the interiors from the harmful glare by filtering a decent amount of sunlight. It is a simple and time-tested type of window treatment.

3) Outdoor Blinds for Screened Porch

Sun sails and shade shelters are great outdoor blinds for a screened porch.

Shade shelters are simple shade coverings that offer a fabric roof covering over the top of a structure. They can be set up in an area at a given point in time. They can be retractable or fixed and are one of the simple DIY methods used mainly for sun protection.

Sun sails, like shade shelters, are large sheets of cover that are mounted with rods and fixed vertical structures. They are patio covers which offer shade and UV protection and lower the temperature of the house by avoiding the direct impact of sunlight. They are attractive and affordable and offer a nice finishing touch to the exterior of a house.

4) PVC Café Blinds

These blinds are typically used in cafés where customers want to have a good look at the outside street or garden. They avoid a claustrophobic feel while offering protection from bad weather. Many homes have also started using them as they are made of very high-quality PVC material that makes the outdoor living area appear very stylish and attractive.

5) External Plantation Shutters

External plantation shutters can be easily mounted on your balcony or patio area, and provide immense protection against UV radiation by blocking the sun’s harmful rays by up to 90%. Their angled and wide slats, at the same time, diffuse enough light to give your home a fine glow without the need of switching on the light bulbs during the day. When completely shut, they allow you to enjoy a gratifying sleep at night with their solid and unyielding material.

6) Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters with their unique and inimitable design offer protection against storms and high winds. All you need to do is shut them by pulling their panel down just before the storm, their slanting angle gives them a distinctive look while retaining all the benefits a good quality window treatment provides.

7) Verandah Blinds

Available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns, verandah blinds are window coverings that cover the open areas in a verandah, allowing you to read while drinking coffee and enjoying the outside view. You can enjoy a bright sunny morning without being affected by the harmful UV glare. 

The Effectiveness of Outdoor Blinds

Let us discuss a few advantages that make outdoor shutters as effective as indoor window coverings.

1) Protection

Be it harsh sunlight, heat, a glare of heavy rains, outdoor window coverings come to the rescue with flying colors. When they are properly installed, they help the indoors stay cool and comfortable during summers and cozy and warm during winters. This way they help in lowering your electricity bills and protect your furniture from glare, dust, and outdoor pollution.

2) Enhance Curb Appeal

Outsiders may never get to witness the attractiveness and appeal of your indoor window treatments, no matter how stylish they are. However, outdoor blinds are meant to give a distinct look to the exteriors of the house. They provide a unique curb appeal to your home that helps it stand out and show its personality to your neighbors.

3) Privacy

Outdoor blinds protect you from the stalking eyes of nosy neighbors and unwanted intruders, hence putting you at ease in your home. They can be pulled down comfortably if you just want to spend some time alone or sleep without disruption.

4) Versatility

They can be set up anywhere: outside the kitchen, living room, bedroom, in the garden, or on the top of a porch. They nicely complement your home while also giving you an outdoor entertaining space for your leisure activities.

5) Ease of Use

Outdoor blinds come in many operating styles. They can be fixed, retractable or remote controlled. Depending on your comfort and convenience, you can purchase them and alter their position. You can preferably go for the motorized options as opening or shut them will just be a click away.


To sum up, outdoor blinds are built for long-lasting use and comfort. They can be set up outside any kind of home, doors, and windows and come with a plethora of features that make them as, if not more, effective than indoor blinds. Make your purchase today with the multitude of options available in the market.

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