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Avoiding Toxic Shade Materials – Oeko-Tex Certified Smart Roman Shades that won’t off-gas Harmful Chemicals

Avoiding Toxic Shade Materials – Smart Roman Shades that won’t off-gas Harmful Chemicals

“Agile, accurate, and swift,” is the most accessible three-word definition of the digital lifestyle, which is redefining the lifestyle of people around the globe.
Every day it seems that technologies are pushing the boundaries of the motorized shading industry. Whether it is a luxury hotel or our own house, modern technologies are fantastic, transforming our home décor. We are living in a world where the internet of things has become a vital part of our life. These technologies are opening new vistas for home décor. Everything from opening, moving, to the adjusting of smart roman shades is carried out automatically nowadays.

On the other hand, technology may make your life simpler, but you must understand that this shouldn’t cause any harm to the family. We give so much importance to the technology and aesthetics that we often forget to think about safety. Window treatments contain some toxic substances that often go unnoticed by most customers. From window blinds to door shades, we are all surrounded by the fabrics in one way or another.

Here arises a need for safer material choice for different blinds or shades. Today, avoiding toxic shade materials in roman shades is of paramount importance. Wool, cotton, hemp, silk, linen, and cashmere are some of the natural materials that do not cause any harm to the human body. Different materials like polyester, rayon may, on the other hand, cause dangerous effects. Chemical treatment while the manufacturing of fabrics is the main reason for toxic material shades.

Trust is Good, but Certification is a Must

With so many blinds and shades to choose from, finding the right blinds has become difficult for homeowners. Safety is one of the essential parameters which you should consider while shopping for shades. You can get different blinds and shades from the market that are certified from the most respected firms. These certified shades surely protect you from the dangerous effects of various toxic materials. These certificates are widely accepted across the globe and ensure that your shades won’t off-gas harmful chemicals. Certification provides more significant insights into the quality of material used in the blinds. ‘Trust is good, but certification is a must’ – you should always follow this principle while shopping for a roman shade.
Linen Roman Shades

Below are the two most respected certifications you should consider before buying roman shades:

Oeko-tex Certification

This certification is done for raw textile material, intermediate, and end products, i.e., in all stages of the production. Oeko-tex is a widely accepted independent certification and testing system. This certification includes testing of known hazardous chemicals, legally regulated substances, and illegal substance and health care parameters. Testing is carried out according to the use of shades. More than a hundred parameters are checked during testing of the material. All the tests are based on international test parameters. Simulation tests are carried out to understand how toxic material could affect the human body (via the skin or orally).
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Green-Guard Certification

This certification ensures the safety, environmental health, and global sustainability of materials. Green guard is one of the most respected certificates that enjoys the trust of many homeowners. It considers different parameters, such as quality of material, low chemical emission material, the effect of material used, etc. All of the green guard certified products meet emission standards. These standards are nothing but established chemical exposure criteria for the product. This certification is recognized and accepted across the globe. Moreover, the UL SPOT Database also offers a free online tool for searching certified low-emitting products for offices, schools, home, hospitals, and more.
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Certified Smart Roman Shades – A Perfect Blend of Safety and Technology

A few years ago, operating roman shades was a very tedious activity. But in today’s inter-connected and digital era, everything from opening, adjusting, and moving of motorized roman shades is carried out with few taps of a finger. Technology is making the shading industry more convenient than ever before. The smart roman shade has minimized the distance between shades and people.

We all love classic roman shades that we used for our home décor. But modern roman shades are disrupting shades industry like never before. These roman shades are the perfect combination of traditional classic look and technology. Different types of automated roman shades offer you not only safety and comfort but also energy efficiency.
Smart Roman Shades

You can control any movement of these shades with the help of your mobile phone or voice command. These shades are usually motor-powered. A rechargeable battery is used for the operation of the blinds or shades. You can also use communication technology in shades. This allows you to control different movements of window coverings with just your voice. The coverings also can be configured according to the position of the sun. Solar sensors are placed in the shades to control the amount of sunlight coming in the home.

Some roman shades work on the principle of Bluetooth technology. This shade consists of USB cable, motor, and solar panel. According to the time or weather, the shades can also be programmed. Programmed shades are beneficial in saving energy bills. You can integrate these shades with designed draperies to enhance the style. It comes with a variety of colors, pattern, and textures. Smart shades also come with economical options to stay in budget.
Motorized Blackout Roman Shades

After choosing the perfect roman style shades for your home, the last thing which holds paramount importance is safety. You should always consider the shades that are certified from a professional business unit such as oeko-tex certification or green guard certification. Oeko-Tex certified smart roman shades are entirely safe to use. These roman shades don’t cause any harm to your family members. Oeko-Tex certified window shades wouldn’t off-gas any harmful chemicals during normal use. These certified fabrics come in numerous styles such as teardrop style, classic flat size, and looped style and can be customized according to the need of the home décor.

If you want to transform your home décor with the Midas touch of technology, the certified roman shades are the perfect option to go for.

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