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New Roman Shades with Smart Technology: Convenience and Elegance All-in-One

New Roman Shades

New Roman Shades with Smart Technology: Convenience and Elegance All-in-one

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, smart technology is playing a driver’s role in making our homes a better place to live in! While we continue to welcome the latest innovations inside our home, one area that was untouched by technology was home décor. Imagine how tiring it’s to manually roll up the shades every morning and ensure that they are properly operated every day. Moving, opening, and adjusting them is a tenacious activity for every household, and that’s exactly when technology came in with a helping hand.

With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things), the world got smarter and has empowered us to explore a plethora of options to choose from while enhancing the interior décor of our homes. Be it decorating a new house or revamping the interiors, new roman shades are the preferred choice for many of us. The unique texture complemented by a countless variety of aesthetic fabrics can easily redefine the outlook of the interiors. Whether designing a house or a corporate set-up, roman shades are the perfect choice for window treatments. To top up the level of comfort, these roman shades are bundled with smart technology and that’s why we call it a perfect blend of convenience and elegance!
Roman Shades vs Smart Roman Shades

A Deeper Dive

Let’s explore the best-of features and grasp how and why roman shades with smart technology stand out to be the best option when it comes to enriching our interiors.

Compatibility – Right from the Natural Roman shades to Cascade Roman shades, European Roman shades and more, aligning these different sets of fabrics with smart technology opens new horizons. These motorized roman shades can be installed to any windows of any shape and size.

Luxury Personified – Imagine waking up each day by the warmth of the early morning sunlight entering the bedroom and making it alive! As the automated roman shades are timed to rise every morning and wrap down as night falls, alarms in clocks or smartphones are becoming obsolete.
Smart Motorized Roman Shades

Perfection Unleashed – Manually pulling up or lowering the shades leaves ample chances for the cords to get stuck or tangled. Untangling or correcting the cords manually is nothing short of frustrating. However as smart technology comes in, the entire mechanism becomes a seamless process. The roman shades can be easily integrated through motorized lifts that allow the roman shades to pull up or lower down in the most elegant manner.

Ease-to-Use – The days are gone when there had to be a designated person who had to manually pull or draw the shades. In today’s tech-enabled world, the latest Roman shades can be raised or curtailed in an even manner by the touch of a button or even more – voice commands! Smart technology helps family members, kids, elderly people, and disabled people to just click a button and get comfortable with taking a step ahead.
Z-Wave Roman Shades

The Tech-enabled Era is Here
Nothing can be more exciting than living a lifestyle backed by technology. Connecting every dot, discoveries like modern roman shades have already entered the Design Industry. Today, this one-of-its-kind window technology can effectively block the glass and provide light filtering and privacy when you need it. These types of shades can successfully offer energy efficiency, thereby helping to keep your room cool or warm depending on the season. A new-age roman shade can be open and closed by pushing a button or tapping your mobile devices. It is a window treatment which gives you the ‘power to control’. Empowering your décor with elegance, everyday advancements have transformed the roman shades into a remote-controlled covering, helping achieve ultimate convenience.

These roman shades can be connected to your smart devices. Showcasing an even mix of style, compatibility, and of course competitiveness, these smart shades equal smart offerings.
Motorized Roman Shades

Some of the devices which can enhance your living are listed below (note they may need smart hubs or custom software to work) –

Amazon Echo – This is the perfect choice to attain a smart home experience and foray into the world of custom roman shades. It is a device offering high-end voice commands and excellent quality.
Voice Controlled Roman Shades

Apple HomeKit and HomePod –These smart devices with noteworthy voice command assistance will serve you with the intelligent roman shade functioning. You can call it a nexus for embracing a hassle-free lifestyle.

Google Home – It is a competitive device which is disrupting the universe of roman shades. Personalization and voice-activation is part of a huge package of interior benefits in a small size. You just need to say ‘OK Google’ and your shades will follow your orders within no time.

Setting the Bar Higher
Technology will go together with roman shades and create miracles the interior design industry has never seen before. The organizations and industry players are extensively leveraging technology to roll out products that are not just useful for the masses but also maintain an eco-friendly environment. Slowly and steadily, the world is striding towards a pathway where roman shades would not only be extraordinary but would also put forth novel insulation properties and enhanced energy efficiency. Breaking the traditional shackles and taking on the government reforms, the emerging startups and designers are on their way to craft shades which breathe technology and offer customization enhancing your comfort.