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Innovation in window dressings

There are window dressings, and there are window dressings – some that have to be pulled aside to provide a view, some that have vanes that can be adjusted for a view, some that need to be raised to provide a view, some don’t need any adjustment – the choices are many today, as perhaps they were in the yesteryears; only, one didn’t have a variety of features. It’s much like saying, “oh, kids have so many more choices today than we did when we were growing up.” Hey, get with it! We had choices too, just more natural and people oriented ones than are existent today!

When I watch rain drops splattering off windows, I’m always reminded of Jackie Kennedy saying, “What is sad for women of my generation is that they weren’t supposed to work if they had families. What were they supposed to do when the children are grown – watch the raindrops coming down the window pane?” Now, that’s such a cop out! What would Gloria Steinem have said in response? Of course they could have worked if they’d wanted too! My mother is of her generation – she chose to train as a teacher, traveled to all corners of the world with us kids in tow, working her backside off to help provide for her family, an equal partner in her marriage! And that was her choice to exercise, and exercise it she did.

So, there are window dressings, and there are window dressings, and it’s all about exercising choices! I don’t mean to be cute as I make this analogy of life and compare it o actual window dressings – it a fact, after all. Coming back to windows, what do we demand of our windows?

1. A fabulous view; if that’s not possible then an obscured view.

2. Privacy – I remember our first rental; the living room and dining spaces had pencil bamboo blinds; the bedrooms had opaque drapes.

3. Insulation – now, in the northern hemisphere, it would be foolish not to consider the insulation properties of window dressings.

4. Aesthetics – window dressings need to be considered carefully so that they fit in seamlessly with the decor. I have seen so many homes look awful as this wasn’t considered at all – blinds hanging askew, drapes serving only privacy functions, so some old fabric is put together to provide cover, vinyl blinds that grate on the nerves!

Many folks don’t fancy the hassle of outfitting their windows – it’s so easy to fit a rod atop the window and hang some ready made curtains on them. Rarely is care taken to outfit a window properly, in fitting with the architectural elements, especially when living in rentals. This is actually a big mistake. Enormous energy savings could be made if the right window dressings are used.

Today, technological innovation has made way for quick fixes, and those who couldn’t be bothered can take advantage of these options.

Norman, a leader in the window shading industry, has come up with an inventive adaptation called the SmartFit. SmartFit Cellular Window Shades are sleek and contemporary in looks while being durable – features that allow them to last a long time without grating on the nerves. They provide wonderful flexibility in light control and privacy as Top Down and Bottom Up Cellular Shades, doing away with unsightly cords hanging down the front of the shade. And when the shade is completely raised, its hardware is concealed beautifully to provide clean lines and an uncluttered look.

If you live in a crowded and busy neighborhood, or in apartments, this is a fantastic option to use. In additions, as they’re fashioned out of a honeycomb structure whose cells trap air, they offer the best insulation against heat loss/gain and irritating external noises, be it dogs howling, traffic, brawling neighbors, barbeque parties, you name it! They’re great for practically any window, even French doors and tilt windows (of an angle up to 15 degrees), and can be mounted close to your windows with a tight fit that prevents light and heat seepage. They can be used for both inside or outside mounts. Its adjustable cord tension system can be unobtrusively fitted to the base of the window sill that will ensure consistent and long-term shade performance.

To have them fitted to your windows, all you need are a drill, a measuring tape, a level, and a screw driver, and just follow the steps given in the home video “How to measure, install, and care for Norman Cellular Window Shades with SmartFit.” And it’s as easy as A, B, C!

The top-down bottom-up feature of the shades allow the effortless control of privacy – pull down gently from the top to stop at a desired position to avail a view of the treetops or the skyline while obscuring the direct view you would otherwise have from outside; lift gently from the bottom to provide a conventional view; on the other hand, pull down from the top and lift from the bottom for terrific room brightening with enhanced privacy! The SmartFit Cordless Cellular Window Shades come in light filtering and room darkening fabrics and a range of exquisite colors to help you make an easy choice!

“A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.”Dennis Waitley. Let your smile shine your choice!

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