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How To Treat Unusual Windows and Bring Awesomeness Into Your Home

Odd Window Treatments

How To Treat Odd Window Treatments And Bring Awesomeness Into Your Home


Do you have a complicated window in your home that is causing you a lot of pain? It is actually not so easy to dress up these unusual window treatments. Most people try skipping these Odd Window Treatments as it is hard to decorate these windows. Bare windows never make a good style statement for your home. Without window treatments, these windows might look really awkward.


Dress up Your Bare Windows With Odd Window Treatments

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your home decor is, if your windows are not treated properly, your interior decor is never complete. These windows are challenging, so if you fail to treat them in the right way, they might end up looking odd and hurt the overall look of your home.


Odd Shaped Window Covering Ideas

When you are looking for odd shaped window treatments, the following are the important things that need to be considered:


Note Down The Requirements of The Window Treatments

Once you measure the windows, make a note of the requirements that your window treatments need to account for. The requirements might include privacy, light control, insulation, etc.


#1. The Shape and Size of The Window

The shape of the window needs to be considered first. Make sure you measure the size of these window treatments properly so that it is easy to plan and customize based on accurate measurements.


#2. Consider The Existing Home Decor

Make sure you consider existing home decor before you select the window treatment. Consider the design, pattern, theme, and color of your existing decor. While you select the window treatments, consider these attributes so that the window treatments you select will match your interior design and make your home look more elegant.


Palladian Shelves For Arch-Shaped Windows

Palladian Window Shelf

As you consider the shape of these windows, you can now choose the perfect window treatments for your windows. If the window has an arch-shaped top, you can try installing palladian window shelves. Palladian Window Shelves are a great option to treat unusually shaped windows.

  • These window treatments add a beautiful charm to your windows and to your house
  • They add ease and style to your oddly shaped windows
  • These window treatments can also be combined with any other window treatments

To learn more about these window treatments, check out the following blog:

Taming the Architectural Beauty of Large Palladian Windows


Cellular Honeycomb Shades For Uneven Windows

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Another great option for treating these odd window treatments is cellular shades. Honeycomb shades are available in a great variety of styles, shapes, patterns, and colors, which makes them a great choice to treat your odd window treatments. Cellular honeycomb shades are known for their greater insulation and making your home energy efficient. Cellular shades can be customized in a great way and can make your home look amazing. Based on your requirements, you can either choose single cell or double cellular shades.


Plantation Shutters

Superior Custom Shutters

Plantation Shutters are another wonderful choice to treat your unusual windows. Superior custom shutters are a great option to add a truly classic beauty to your home. Superior custom shutters can block the light in a perfect way and offers total light control to your room and add privacy.


If you haven’t installed these amazing window treatments, give them a try to dress up your unusual window treatments and you will be amazed by the beauty and luxury they offer to your home. You can also customize your shutters based on the colors and the materials you prefer.


Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Doors

Vertical Cellular Shades

If you have sliding glass doors, choose vertical cellular shades as they make your sliding glass doors look classy. Vertical cellular shades are the perfect choice for large windows.

They make your home energy efficient as they block out the huge amount of light that the large glass doors allow. Adding valances for vertical blinds will also help you to dress up the unusual windows.


Sliding Panel Vertical Blinds

You can also install vertical blinds combined with sliding panels to your large windows. Vertical blinds are one of the traditional types of window treatments and these window treatments give your sliding door a simple and complete look.

Sliding panels add uniformity to your windows and make them look perfect. These window treatments also add beauty and protection to your home.


Drapery Combined With Valances

Custom Valances and Cornices

Another easy way to treat your unusual windows is to dress them up with lovely drapery window coverings topped by custom valances and cornices. With drapery, you can add privacy and elegance to your home in one go. When you combine drapery with toppers like custom valances and cornices, you can get a smart and coordinated look that is greater than the sum of its parts.

While combining the draperies with custom valances and cornices, you can actually give a shape to your oddly shaped windows as custom valances and cornice shelf to cover up the upper part of your windows. The drapery hardware can also be covered and hidden under these custom valances and cornices and give a polished look to your windows and to your home.


How to Choose?

For added privacy and insulation, choose a thick and dense fabric and a darker color. As drapery window treatments come up in many numbers of styles, colors, and design patterns, you can choose the one that matches your home interiors and gives your home a pleasant look.


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