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Operate Motorized Skylight Shades at the Touch of a Button

Finally, Motorized Shades for My Skylights

“If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.”
Gaston Bachelard

I daydreamed of owning my own home so that I could daydream peacefully in its shelter. Buying your first home can make you very nervous, and I was a wreck. Though I could afford a home of my own with the steady income I made, I was not able to bring myself to go ahead with the purchase. But dreams sometimes come true, a surprise. I came into some money left behind by my great Aunt, whom I had last seen ages ago, back when I was school a kid. With this unexpected positive development, I brought forward purchase of home my house by four years so that I made a wise investment of the money, and not just simply squander it all away. I spent days researching online about houses in Kansas, their values, mortgage schemes, interest rates, and many other aspects which would make a difference. I had more than the required 20% to move ahead with the purchase of a house now; hence, I decided to increase the down payment equity to my house and lower the monthly payments.

I zeroed in on a home that was reasonably spacious and located in a good suburb. What I loved about this house were the huge skylights that allowed the bright sun to illuminate the interiors. The skylights had protective shades that could be operated with extension poles.

Once I settled down, I realized that too much of the sun shining into the rooms can be a disadvantage as well. My furniture was at risk of fading; there was too much glare on my TV, and there were times when the heat got on my nerves, especially when our Kansas City climate was swinging towards extreme heat. During the cool month of January when I’d shifted into the home, I loved the sunlight streaming in, warming it up, but as the heat began to pick up, and the bright fiery sun blazing through the skylights became an annoyance to me. Since manually controlling the skylights with extension poles was not easy, I left my skylights closed more often. It was tough to maneuver the shades when they were open since the skylights were mounted into the ceiling. I was losing on the brightest feature that had attracted me to this home, and it was quite disappointing. I was hesitant to make a further investment with motorized skylight shades since they were expensive.

While casually surfing online for motorized skylight shades, I chanced upon the discount offer on Motorized Cellular Shades from Crown, which were perfect for my skylights. They were available in a variety of colors to blend in well with my interiors. The light filtering and room darkening fabrics would help me control the sun when it was hot and bright. I was highly tempted by the cheap motorized shades offered by Crown that would allow me to operate the skylight shades at the touch of a button, saving me time, energy, and effort. There would be no more difficulty in maneuvering them with cords or sky poles – a struggle for me! The innovative technology that goes into manufacturing these amazing skylight shades made it possible to use RF (Radio Frequency) to control them from a distance of up to 65’ without even being in line of vision to control the shades – either individually or in group. The RF motor can be combined with handheld remotes, wireless wall switches, and programmable timers, maximizing energy efficiency and home security.

Motorized-Skylights-Shades -

The motor operating the skylight shades could be powered through three different options –
One was the battery wand that utilized 12-volt battery, and is mounted on the wall or the ceiling with white battery wand clips. The batteries can be replaced whenever required.

The second option was of DC Power Supply, which came with a 12-volt power supply that can operate a single skylight shade. The 80” wire that needs to be connected to a standard power outlet.

Finally, we had the Mezzo Solar Recharge Upgrade for out-of-reach skylight shades. The effective Solar Panel converts the sun’s light into electrical energy, harnessing the power of the sun to recharge its own batteries.

I decided to opt for the Mezzo Solar power supply that would recharge within 4-6 hours of direct sunlight. With ambient light, it would just take longer. I was told by Zebrablinds customer service who ever purchased solar charges never had a functional issue and it’s Somfy the motorized system manufactures are also recommending the solar charger kit is trouble free at least up to seven years. For a neat finish, the motor was conveniently concealed in the head rail of the shade. The solar charger cells are a small neatly kept designed piece of gadget kept near the skylight glass.

The discount made it easy for me to give in to the temptation of installing motorized skylight cellular shades in my home. I went through the hassle-free purchase and easy installation of the Crown Motorized Cellular Skylight shades. Now I am reaping the benefits of the skylights that are an excellent source of natural light. My interiors receive more than three times as much light through the skylight as a vertical window of the same size would provide. With the right shades, I can manipulate the light to distribute evenly, thus saving energy and improving my visual comfort levels. They do light my home up naturally, even under overcast conditions, without any artificial lights. Now it is time for me to bask in the shining glory of my very own home!

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