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A New Experience with Zebra Sheer Shades or illusions Shades

An Unique Window Treatment for Those Who Want Best of Both Worlds.

“There are two worlds: the world we can measure with line and rule, and the world that we feel with our hearts and imagination”. Leigh Hunt

I feel many things around me with my heart, including my books, my car and my home decor. It may sound funny to many, but that is the way it is with me. The last time I installed window treatments was nearly 30 years ago. They have seen enough sun, storms and wear and tear. Somehow, they have withstood everything that came their way, stoically, for all these years, without collapsing under the extreme conditions they have been through. 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 7 pets have all left their mark on them. I am planning my retirement now, and as my wife and I don’t want to be burdened with any renovations in the future, I am going to overhaul my home one last time for a peaceful retired life.

Somehow, in the past 38 years, Betty has always found a way to challenge my choices, especially when it came to home decor. I wanted window blinds on our windows which would last us for years without needing any attention, but she wanted the soft and comforting feel of shades. Betty always found the rigid lines of blinds very uncomfortable. I knew that I wanted blinds on my …….. ahem… our windows, but there was no way I could convince Betty to agree to them.

Like always, I had to find something that would satisfy both our needs without having any more arguments at the dinner table. I went online to check out what new window treatments are available on the market today. I was overwhelmed by the wide range of products that were available, with free shipping as well. It was a completely different world for window treatments now than it was 30 years ago. It would not be tough to find something that would meet both our needs perfectly.

Among a plethora of window treatments was a product that caught my fancy. Zebra sheer shades or illusion sheer shades must have been the latest product in light filtering window treatments since I had not come across them anywhere before. Its modern look and style would blend in comfortably with the modern decor I planned for my home. Moreover, they were available in sizes that would easily fit our large living room windows as well. I called out to Betty to ask whether these window treatments were good enough for her. I could see that she came in with a predetermined answer to my question, but once she was on the website, she started reading about the specifications and appeared to be more interested to know more about them. After few minutes of research, she discarded her pre-determined answer and gave a nod to move ahead with their purchase.

The Master Piece – Zebra Sheer Shades.

What attracted us to the Zebra Sheer Shades or called illusion shades was the way they incorporated dual layers of alternating 3 inch semi-opaque and 2 inch sheer woven fabric vanes. Also, it was important to us that they were available in widths of 94 inch and drops to 94 inch to provide a visual elegance to the wide windows of our living room. I found the idea of having striped fabric across two layers that could be aligned to create an open/close effect to control light and privacy very innovative and exquisite. These fabrics allow diffused sunlight into our home, providing proper illumination for our study, living room and drawing room without damaging the interiors.

I found out that the 3 inches semi-opaque fabrics and 2 inches woven fabric vanes that appear alternatively would provide control over the intensity of light levels. I decided to opt for the 3-inch blackout band to ensure maximum privacy along with optimum light control for our audio/video room and bedroom; of course that was after consulting with Betty, who agreed with me. Betty was very happy with the color coordinated cassette valance to sync with our indoor decor which we did not have with our previous window treatments.

I never liked the idea of completely blocking the view of outdoors with window treatments. In that case, we could just board our windows which would be a cheaper option. Zebra sheer shades allowed me to see the outside world, shadows or silhouettes, through the shade without even raising them, but if I desired a clear view, I could raise the shades entirely to provide an unobstructed view of outdoors. The fabrics used for the shades are made from sturdy and pliable polyester which made them durable; they looked like they would last my lifetime. The high quality polyester fabric is also treated to resist stains and have an anti-static finish to minimize dust build-up on the shades. The continuous cord loop lift mechanism came with cord tensioners and hold down brackets that ensured that the grand kids would be safe when they came to visit!

More than having the perfect window treatment, I was glad that Betty was pleased with the change. Window treatments don’t talk but I assure you Betty can, but now she‘s busy smiling at the new changes in our decor.



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