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New Year Window Decorations – Style and Function with Smart Window Treatments

New Year Window Decorations

New Year Window Decorations with Smart Window Treatments


ZebraBlinds never misses a chance to give you the best products at the best prices. We are now live with great discounts on all of our blinds and shades. Save big on your favorite window treatments this new year. 

This is the perfect time to replace your old window coverings and add efficiency and functionality to your home. Modern Smart Motorized Shades work great in adding style to any living space.

With the onset of winter, it is a must for any home to shield it with the top insulating window treatments, as winter temperatures in the United States usually range from 4°F to 20°F. It is also important to pick up window coverings that help you to elevate the style of your home and your home decor theme. We must guard our spaces from the extreme cold winds, snow, and the freezing weather.

New Year Window Decorations – A Perfect Ambiance in Your Home


Window coverings play a vital role in creating the perfect ambiance in your home and achieving your desired design for your living spaces. With the right window treatments on your windows, you can increase the functionality of your rooms by increasing light control and privacy, all while insulating your windows against the cold of winter. Each window has its own needs and everyone has their own preferences, so you can look through our catalog for décor ideas and for the best New Years specials on your favorite picks.

Interested in motorized shades? Want to control your shades with your phone or even your voice? The new motorized Z-wave technology is one of the greatest innovations in the window treatment market. Z-wave is a type of communication that allows your shades to connect to a smart hub for added functionality. You can either raise or close your window blind or shade with a touch of remote control, or connect them to a smart hub to control with an app on your phone. Made by Graber, one of the largest window treatment manufacturers in North America, they are strong and highly durable and are praised for the ultimate style and outstanding quality they deliver.

Z-Wave Cellular Window Shades


Smart Cellular Shades


One of the most recommendable window coverings for this particular season is the insulating cellular shades. The Z-wave Cellular Window Shades possess the greatest resistance capacity towards the extreme weather conditions, whether it’s cold or heat. They obstruct the cold that is entering your home through your windows and doors by creating a thick insulating barrier with their honeycomb cells. These window dressings are also available in two types: single cell and double cell. For better insulation and deeper energy efficiency, choose the double celled cellular shades as they have an extra layer of fabric. These shades make the perfect addition to your home decor and style and help keep your room nice and cozy for your friends and family. 

Z-Wave Dual Shades


Smart Dual Shades


The Z-wave Dual Shades are another amazing choice you can make to design a modern home. These window dressings are unique in style. They are a combination of two types of window coverings in a single assortment. Two different shades in two different fabrics are gathered under a single assembly. The versatile functionality of these innovative window shades allow you to operate each shade separately and you can choose the shade based on your needs or desired ambiance in your spaces. You can get them customized in the color and design pattern of your choice. They are versatile, flexible and unique. These window dressings are stylish too. You can choose one in a light filtering or sheer fabric and the other in blackout or room darkening fabrics to experience two types of versatile ambiances. 

Smart Roman Shades


Smart Roman Shades


Smart Roman Shades are the window shades that have the greatest capacity to transform the look of any home. They are super beautiful, extremely stylish and highly efficient. Roman shades have fabric similar to drapery that falls down in folds and stacks at the top of your window. Their beautiful patterns and textures help you to insulate your home with additional liners and often become the focal point of the room. From traditional to the ultramodern, you can design your home the way you want it to be. You can also combine these window shades with valances or cornice boards to add an extra charm and glamour to your decor’s overall look.

Design your room in the most stylish way! And keep it all within budget with our outstanding New Years Deals. It’s time to prepare your home to face the winter with the best Discount Window Coverings found online. It’s never too late to grab the best window blinds and shades for your home.

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!

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