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Walls or Dividers? Which You Should Choose And Why

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When we buy a new home (or even plan on renovating an old one), we are sometimes left with large rooms that just seem too big to use for just one purpose. Or sometimes we’re left with too few rooms and more stuff that needs “placing”. In such cases its helpful to have a way to partition spaces so they can take on multiple functions. But how do we partition rooms? While building partition walls seems like a very solid idea, there are much easier (not to mention cheaper) ways to partition a room with something a lot less permanent and immovable. We’re talking about dividers, of course.

In most professional workspaces the large rooms in an office are divided up into smaller cubicles using dividers (albeit more robust and less aesthetic than what we would prefer in a home). A home can also use dividers to split up a single room into multiple rooms. The best part about this is that it is unnecessary to completely separate the room. Dividers are meant to give the air of separation without having to split the room with a wall, and if one picks the right dividers the division can actually make the place look even more attractive.

Dividers Aren’t Just for Large Homes

While dividers work wonders in large homes, one can usually make the best use of dividers in smaller homes. Imagine a one-room apartment, it would be impossible to get any space or privacy if it were a shared flat. Even if you just had guests over, finding space to change would be a nightmare. It’s in such cases that dividers can be a live saver. A couple of well-placed dividers will split the single room into a multifaceted, functional home.

Dividers are Economic and Effective

Even if you did have the funds to add walls to your home, the entire hassle of getting a contractor coupled with the time and disruption that accompanies the procedure can sometimes be more than we bargained for. Dividers are far less expensive and don’t need nearly as much time from purchase to installation. Using dividers means you also free up more of your budget for something else that could really spruce up a home, like Norman shutters which could also come with an extension pole for shutters.

It’s All About Space

Adding a wall to your home may seem like a more permanent solution. But good walls take up a lot more space and end up making a room look and feel smaller than it actually is. Dividers are far more flexible and you won’t be stuck with what you have even after you get them. They can be moved around to reorient the spacing in the room, giving them incredible versatility that you would not get should you use a wall to partition the room.

They’re Very Effective When It Comes to “Separating” the Room

Dividers do a much better job at separating the room into segments than people realize. With the right kind of dividers, one can block out a part of the ambient light and sounds from the other side of the partition. But of course, this only goes so far: bright lights and loud music can only be blocked to a certain extent, so make sure you know what you’re going to use the spaces for before partitioning the room, especially if it has Norman Shutters.

You Don’t Need Expertise to Place or Move Dividers

As it says in the title, dividers require very little expertise. If the dividers are collapsible, that makes it all the easier to just move them aside or place them elsewhere. Compared to the work that goes into building a wall, dividers are something even the government should consider as an alternative for their large scale plans.

Durability and Maintenance

Dividers are known to last a long time, and the sturdier versions are known to last as long as or even longer than the cornice boards for arched windows. While they aren’t meant to be subjected to too much stress, dividers can still take a significant amount of punishment before they need to be repaired or replaced.

When it comes to maintaining the dividers we already have, a good dusting and a fair wipe down will work perfectly. However, the collapsible wooden versions may require a little additional care like oiling the hinges and regular checks and coats to keep termites away. A lot of the fabric based dividers can be steam cleaned with few problems. It is also advisable to keep the dividers away from any place they may come in direct contact with water. Most dividers have a potential to stain or warp if not treated right, a trait they share with Norman Shutters.

How Does it Look?


Norman Shutters


Dividers come in a wide array of colors, shapes, materials, and styles. They could do well in a room with Norman shutters or even cheap plantation shutters. Online quotes are pretty reasonable for these products as well. What really gives dividers the edge is how well they can complement a room and add to its elegance, which is something a wall cannot do on its own.

In Conclusion:

Walls are definitely useful as a permanent solution for larger spaces. But dividers offer more options when it comes to decorating and partitioning a room, especially if that room is on the smaller side. Dividers win when it comes to being cost-effective, and walls cannot compete with the simple installation process which is barely more than just placing the dividers where you need them. You can change your spacing however you want, whenever you want. With walls, you’re stuck with what you have. The dividers allow the partitioned spaces to complement each other to make each space look bigger than it is, walls have the opposite effect which could be compounded if you already have Norman Shutters.

However, if you want complete separation in all its forms and are absolutely certain that you want it to be permanent: Walls are your best option. So if you’re certain about walls, then go for them. But if you aren’t too sure, dividers also work as a viable temporary solution that you could choose to make permanent should you change your mind.

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