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Inside vs. Outside Mount: Which One Is Right For You?

Inside Vs Outside Mount

Norman Faux Wood Blinds – Inside vs. Outside Mount

At first glance, this may be a piece that talks about indoor and outdoor blinds. However, this could not be further from the truth. When one discusses the mounting of a blind, they mean the actual location of the place where the blind is to be mounted. How about we take a minute to properly acquaint ourselves with the actual nature of an inside or outside mount when it comes to installing blinds. While both have their uses, some differences are more significant than others. Now let’s begin!

Inside Mount

  • The inside mount is the most ideal type of blind installation when one is building a home from scratch.
  • These blinds are mounted within the window frame, which means the entirety of the blind (slats included) is housed within the window frame.
  • Before one decides to go for an inside mounted blind, it is advisable to check the depth of the window frame in question.
  • A shallow window frame will make it nearly impossible to install inside mount blinds.
  • Inside blinds are usually the more traditional option is some areas.

Outside Mount

  • The outside mount is an easier option for most situations, especially when sometimes you feel like your old (or new!) home needs a hard reset when it comes to aesthetics, or if your window isn’t completely straight.
  • These blinds can be mounted outside the window frame and are usually limited only by ingenuity as to how good they look and how well they can work.
  • These blinds are an option for those who also wish to mount blinds on a certain window frame but are unable to use inside mounted blinds because the window is simply too shallow to properly accommodate the blinds.


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Now That We Know the Basics, Let’s Get Familiar!

Inside mounted blinds have very few limits when it comes to using and installation. As long as your window has enough depth, you can install inside mount blinds as deep or as shallow as you want. Inside mounted blinds take up less space and look spectacular when they match the window’s frame. A wooden frame would go well with Norman faux wood blinds.


Graber Cellular Shades


With an inside mount, the whole setup looks clean and if done with the right color, and can seamlessly turn into a part of your home. There are myriad choices and styles to choose from, especially if one chooses Graber cellular shades. Color choices are a huge bonus in such cases.

Inside mounts need brackets to be attached on the inside of the window frame, which is why they need deep windows to make the whole thing work. However, when setting up the mount for an inside mounted a set of blinds, it isn’t always an easy task because the measurements for such amount need to be spot on. Making a mistake during the installation process can damage your windows or even shorten the lifespan of your window frame and mount, especially if it’s the Norman faux wood blinds, which need a little special care to handle.

Inside mounted blinds are heavily reliant on the window frame to be aesthetically pleasing, which means that if you want your home to look its best then you will need to take the window frame’s color and design into consideration. Inside mounted blinds are also prone to light gaps along the left and right side of the window.

Norman Faux Wood Blinds – Living Rooms or Dining Rooms


Norman Faux Wood Blinds


A good example of inside mounted blinds would be blinded usually seen in living rooms or dining rooms, which usually sit within the frame. However, faux wood blinds with a cornice will make an ideal replacement if you prefer outdoor blinds.

Outside mounted blinds take up more space than inside mounted blinds. However, with outside mounted blinds, the brackets are installed pretty much anywhere you want the blind to be. An outside mounted blind gives a home a more casual setup which gives them the title of being a more relaxed choice which reflects a relaxed owner.

Outside mounted blinds don’t need to be carefully positioned. While basic measurement is a must (adding proper overlap and accounting for the headrail as needed), there are fewer factors which affect outside mounted blinds which leaves far more room for an easy (and sometimes quicker!) installation and lowers the chances of error should anything go amiss.

While inside blinds are meant to seamlessly blend in with the rest of the house, outside mounted blinds are meant to stand out and draw attention to it (or away from something) Outside mounted blinds do not need to be any specific style or type, one of the only things you need to check is if they’ll look good in your home. Even size isn’t that big a problem given that they do not need to fit inside a window frame.

Outside mounted blinds are usually built to cover up the window frame as well as a section of the wall, adding a little more character where you once had a window and a blank wall.

A good example of an outside mounted a set of blinds would be those on a front door or a patio door. Blinds like that do not fit in the frame and you usually prefer them just the way they are.

In Conclusion

We love both types of mounts, we really do. Each type has its own advantages. So if you think your windows look pretty great and that they just need a small perk up so they can complement your home, then inside mounted blinds are a pretty good option (as long as the windows are deep enough). And if you just want to cover up your window from time to time, then a good option would be to go for the larger outside mounted set of blinds.

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