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Graber Lake Forest Faux Wood Blinds

Ever had the impulse to shut the world out?

As a mother of two grown-up girls, I’ve nurtured an empty nest for quite a while now, and I’m grateful for this previously unimaginable freedom and the lack of worry that had plagued me for years when the girls were growing up. One of them is a lawyer in the district attorney’s office; the other married, a homemaker, and a recent mother. I love that I have a life not intimately intertwined with those of my daughters’. Little did I realize that I was about to be shaken out of my complacency, and how!

Enjoying a cup of hot steaming coffee on the porch on a redolent Sunday morning with my husband, the shrill of the mobile phone split the calm with unpleasant intrusion….our son-in-law Leonard calling to say that something was not right about Shayne, our daughter, that he was not able to get through to her, that he found both mother and child to be in deplorable states when he came home after work, and could we please help him sort it out? We, of course, said that we would take the next flight out to DC to help with the crisis. Setting our integrated automatic control system for our window shading and lights to function as if we’re still home, both for security and energy saving, we left home with heavy hearts, not knowing what would confront us….

It shocked us to see our very energetic and vivacious daughter looking like death warmed over, eyes listless, body and home unkempt, her husband trying in vain to get her to feed their 5-month old son! Through the chaotic atmosphere fraught with tension, i noticed the stale odor in the house, coupled with stained sofas and floor rugs, a messy dining table, window blinds hanging askew, and a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes. First things first – I took the baby away from my son-in-law, chasing him out for some formula to feed the líl hell raiser, and in the meantime, changed the baby’s diaper, while my husband Roger took charge of Shayne. It soon became evident that the girl was in the throes of the infamous postpartum blues! And to think I could get away with my new found freedom!

It was unbelievable that we never caught any of the symptoms of her downward spiral while on chat or call with her – Hmm, my daughter, the victim of one of the modern-day scrooges – shocking that it was something that crept up on her so insidiously! Roger immediately took charge of fixing an appointment to meet with a shrink from the maternity center close by while I made a few calls and arranged for an au pair to come in while I was around to show her the ropes. Then, I started with what I was itching to do….. get a handle on the house. I believed that cleanliness and orderliness were next to Godliness, and while I went about vacuuming and setting things straight I noticed that the real wood blinds on the windows in the living room were so badly out of shape that I was aghast – really exquisite Norman wood blinds that I’d got her as a wedding present! Some of the slats were broken, for heaven’s sake! What were they doing, standing on it?

So, not wanting to rock the leaky boat, I called in some cleaners to deal with the rugs, upholstery, and stained walls. Have you noticed that when thing go wrong, one has an inherent need to shut the world out? And the fact that I wasn’t able to close the blinds to prying eyes was driving me nuts – it’s human to be curious. And, of course, the neighbors had an inkling that something was not quite right, what with the ladies popping by with bakes and casseroles! I just needed to shut the world out! And the best way to do so was to close the blinds to everything, but the blinds were broken, the control mechanism not working, and I knew that warranty didn’t cover blinds that malfunctioned due to neglect. So, after a bit of net crawling I decided to replace the wood blinds with the attractive and sturdy Lake Forest Faux Wood Blinds from Graber. I figured that it would serve the purpose magnificently for the time being, and I opted for the automatic vane control option enabled with a timer so that careless operation wouldn’t damage the blinds again! And till things were back on even keel, the blinds could be programmed to function so that the daylight worked for the couple without back-breaking power bills to handle as well. Also, the routeless Privacy Blinds ensure that extra ambient glare control that can be terribly irritating when one wants to relax curled up on the sofa. And the best of all, they also have this new system called the SureClose headrail – a light barring lip that goes a long way in creating pleasant darkness in a room. The girl can enjoy an afternoon sitcom in wonderfully encompassing darkness.


Well, to say the least, these faux wood blinds cost me considerably less than half of what I paid for the real wood ones, and it sure was difficult tell the real from the look-alike, so good was the wood grain finish and color. I also got rid of the cafe curtains she had in her bathrooms and kitchen, and had these faux wood blinds installed – they’re infinitely neater and more hygienic, as they’re non-absorbent and perfect for use areas that accumulate condensation.

So, there it is, my way of coping with stress – shutting the world out against the travails of family Life! As we leave in a couple of days, we hope that what we have done is enough!



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