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7 Window Blinds That Drown Out Outside Noise and Let You Enjoy Your Solitude

Noise Reduction Window Shades

Noise Reduction Window Shades – Drown Out Outside Noise


Human beings are all different by nature. We have our unique characteristics and expect different things from life. Some like to be the center of attention among their social circles, while some prefer their peace and solitude and wish to be left alone at most times. Our ambitions, habits, and things that bring us happiness are all different and that is what makes every one of us so special and unique.

Naturally, the world of home décor recognizes this and has different things to appeal to different people. Our sense of aesthetic is also different. While some of us prefer flamboyant and exuberant designs and prints, which makes them feel alive and robust, many go for subtle prints or solids in less bold colors because that is what brings them peace.

In the arena of window treatments, there are people who love to go for window treatments that block all outside sounds emanating from neighbors’ houses or the street, especially when the apartment is in the middle of the city. There are window blinds and shades designed to help you drown out all outside noise and let you relax in peace and solitude.


Noise Reduction Window Shades


In this section, let us look at some premium noise reduction window shades that also come with a host of other benefits beyond their obvious advantage. These treatments have a track record of effective performance, and also lend the home a unique and beautiful touch with the variety of designs that they boast of.


1) Cellular Shades

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Cellular or honeycomb shades are ideal for absorbing sounds and canceling noises because of their pleated construction. They have pockets that trap sound just like they trap heat and light. To ensure they drown out maximum noise, you must go for double or triple-cell honeycomb shades. They come in two or more fabrics that act as additional layers. This also makes them effective insulation shades that provide you maximum privacy and create a complete blackout effect when pulled down.

Cellular shades are also reasonably priced and come in lighter fabrics that make them easy to maintain with their paper-like feel and looks. They provide a minimal look of class and panache and can be installed anywhere in your house, owing to their dirt resistant and moisture resistant properties.

2) Room Darkening Curtains or Drapes

Room Darkening Curtains

Sometimes you need a traditional window shade to provide you with all the classic features that you expect from window blinds. While there are different kinds of curtains you can purchase to make your window space more beautiful than ever, the effectiveness of room darkening and blackout curtains to keep out heat and sound is often unparalleled.

Room darkening curtains go for opaque, foam-backed fabrics to block out light and absorb sounds. The blackout fabrics that curtains use are also found in hotel rooms as curtain linings or drapery fabrics. Blackout curtains are still a very common and regular thing for windows in hotel rooms, as they are absolute must-haves and the owners swear by their high efficiency in keeping the guests comfortable and sleep without disturbance. Such curtains are also preferred by night shift workers who sleep during the day and for whom sound blocking fabrics in curtains are of utmost priority.

3) Wood and Faux Wood Shutters

Faux Wood Shutters

Both wood and faux wood shutters are essentially the same in terms of appearance, but there’s a major difference between them. 
Lending a timeless and charming decor to any room, these blinds have the appearance of wood stains and no two blinds are absolutely the same in terms of appearance or design. Wood blinds are made of natural materials while faux wood blinds are made from PVC, vinyl or composite wood material. Faux wood blinds are heavier than wood blinds but are preferable in many homes because of their stain-resistant and moisture-resistant properties, which makes them highly durable and long-lasting solutions for windows.


Both blinds, however, are highly effective with their insulation and energy-efficient properties. When closed shut, they ensure negligibly or no light passes through, ensuring the house is suitably dark to enjoy your solitude and comfort. Their thick material proves to be a great noise reducing feature that many people look for while buying window treatments.

4) Roman Shades


Fabric Roman Shades


Roman shades are classy window treatments that come with a variety of jaw-dropping prints and designs that often steal your attention away from the rest of the room. The most popular ones are of the plain fold, hobbled, knife pleated and London shades and every one of them boasts of their own unique features. Their redeeming quality is the way they stack up neatly when opened without giving the overall design a cluttered look, so if you want to go for shades with bold prints and colors, Roman shades are the right choice because they retain their appearance whether they are pulled up or down.

Roman shades can also be customized for blackout properties with special liners, which can also be great for reducing noise. Go for thicker fabrics if you want to dampen the noise in your window and do not wish to be disturbed while working from home. They come with both cordless and corded options, so choose one according to your suitability and convenience.

5) Pleated Shades


Pleated Window Shades


Their look is similar to honeycomb shades, and they have a consistent textured or pleated look as their name suggests. However, they do not have a cellular construction the way honeycomb shades do. People ideally use these shades for their classy and chic look, and they can be used for effective sunlight control and privacy. They also reduce outside sounds by a good percentage; however, if you want to go for shades solely for the purpose of noise reduction, you’re better off with cellular shades or velvet/silk curtains. 

6) Blackout Roller Shades


Blackout Roller Shades


Yes, we all love the look of a bright, sunny day, as it offers comfort after a chilly winter or a gloomy, cloudy day. However, there’s no denying the fact that too much sun exposure can affect our health and damage important items in our homes such as gadgets, electronics, and flooring. Besides, the ultraviolet glare can pose serious skin concerns and hazards. To avoid that, blackout roller shades are a reliable window treatment that not only acts as an icing on the cake to the beauty of your home but comes with multiple features to keep you safe, cozy and cool in your abode.


Apart from their obvious sun blocking and energy efficient features, blackout roller shades can be excellent at outside noise control. This is particularly beneficial for third shift workers who need to be left alone during the day. Blocking outside noise to a great extent, these are rather effective window coverings that are a must-have for any kind of home. 

7) Aluminum Blinds


Aluminum Venetian Blinds


The sturdiness of aluminum makes these blinds more dependable and reliable than other mini blinds. Leaving no cracks or crevices when closed, these blinds are good options in houses where the need of privacy is high. Supported by their attractive and appealing design, aluminum blinds are popular window treatments that are universally installed in all kinds of homes, offices, cafes and commercial spaces. They are also available at budget-friendly prices and a variety of textures.


To sum up, you can go for any of these sturdy window treatments for managing your privacy and for seeking protection against unnecessary sounds and noises during the day. This can be a nuisance especially if you are living in a city with incessant activity on the street. While we cannot avoid that, we can install effective window treatments to help keep the nuisance to a minimum.

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