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How To Best Use Noise Cancelling And Room Darkening Window Treatments

Noise Cancelling Window Treatments

If you are looking for noise cancelling window treatments or room darkening shades, then you have come to the right place. In the following sections, we will be sharing some ideas which can help you reduce outside noise levels in your home as well as accomplish your room darkening goals. So, let us delve into the details.

Noise Cancelling Window Treatments


If your home is in the middle of a bustling city, then noise pollution is one of the problems you will have to face. It could be busy streets, a nearby transportation system, or your loud neighbors.

Noise pollution will be something that you will have to face on a regular basis. However, the good thing is that nowadays there are different noise canceling blinds and other window treatments available that prove to be quite effective in absorbing noise. Let us look at options that you can explore.

Ideas For Noise Cancelling Window Treatments

Blackout Drapery | Cellular Shades | Noise Canceling Shutters or Blinds | Double Up Options | Velvet Blackout Curtains | Fabric Blinds

Blackout Drapery

Normally, blackout curtains are heavy and thick by nature so that they can keep out the light. But, this particular feature also makes them useful for blocking out a lot of noise.

If the drape is heavy (such as the double lined drapes) and additionally, if the fabric has a good amount of weight (like velvet), then such drapes will be able to provide a good amount of noise cancellation.

Cellular Shades

Noise Cancelling Window Treatments

Honeycomb shades or cellular shades and blinds are well-known for their ability to insulate a home. However, these also work as noise reducing blinds and shades. Such noise cancellation is primarily achieved due to the honeycomb construction they have.

Noise Cancelling Shutters or Blinds

There are sound canceling blinds known as insulated or acoustic blinds which prove to be effective in reducing sound. However, at the time of purchasing blinds, you should look for ones with vertical styles and such blinds should also have a thick construction. Similarly, when purchasing shutters, buy those which are able to completely cover the interior surface of your windows.

Double Up Options

You will be able to achieve the higher level of soundproofing by pairing soundproof blinds or shades with blackout drapery.

Velvet Blackout Curtains

Another option to look into when searching for window treatments that can reduce noise are the foam-backed velvet blackout curtains.

These curtains are an excellent choice when you want to create a dark environment and get some sleep. In addition to it, they are also quite effective at canceling out the noise so that you can sleep without any disturbance.

Excellent noise cancellation is achieved due to the foam-backed construction they have. These curtains are constructed using several layers of white foam, which helps in raising curtain’s insulation capabilities and at the same time assists in dampening the noise.

Different Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds (such as panel, vertical, and roller blinds) and day and night shades tend to have enhanced acoustic properties in comparison to metal blinds like Venetian blinds.

Moreover, there are different acoustic fabrics which can be used with panel and roller blinds to reduce noise levels within a room. Additionally, when looking for curtain and blind fabric that have acoustic properties, look for the acoustic absorption factor of the fabric.

If it is a fabric that is made from a highly absorbing material, then its acoustic absorption factor will be close to 1. Thus, you will have to look into this important aspect and make the purchase accordingly when you are looking for something that will be able to reduce noise.

Ideas for Room Darkening Window Treatments

Does room darkening and blackout mean the same thing?

Room Darkening Sheer Shades

Room darkening sheer shades are capable of blocking out most sunlight. However, the slight amount of light does trickle in based on the material and fabric you have selected. On the other hand, blackout shades are capable of completely blocking out the light. This is accomplished by using totally opaque fabrics.

There are different options to select from when it comes to the purchase of room darkening window treatments. Let us go through the details in the following sections.

Woven Shades | Fused Shades | Dual Functioning Shades

Woven Shades

Many people like woven shades due to their style and texture. In addition, these woven shades are also a great way of bringing in natural harmony into your home. However, if you are also looking for something that will have room darkening features then what you will have to do is select woven shades that have a liner.

Woven Wood Shades

When woven shades are used without a liner, their light filtering feature becomes useful and lets in natural light into your home. These woven shades are now available with operable liners which are capable of acting independently of the shade. As such, you can raise or lower the liner according to the effect you want to create in your home. In addition, when completely raised, these liners completely hide behind the valance and do not cause any distraction.

Fused Shades

Another option to look into are the fused shades. Here, fabrics of different opacity are fused together into a single shade. This helps in creating a top-down bottom-up kind of experience in terms of light control achieved by the shade.

Day And Night Shades

Such a shade can have light filtering opacity in the top section with room darkening fabric at the bottom. Thus, by adjusting the shade you will be able to achieve complete room darkening or get a light filtering effect with relative ease. Moreover, such fused shades provide better privacy and invite visual interest into your home.

Dual Functioning Shades

Another innovative thing you can do to achieve proper room darkening without having to compromise on style is pairing sheer shading with a roller shade.

Here, a room darkening roller shade can be paired with a sheer shading on the same headrail. The good thing about such pairing is that the roller shades are able to function independently at the back of the sheer shade.

All you will have to do is roll the shade into the headrail to keep it out of sight and enjoy excellent view-through as well as good amount of lighting.

In addition, you can bring it down completely to achieve total darkness as well as privacy. You can also position it somewhere in-between to create a muted atmosphere.

A Final Note

To summarize, there is no dearth of options when it comes to the selection of noise canceling and room darkening window treatments. You can select a window treatment according to your personal preferences and achieve your desired look and feel.

If you are looking for more window treatment ideas that will match your specific needs as well as provide the desired level of noise cancellation and room darkening, then you should give us a call.

Our experts will try to understand your requirements and then suggest options which will be most suitable for you. Just call ZebraBlinds on this toll-free number – 1-866-881-8682 – and our team will ensure that all your questions are resolved in the best possible manner.