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Ensuring the Right Amount of Comfort in a Nursery with Window Blinds

Nursery Window Treatments

Nursery Window Treatments – Ensuring the Right Amount of Comfort

Designing a nursery can be an exciting and enriching experience, requiring you to constantly be on your toes. After all, setting up a place for children is no child’s play! However, it can take a toll on your well-being at the same time, for it’s a daunting and time-consuming task. Usually what you require is to fill the place with child-friendly and safe toys. You may have some fun and exciting games that can enhance the learning experience for the toddlers, and paint the walls with flamboyant colors to keep the room exciting and interesting.

However, comfort should be your top priority! Kids can be particularly very sensitive when it comes to the level of temperature in a room. So they need a comfortable environment so they can play and interact with their buddies without any hassle. To create the optimum level of comfort in a kid’s room or nursery, you need to line up the windows with effective blinds. They can be painted in bright yellows or dark pinks, and have a number of graphics and comic prints for an appealing aesthetic that scores bonus points with the young ones.

This section is dedicated to determining the right blinds to ensure coziness and a positive environment of learning and fun in a nursery.

Nursery Window Treatments


Blackout Window Shades


There is no single sure shot way of getting the best of all the worlds with window treatments, especially when your requirement is finding the perfect nursery window treatments. It is also essential that you take into account the climate that the place experiences throughout the year. This is because sheer shades may not be suitable when we are talking of tropical and highly humid areas. Nothing would work better than blackout shades in such cases. On the other hand, if your place experiences weather that is windy, you might want to go for shades that do not have any crevices or cracks between them, as dust and grime may enter the home, causing extreme discomfort, sneezing and health complications to children who are prone to illnesses.

Other factors that may influence your purchase are your affordability in buying and maintaining them, the location of the windows, and their dimensions. However, these days you get a lot of customizable options instead of simply buying whatever is on display. So you have the freedom to choose the colors, textures, sizes, and patterns of your choice. You can dictate your own terms, and buy only those that will be appealing for little children.

Let us hereby take a look at some of the best nursery window treatments.

Roller Shades with Printed Patterns


Blackout Roller Shades


When you are planning to build a nursery or contemplating reconstruction of one, you must always think it through when it comes to decor. In areas experiencing softer or normal temperatures where a bit of sunlight is always welcome; you can have tall or wide window spaces to let a copious amount of it inside. There is no better way than to have them play in natural sunlight, whether outside or inside.

The need to have smaller window spaces comes when the area experiences harsh weather conditions throughout: is its scorching summers, chilly winters, heavy rainfall or stormy winds. It’s better to have sturdy blinds and window panes in place. Roller shades are best fits for such purposes. For one, they filter out the harmful UV radiation of the sunlight and prevent the fading of the floors and carpets of the nursery. As they are meant for heat protection from sunlight, they reduce the indoor temperatures drastically. At the same time, if you go for sheer solar fabrics, the kids can enjoy a great view of the outside while playing. So they will not be denied natural light or an unobstructed view, all while enjoying the best of comfort.

Roman Blinds or Shades


Roman Window Shades


Roman blinds for several years have been the perfect example of your expectations of luxury in the home. They come with the best designs and types, from London shades and hobbled blinds to knife pleat and solid patterns. Being amazingly versatile, they are your go-to answer for any kind of window requirement, besides gifting your home the perfect amalgamation of elegance and functionality.

They are also available in a wide variety of designs, fabrics, and colors, which can be perfectly tailored to suit the requirements of a kids’ haven. Silky plain fabrics in Roman blinds are a wonderful choice that offers colors for every palette. A few of them include Fiji Natural, Windsor Ivy, Windsor White, Faux Silk Natural, Fiji Mocha, Windsor Sandstone, Faux Silk Mocha and Windsor Latte.

Fresco Graber Roman Shades, in this regard, is also known for their perfect collaboration of a traditional offering with a modern interior. Folding vertically, they are very practical window treatments constructed out of high-quality PVC fabrics that keep the sun’s harmful UV rays away to keep the children comfortable in the nursery.

Crown Top-Down Bottom-Up Cordless Shades


Crown Top Down Bottom up Cordless Shades


These shades are modern window coverings with contemporary looks that can be installed anywhere because of their redeeming features and properties. What you desire in a nursery is ultimately having a customized window shade experience where you can always adjust the blinds for an optimum level of privacy and sunlight at the same time.

The honeycomb shades have a distinctive design with cell pockets between them which traps heat and light, making them effective insulators, reducing air and sound penetration to avoid disrupting the calmness of your space. The Top Down Bottom Up feature of these blinds allows you to raise them from the bottom while lowering them from the top. They have both a headrail and a bottom rail that can help you easily adjust their level without having to touch the blinds. They offer a clean and impressively textured look with their textured pleats made of superior construction. The pleats are also dirt and moisture-resistant and are thus more long-lasting than many other modern blinds. Owing to this feature, they require low and simple maintenance, wherein they can be cleaned easily with the help of a damp cloth soaked in mild detergent water.

Another important feature of these top down bottom up shades is that they are extremely safe to be used in a room filled with kids because of their cordless features. This way, you do not have to worry about the children hurting themselves by strangling themselves on the loose strings while playing, or breaking the cord when you’re not watching them closely.

Consider the Option of Valances

Valances are important and attractive “finishing touches” to a curtain or blind that soften their appearance. They are usually installed at the top of the windows, thus being safely out of distance from the curious hands of kids, while adding color and texture to the design.

All said and done, when working out ways to set up the windows in a nursery, do not think only about the aesthetics. Your first and foremost priority should be the safety and comfort of the kids. Prevention against hot and cold climates, dust and dirt, and privacy are must-haves.

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