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The Best Child-Safety Online Window Treatments From ZebraBlinds

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Best Child-Safety Online Window Treatments


When it comes to buying a product, we are always concerned about the safety aspects of it. And when the concern surrounds the children or toddlers in the family, we do not want to take any chances. Are there any online window treatments available that will take away these worries? The answer is yes and there are multiple options available which not only look great but also are extremely affordable.

Let’s have a look at some of those discount blinds and shades which you can choose from.


Discount Blinds and Shades That Are Safe for Your Children and Pets


If you are a mother and have brought up children, then you will agree that we cannot always keep them under our supervision. So what do we do if we have children and pets at home? We will always take care in keeping the glassware away, not to keep any sharp and protruding stuff lying around, etc.

So what do we do about the shades and blinds? Are you worried about choking hazards or the cords entangling your children’s throats or other body parts? You can choose one of the below-mentioned product without battering an eyelid.


  • 2 Inch Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Crown – Classy and Low-Maintenance

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

This is one of our most popular products and almost every other household will have something like it. It comes in easy to clean options and families with pets and children really love these custom faux wood blinds. The cordless lifting system brings more safety measures to pets and children.

I myself have been using them for years and most households find them easy to buy and maintain. These affordable window blinds will not drill a hole in your wallet, and at the same time are very long lasting. They can be installed in multiple areas including your children’s rooms and you can choose a color that your children would love.


  • Crown Blackout Roller Shades – Opulent and Cozy

This variety of roller shades will do the job for you. First of all, it is our most popular range of Blackout roller shades. The cordless mechanism is not only very easy to maneuver but also is very safe for children and pets.

Custom Roller Solar Shades

So if you live in a sunny city like Houston or Miami, and need blackout shades to keep your home cool, then this variety of custom solar shades will be an apt choice for you. Now if you have children who study into the night on weekdays and sleep in on the weekends, then this will be one of the best options.


  • 1 Inch Aluminum Insignia Graber® Blinds – Affordable and Elegant

If you love to experiment with colors, then this variety of affordable window blinds will be best suited for you. You can choose from eye-catching colors like Burgundy 653, Forest Shadow 087, Real Red 085, True Blue 089 and many more.

These online window treatments, will not only add color to your home decor, but they will also be very affordable and long-lasting. It will give you a complete peace of mind as the cordless system is very safe to use in a household full of children and pets. There will be no choking hazards whatsoever.


  • Accents™ Graber® Sliding Panels Natural Shades – Loaded with choices

If you are looking for an earthy touch in your living rooms and bedrooms, then nothing can beat this type of online window treatments. The price is at the higher end, however, if you want to own a house which becomes the talk of the town, then this upholstery is the right one for you.

The variety of colors and patterns will truly mesmerize you. Revelry Dove T0745, Escape Island T5602, Majian Toffee T2296, Serenity Coastline T5702, and Toushan II Mocha T3759 are some of my personal favorites.

You will find them in all the three options of light filtering, sheer, and room darkening. So you need not look for different types of shades for your different needs. For e.g., if you wanted your study to be bright, then you can choose the light filtering version there and choose the same pattern along with a Room Darkening Liner for your bedroom.

And most importantly, the wand control feature is safe for children and pets.


  • Cordless Light Filtering Crown Cellular Shades – Stylish and Contemporary

These honeycomb online window treatments are extremely easy to install and do not cost you a ton. These eye-catching and classy shades are made from soft fabrics which are low on maintenance too. You can use the natural outdoor light to illuminate your home naturally and the fabric will give you a cozy feeling.

You need not worry about your privacy, as the view of your interiors will be completely blocked for the outsiders. The cordless feature makes these shades easy to operate and clean. Since you will not be touching the fabric frequently, the need of cleaning it will be lesser.

Since there are no cords, there are no worries about a strangulation risk. The safety and security for the children is of utmost importance, and these child proof blinds will ensure that peace of mind for you.

The amazing color options like Antique Linen 0113, Espresso 0134, Storm 116 and Espresso 114 will definitely confuse you a lot, and you will feel like buying more than one type for your rooms.


  • Motorized Crown Blackout Roller Shades – Convenient and Opaque

If you are looking for a lift and close option with the touch of a button, then these are the right solar roller shades for you. Even if the Sun is burning with its complete brightness outside, these blackout roller shades will give you complete darkness inside. Choose from great shades like Coffee 626, Hunter Green 20, Grey 19 and a few other lovely colors.

Since there are no cords or mechanical parts in this type of window treatment, there is no fear of strangulation or choking. So enjoy watching your favorite movie on Netflix without worry, and get a blackout roller shade to give your room that theatre room feel.

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