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Why Norman Is Among the Best-In-Class Brands for Blinds & Shutters?

Norman Window Fashion

Why Norman Window Fashion is Among the Best-In-Class Brands for Blinds & Shutters


When we shop for the most necessary products for our everyday use, we can choose from a wide variety and options available in the market. All we need for it is a reasonable budget, and then we can make our choices accordingly. However, when it comes to choosing the best possible brands, we often find ourselves in a dilemma. Which brand should we trust? Do they provide utmost quality? Are their claims as tall as they seem before purchase? What about the after-sales service? Do they have 24/7 service to assist customers when they face discrepancies? These are some of the most necessary questions we seek to answer.

The arena of window treatments is no different. With a broad spectrum of Roman blinds, shutters, aluminum blinds, cellular shades and different sizes and varieties of valances available in the market, it becomes necessary to ask which brand is the most reliable one? All being said, there are only a few brands in window treatments that offer premium quality and delivery as Norman.


Norman Window Fashion: Why This Brand is Trustworthy


Norman gives one of the best-in-class service and quality in the realm of window treatments. Norman shades are known for their attractive and beautiful shapes, designs, features such as sun protection, light control, and privacy. In this section, we present to you some of the best selling Norman window fashion brands in the market which are extremely popular among shoppers and connoisseurs of elegant living. Let us discuss them one by one.


1) Normandy Norman Wood Shutters


Normandy Norman Wood Shutters


When it comes to providing a bright and inimitable look to the interiors of your home, wood shutters are the finest option you can go for. They offer a gentle and soothing environment in your home with their natural look and beautiful architectural design. At ZebraBlinds you can get these Norman shutters with the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

Made from natural wood with Prescription Wood Conditioning technique, these Norman shutters reduce the post-installation swelling and shrinking of the wood. This technique makes them long lasting and durable for use, and have multiple layers to conceal the installation screws to give them a clean and minimally attractive look. Different panels give you different options for the level of light you want inside. With hand-finished paint and brilliant craftsmanship, these window coverings provide an aesthetic vibe which is irreplaceable. Based on your requirements, you can use these shutters for living room windows, bedrooms, cafes and restaurants, and even offices or commercial buildings.


2) Norman Motorized Roman Shades


Norman Motorized Roman Shades


Imagine the best of both the worlds with these shades. They are no longer a dream but a reality in which you get the attractiveness and functionality of Roman shades with a clean and uncluttered look that the motorized feature provides. Norman Roman Shades are the preferable option in homes where people wish to divert the focus of the visitor on the windows, and they do an excellent job at it.

The motorized shades are designed and manufactured to suit any decor or room. Whether your taste is flamboyant or whether you’re the sort who prefers old-world charm and minimalist look to your home, Roman shades are here to provide a rich and brilliant look to your living space. Now operating them is bound to become even more straightforward with the motorized option, which is also safer to use in a house with pets and children who otherwise run the risk of chewing the cords and strangulating on them.

Motorized Roman shades from Norman also come in a variety of color shades such as Ebony, Silver Sage, Almond Oil, Spice and Washed White. Thus they bring versatility and practicality to any home. With these blinds in place, you can enjoy the varied levels of light control and privacy that you need with their wide assortment of fabrics. If you want a dark ambiance, you can choose a dense and thick material, and if you want your room to look bright with natural sunlight, go for lighter and transparent fabrics.


3) Norman Portrait Honeycomb Blinds


Norman Portrait Honeycomb Blinds


Honeycomb shades from Norman come with different features. One of the most popular window treatments that they have to offer is the light filtering honeycomb shades, offering excellent style and functionality while preventing harmful UV rays and heat from penetrating through your window. They also reduce heat gain and heat loss depending on the season your house experiences. They also come in various control options (motorized or corded) to customize your window settings.

Norman honeycomb blinds also come with blackout features that serve as the epitome of beauty and functionality. They keep you protected from extreme heat and cold and give a room darkening effect that lets you enjoy your sleep and solitude. This feature also makes them excellent sound absorbers in case you prefer to work from home during the day, a time when you are bound to be disturbed by neighbors or city traffic, especially if your apartment is in the middle of a bustling city.


4) Normandy Skylight PerfectTilt RF Shutters


Normandy Skylight PerfectTilt RF Shutters


With the revolutionary PerfectTilt shutters from Norman, the brand has introduced a remote control tilting system that has a range of up to 65 feet. They add elegance to any room and are very easy to operate and open with their motorized feature, which merely involves the touch of a button. There are no cords required to let them function, and they have eight tilt settings to allow for fantastic control. They can be operated from anywhere in the room and make for ideal window treatment options in summers when the merciless sun threatens to make living inside a house difficult. However, with these fabulous, modern-day shutters in place, you can be assured of a good night’s sleep and a cozy atmosphere during the day.

There are various ways to power these shutters as well. You can either recharge their batteries through solar panels or use a power source. Whichever way you choose, you have the perfect blinds to set up your skylights or tall windows that are otherwise out of your reach. At ZebraBlinds, they come in multiple color options and finishes to choose from.


5) 2 Inches Norman Faux Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds


2 Inches Norman Faux Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds


2 Inches Norman Faux Wood Blinds are one of the most popular window treatments from the brand that have found takers all over the country with their multiple benefits and features. They have elegant looks, thanks to their resemblance with real wood, and come at very affordable prices. Made from durable materials such as vinyl and PVC, they are also moisture resistant and less prone to warping and dents.

Their SmartPrivacy feature allows optimum blind closure for enhanced privacy which provides you with much-needed privacy when at home and reduces light when you need to catch up on some sleep. With the many color options at ZebraBlinds, you can color coordinate them with the furniture or walls of your home to lend it a touch of class and luxury.

Thus, we see how Norman’s varied options in blinds and shutters give them a significant edge over other brands. Multiple features with state of the art technology make them the preferred choice in homes across the country. So make your purchase at ZebraBlinds and choose one that goes well with your needs and budget.

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