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6 Noise Blocking Blinds You Should Invest In

Noise Blocking Blinds

Noise Blocking Blinds You Should Invest In


Living in a noisy neighborhood can be quite a taxing task. The sounds of children playing outside or loud music from your neighbor or the blaring honks of traffic are certainly something you don’t want to come home to after a demanding day at work. And to add to that, your walls and bare windows are not always enough to keep the sound at bay. So we advise you to opt for insulating blinds that will keep the noise away from your home and allow you to have the much-desired rest that you and your body needs.


Top 6 Noise Blocking Blinds

While most window treatments give you complete control over light and privacy, there are some that keep the noise outside. And these are treatments that you should invest in if noise pollution is something that is keeping you awake and affecting your family’s health. Here are 6 noise blocking blinds that are a good investment to make.

  • Inside Mount Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters

Shutters are a great solution for light control and energy efficiency. Plantation shutters have an awesome ability to help block the outside noise while being perfectly apt for any kind of interior decor. Shutters made from a solid polyurethane core become an effective noise dampening window treatment. What’s more, you can install shutters to any kind of windows. Whether they are single, double pane or multiple panes, shutters fit in beautifully.

Hassle free and easy to install, shutters are very budget friendly and can be customized to any window. These are one of the best blinds that block heat from the sun. With several frames, mounts and custom options, this window treatment is a treat and simple asset to your home. So whether it’s the party next door you are trying to avoid, or the maddening traffic downstairs, shutters are a perfect solution.

  • Cellular Shades

Best Shades to Keep Heat Out

Sound travels through the air that moves from the inside of your home to the outside, and vice versa. The unique structure of cellular honeycomb shades makes it an ultimate noise blocking window treatment. These shades are available in multiple cell layers to control the movement of air and to create a barrier on your windows, giving you better control over noise and heat flow. These insulated shades are best known for insulation capacity in extreme climates.

These shades are created of pleated material to provide maximum light control and ultimate privacy. The side tracks of these shades ensure that no light. These stylish shades are durable, lightweight and customizable to fit any window making them the best shades to keep heat out. Stylish yet simple, these shades are popular for their functional value and are an investment that you would love to make.

Get Blackout Cellular Shades for your insulation needs.

  • Roman Shades

Custom Fabric Shades

Roman shades are popular with people who prefer the look of fabric around their homes. The extra touch of elegance and style that these shades provide is excellent. Needless to say, that while being dressy, they do a wonderful job of keeping the harsh sunlight at bay and providing the desired privacy.

They work well at reducing noise because of their heavy fabric. Add a noise absorbing layer with a blackout liner. So whether it is the formal look that you are seeking or calm tranquility at your home, Roman shades are a great answer.

Check our selection of Roman shades available in thermal and blackout liners for insulation and versatility.

  • Pleated Shades

Pleated Window Shades

Pleated shades are an excellent choice when it comes to adding style to your existing decor. As the name suggests, pleated shades have pleating that gives your window insulation. This helps trap the air flowing in which in turn blocks the noise from outside. Pleated shades are considered to be an economical noise canceling treatment.

  • Drapes

Custom Drapes

Drapes bring an old world charm to your room. With a huge assortment of colors, textures, and patterns, they are a window treatment that can fit into any budget that you might have in mind. Choose thick drapery fabric like velvet, brocade or microfiber that will provide better insulation and sound absorption. You can choose to add an extra thermal layer for better insulation and noise blocking.

  • Combining Treatments

In case you are having a terrible time with noise and are looking to block it as much as possible, combining window treatments is a good idea. Layer cellular shades with heavy drapes that will give a peaceful ambiance at home. Choose the heavy fabric that can absorb outside sound while working along with your cellular shades.

Choose to layer shutters with drapes of your choice. Adding heavy drapes will not only give you a personal touch but also help to reduce the outside noise. Choose from patterns and textures to make them the focal point of your living spaces.

Whatever your reason to block the exterior noise, we have a solution. Our ongoing offers and discounts will ensure you get your favorite window treatment in the set-aside budget. Our friendly customer service agents would love to help you with free samples before you place your final order. So call us today.

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