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Not Using Curtains Over Cellular Shades

Curtains Over Cellular Shades

6 Reasons To Not Use Curtains Over Cellular Shades

Just like quality lighting and other hardware are commonly known as the jewelry of a room, window treatments are like the perfect blazer that polishes off an outfit. Without a good window treatment, a room can look unfinished and a little frumpy. That said a window needs more than just a set of plastic blinds or any ready to fit treatment. When it comes to window shades, customization is pivotal.

It’s no secret how curtains and shades can be paired together. We often have questions from our customers, ‘Do you put curtains over blinds’? For the most part, they look great together and bring about a flexible decor to your room yet there are instances when they can become an eyesore. And you might just have to live with them if you have already invested in pairing up curtains with some shades.

Pairing: Curtains Over Cellular Shades

One such pairing is curtains over cellular shades. Cellular shades are popular for their design and unique honeycomb structure. The uniqueness of the honeycomb provides the ultimate protection from extreme temperatures, wind, rain, sound, dust and UV rays. It is the only product in the market with the highest R-value factor that is a measure of the insulation property of a shade. And this makes the Cellular Shade the best option for all year long.

Combining curtains with cellular shades might not be such a great idea as both treatments are largely effective for similar things. So combining them starts to become redundant, and cellular shades are often better for utility. Do look at these 6 reasons to not use curtains over cellular shades;

Tip 1 – Need window covering for sun protection?

Graber Blackout Cellular Shades

If you happen to like your window shades to simply blend into your room without disturbing the overall throw of the decor, then opt for Cellular Shades. They are the best window covering for sun protection. And with its unique honeycomb shade structure, they protect you and your family from the harsh weather conditions all year long. With the shades doing their job wonderfully you don’t need an extra layering of curtains to keep the light out. You can choose from light filtering or blackout Cellular shades to provide you with enough light according to your need.

Our range of Graber blackout cellular shades one of the leading brands in the country is popular for their designs and styles. These shades glide effortlessly making a unique fashion statement and can be coordinated well with any decor. One of the most popular window coverings for sun protection where you do not need an extra layering of curtains.

Tip 2 – Privacy on your mind?

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Cellular shades provide you with complete privacy with either of the option, light filtering or complete blackout. The magic about these shades is that even without being drawn apart you can see the outside view while it does not work the other way round. And there is still plenty of light seeping in because of the unique design. Only when you open it partially or completely is the indoor visible from the outside to the prying eyes.

For 100% privacy, use cellular shade side channels to block out light that could seep in through the sides. This way you have a perfectly good night’s sleep. So why have a layer of curtains when you can use such a valuable window treatment to keep your haven safe from strangers peering into it.

Tip 3 – Need clean finish?

Cellular shades, when pulled up, simply disappear without looking like a spot that is an eyesore in your room. They fold into a 3’ – 4” stack more neatly than most other window treatments do. Add a valance for an extra glamorized touch. For a neat and clean finishing stroke to your Cellular shades, do not use curtains over them. Curtains will often clash against the look of any cellular shade.

Tip 4 – Need modern shades?

Are you looking to add a touch of modernity to any vintage furniture/ furnishings in your current decor? Then go in for Cellular Shades. With their soothing colors and disappearing patterns, they can easily add a dash of modernity to a vintage look. The sheer calmness of these shades when open will leave you wanting for more. Curtains tend to spoil a perfect modern setup with its basic and simplistic look. So another reason for you to do away by not using curtains over cellular shades.

Tip 5 – Need low maintenance?

Designed for easy care and cleaning these shades are low on maintenance. Regular light dusting maintains a new-like appearance. For deeper cleaning, vacuum gently with the brush attachment using a vertical stroke. For the spot, cleaning uses a damp cloth with mild detergent and clean it off with a soft dry cloth. Easy to do? Extra layerings of curtains will only double your job of cleaning your window treatments.

Tip 6 – Need them to blend in?

When you layer a Cellular Shade with curtains you are making an otherwise complete room look messy and loud. Cellular shades can be easily co-ordinated with your wall or floor colors and you will soon forget they exist. For a seamless decor, use cellular shades as a natural extension of your walls and you will be surprised at the transformation. Forget the curtains and let the cellular shades do their job. In any case, if you are deciding on treatments for your window, if you have cellular shades you likely don’t need to cover them with curtains. Cellular shades are beautiful, functional, and elegant all on their own.

We hope these tips have given you enough reason to think about before you decide to layer curtains over cellular shades. Do call our experts. They will gladly add to these tips and help you make the best choice for your room.