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How To Mix Classic And Contemporary Home Decor

New Window Treatment Ideas

New Window Treatment Ideas – Mix Classic And Contemporary Home Decor

Many of us think that traditional designs are boring, which is not true! If you are a lover of modern home decor, you can blend it with the traditional home decor, resulting in an interesting style that has a dynamic touch of modern design that empowers the classic style. Find out new ideas for window treatments for your home today.

If you are trying to give your home a brand new look with the interior home decor, try mixing the contemporary and classic home decor solutions to take your home to the next level with the astounding looks they offer.


New Window Treatments Ideas to Achieve The Desired Look

For any type of home, windows are the main point of attraction. That is why we often find windows decorated with different types of window treatments like window shades, blinds, and curtains. Window decoration has been one of the most important parts of home improvement.

In order to make your home look complete, make sure all the windows of your house are dressed according to its specifications. Each window has its own requirements that need to be satisfied with the window dressings.

Matching The Color of The Walls

The window treatments should also be matching the color of the walls of your home and should also complement the existing furnishing and home decor. The pattern, design, and the color of the window treatments play a major role in deciding the look of your home. As these window dressings are available in many types of patterns, fabrics, and shades, you have a number of alternatives to choose from for the best design for your home.


Mix and Match the Classic and Contemporary Styles

Mixing the classic and the modern approaches sometimes can look very casual. But a fine and diverse home decor gives a rich look to your home. With neutral colors, it becomes easy to create such a kind of home. A neutral base for any decor makes the home look different as it acts like a plain canvas to your home without making it look too decorative.

In order to achieve this design, choose a gray or white or any light shade color for your walls so that they match up with the flooring and furniture of the home.


With the updates made in the manufacturing of window treatments, it is a very easy task to create a contemporary home rooted in traditional designs. Modern window treatments add luxury and beauty in one go to your home.


#1. Drapery Window Treatments- New Ideas for Window Treatments

Unique Drapery and Custom Blinds

Drapery window treatments play a vital role in deciding the ambiance and look of any home. They add softness and elegance to your home. From classic to contemporary, you can create any look you want with these drapery window treatments.

If the wall paints are in soft shades, try for darker shades of curtains to create a contemporary room with a traditional touch. Always use thick draperies as they give a soothing feeling when you touch them. You can also add decorative curtain rods for a more sophisticated look.


#2. Valances and Cornices

Cornices and Valances

Valances and cornices are one of the decorative elements that are used to add beauty to your home. Usually, cornices and valances are installed on the top of the drapery window treatments, helping you to hide the drapery hardware underneath and giving your home a complete look.

The drapery valances give a polished and a complete look at your windows and to your home. Combining window blinds and shades with drapery window treatments is one of the new window treatment ideas to make your home look even more beautiful and practical.

Drapery window treatments also act as great insulators for your home as they make your home energy efficient when you combine them with your window blinds. By choosing the Cornice Valance Window Treatments you can create the desired look for your home.


New Ideas for Window Treatments – Unique Drapery and Custom Blinds

Unique drapery and custom blinds used together gives you even more customization options and versatility in light control, privacy control, insulation, and overall style. Mix and match drapery and blinds to fit your needs and your personality.


#1. Vertical Track Blinds

Vertical Track Blinds

When you install vertical track blinds in a semi-neutral color for a small window, you get the look and feel of a traditional home. As Vertical Track Blinds are one of the oldest types of window treatments, they give the look of a traditional home. For something more contemporary you can go for alternatives such a sliding panels.


#2. Roller Blinds – New Ideas for Window Treatments

Roller Blinds

  • Roller blinds are one of the best choices to create a modern as well as traditional ambiance to your home.
  • These shades are also ideal for your outdoors, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.
  • Roller shades are easy to clean and easy to maintain too.

Roller solar shades are the best for privacy, comfort, and they also offer improved sun protection. There are a wide range of fabrics in roller solar shades ranging from a blackout to light filtering. These shades are the ideal for this summer as they are great in shielding your family and valuables inside your home from severe damaging sun rays. They also insulate the home and make you feel comfortable during the extreme weathers. The insulation and visibility totally depend on the fabric you choose.

If you are looking for a light filtering shade choose a light filtering fabric that allows the light in and makes the room bright. If you are looking for a room darkening shade, choose a blackout dense shade that makes your home look totally dark even during the afternoon.

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