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Do One-Way See Through Curtains Exist? A Quick Look At How This Works

One Way See Through Curtains

Home decoration is one of the top priorities for all of us. Everyone wants their homes well decorated with everything in order. Needless to say, window shades comprise an essential part of home decor. Blinds and curtains that tick all the right boxes for insulation, heat and light control, as well as sound-absorbing properties, are covered by one and all.

One of the important questions that people ask about window shades is about sheer single way curtains, i.e. one-way see-through curtains. Do they exist? What are their properties and advantages? What do they look and feel like? Let us attempt to answer these valid questions one by one.

Properties of One-Way See Through Curtains

For all those who have taken a keen interest in home decor, the good news is these one-way window shades exist and are quite in demand in the online as well as the brick and mortar space. You might set them up in any part of your home. They can be equally popular and resourceful in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, cafes as well as offices, because they boast of a particular kind of fabric that provides different viewing experience at different times of the day.

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1. Day Time Viewing
An interesting thing to note about these shades is the different viewing experience they provide at different times of the day. During the day, you can have a clear view of the outside from inside the room. However, anyone standing outside cannot look inside the room when these shades are in place. This gives you the freedom to sit in your room comfortably and enjoy the view without being conscious or fearful of being observed.

2. Night Time Viewing
The exact opposite effect takes place after dark. When night falls, an outsider will get a view of your room with these shades installed, but, you cannot see the outside view. This is because when the sun is up, the light outside is much brighter than the light inside the room. But during the night, the light inside the room makes the place clearly visible.

3. Different Opacity Levels
The opacity levels decide the level and clarity of the view from outside or inside at different times of the day. Higher opacity levels would be better to use for consumers who value their privacy higher than anything else, while lower opacity levels would be better for consumers who switch off their lights after dark and who would want their view to be clear during the day.

4. Placement with Other Shades
If you’re someone who loves to have guests over in the evening, it is a good idea to pair these shades with another layer of cloth or shade on your window. A Roman shade may act as a good obstruction shade to prevent intruders from peeking inside. This is why these see-through shades are very popular in offices, as they are closed in the evenings with power supply shut.
Sheer Window Curtains

Examples of One-Way Shades

Here are the different types of one-way shades that you may consider for any part of your home.

1. Solar Blinds
Universal that these shades are, they can be set up both inside and outside your room window. Solar blinds are a common choice for many homes because of their minimal and uncomplicated design and the ease with which they blend in. Their mechanism is also pretty simple, and when they are rolled up, they take a very less amount of space.

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Light Filtering Solar Shades
2. Zebra Sheer Shades
They have a zebra-like pattern with gaps between them to filter light while giving an incredible, unobstructed view at the same time. Like solar shades, they are designed to protect your home from harmful ultraviolet radiation and bright sunlight that may disrupt your work or peace. The zebra-like pattern allows you to adjust the shades for privacy at night time if required, by covering up the sheer stripes. An added advantage is that they are made from durable and firm polyester, and are available in cordless options to keep them safe for children and pets.

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Sheer Shades

Alternative Window Treatments

As useful as these window shading options might be in terms of viewability and light control, the concern of privacy always arises. That is why people sometimes go for additional window treatment (a curtain or a blackout material) to cover the windows at night. It is essential to consider other window treatment options as well which cannot just create a private space but can also protect the home against extreme weather conditions.

Interior/exterior shutters made of faux wood, wood or PVC/polymers have thick materials used in construction. When the slats are closed, they offer a blackout effect that prevents the home from heating up in summers or excessively cooling down during winters. And when the weather is pleasant, you can always open the slats to enjoy the outside view and let some fresh air in.

The same holds true for room darkening and blackout curtains. Made from thick insulated fabric, they let you enjoy your privacy and keep you cozy irrespective of the weather outside. An ideal window covering would be to pair them with sheer curtains to control the level of sunlight and outside view.
Sheer Curtains Over Roller Shades

Installation & Caring Instructions

Whether you are installing one-way see-through curtains, room darkening curtains or shutters, it is important to contact your manufacturer for tips. It is even better if you have someone sent to your home even if you want customized window shades.

Ensure the product is within warranty and ensure there are no questions left unanswered when he leaves. Keep the installation manual handy at all times, and study the care instructions carefully. You might need to give your shades a clean every once in a while.

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