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Noise Reduction Shades: Bringing Peace and Quiet To Your Homes

Noise Reduction Shades

Dream a Big Dream

Everybody needs a good night’s rest, along with proper exercise and a healthy diet. But alas, these days, it is mighty hard to get a decent amount of sleep. Daily tensions and work stress can take a toll on your health, not to mention your mind and body. As a result, they act as an obstacle in attaining that elusive rest. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) talks about the perfect environment for sleep, which is dark, without sound and having a cool temperature. Hence, exterior sounds and light can affect your sleeping patterns.

The NSF reports that 30% of males and 40% of females have problems sleeping at night. When you do not get enough sleep, the mind and body are put at risk. You make yourself susceptible to diseases, and your immunity receives a harsh blow. By not having a restful night, you start to lose focus and may not be able to complete a given task correctly.

Sleep deprivation can be dangerous if ignored, and it can also cause a decrease in productivity. There was also a survey that was conducted, which stated that people who had chronic insomnia were more prone to develop some mental issues. One thousand five hundred people a year lose their lives to car accidents caused by sleep deprivation.

Due to the many health problems caused by inconsistent sleeping patterns, the NSF has set up some tips for a good night’s rest. They are as follows:

  • Don’t consume alcohol, drink caffeine or consume nicotine during evenings and late afternoons
  • Don’t exercise for three hours just before sleeping
  • Daytime naps must be avoided
  • Get a bedtime schedule that relaxes you
  • Connect your bed with rest and not with working on the laptop or watching TV
  • Wake up and rest times must be the same every day

Once you follow these tips, the only obstacles to your rest may be light and outside noise. With room darkening/blackout window dressings, you can easily manage these annoying factors of sleep deprivation. Specific window covers can tackle the issue of unwanted sound and undesirable light for good sleep. These interior shadings can help reduce invasive noises coming from the street or reduce the echo of sounds coming from your rooms.

Check out these noise-dampening window shadings to suit your requirements and home styling needs.

Window Shades That Reduce Sound

Outside noise and sounds are undesirable for anyone. Especially when you need to focus on your tasks or projects, if you are working from home, there will be some audible distractions such as dogs barking, children playing and buses and cars honking away on the street. So, what is the solution to all this? Noise-minimizing window treatments. There are many sound-blocking or sound-absorbing shades that effectively block sound from coming through your window. You can check out these noise dampening window coverings and get peace of mind and relaxation.

Cellular Shades: One of the best ways to cancel out sound and absorb unwanted noise is cellular shadings. They are also known as insulating honeycomb shades because of the way they are constructed. These shades are perfect for home theatre interiors. Due to their honeycomb design, they block incoming light and insulate the home against exterior sounds. The double cell honeycomb shade has pockets of air, which consists of foam insulator materials that provide sound resistance and energy efficiency.

Insulating Cellular Shades

The unwanted noise is trapped between the window pane and these sound absorption shadings. These honeycomb cell designed shades not only trap outside sounds they also trap harmful UV rays and incoming light. If you install these noise reduction shades, you get the added benefits of getting interiors that have regulated temperatures due to their insulation properties and light control throughout the year.

Roman Shades: Note the thicker the fabric shade, the better the shade will be at sound-absorbing. Roman shades have thick fabric materials, and as a result, they help to insulate your room against noise. By providing an extra layer of protection (say blackout or light filtering fabric) these sound-absorbing roman shades can prevent outside noise from entering in, and this noise is trapped between the shade and the window glass. You get a look that combines fashion with functionality.

Custom Roman Shades

Pleated Shades: In terms of look and design, they are quite similar to honeycomb shades. They also function in a similar way. These types of window shadings consist of pleats. It is this pleating that enables your windows to get insulation, which in turn helps to reduce the noise. However, these pleated window shades don’t have a cell design. Which means their noise cancellation capabilities are not as strong as a honeycomb shade with double cells.

Pleated Window Shades

Sound Absorbing Fusion Shades: Fusion shades make great options for noise reduction because of their inner cellular lining with the Roman window coverings. If you live in a big city or a boisterous neighborhood, then these shades are the shades for you. Whether there are traffic sounds, dogs barking or kids screaming, these shades block sounds with ease.

Comfort Track or Slumber Shade: These types of window shades can drastically reduce all noise coming through your window. They also give slight light control features for you to use. If a good night’s sleep is essential to you, then go for these noise control shades.

Blackout Shades: These kinds of shades usually come with thicker fabric than others. Blackout window coverings also provide insulation. Any shade that blocks incoming light in a room is an effective way to remove all traces of sound. Most blackout shades can block at least 40% of the noise present in the room.

Blackout Window Treatments

The Sound of Silence

You can also insulate your room from any noise by adding one more window coverings. The primary function of blinds is not to control noise levels in your home. So instead of utilizing only one shade for soundproofing use two window dressings. You can combine curtains with honeycomb blinds. This type of blinds is useful for noise cancellation. By adding drapery to this covering, your chances of a soundproof room are doubled.

Curtains which contain thick fabric materials like that of roman blinds will lower the decibel volume contained in your room.  For a stylish décor combine roman shades with draperies. You can also go for soundproof curtains.

There are many inexpensive ways to cancel out noise in your room without shelling out loads of cash. This noise minimizing window dressings are suitable for those who are renters and if your budget doesn’t cover changing your doors and windows or installing soundproofed panels inside the walls. If you are renting, then the advisable choice would be to install insulation window treatments use wall tapestry, carpets, and bookcases for walls that are exterior facing. Go ahead and get that peace of mind today!

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