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New Cool Color Trends To Brighten Your Home


The aesthetics and interior decoration of your house speak volumes about your lifestyle and preferences. That is why it is so crucial to carefully select any piece of decoration that you add to your living space. From the material of the decorative pieces to the purpose of any window coverings, everything should be selected precisely.

When it comes to interior décor, one thing that you cannot ignore is the style of your window. Many people make the mistake of keeping their windows bare which gives the room a dull, colorless, and banal vibe. Moreover, it steals away your valuable privacy and creates issues with temperature controls as well. The last thing you want is to be unable to block out the harsh sun rays during a blistering afternoon. Hence, it becomes extremely important to choose brightly colored window treatments that make your house feel vibrant and welcoming.

Window treatments do not only have practical purposes, but they also have immense aesthetic value. They can create an indelible impression upon your guests and visitors. Additionally, every color carries an inherent meaning to it. For example, red is a symbol of passion whereas white is a symbol of purity and innocence.

The colors that are predominant in your home can give away a lot of details about your temperament, personality, and characteristics. Moreover, these hues can have an impact on your mental and physiological well-being as well. So you should go for a color that keeps you happy, peaceful, and balanced.

How To Choose The Best Window Treatment Color?

To choose the most suitable color for your window shades, you should be considerate of the overall color scheme of your house. The shade you pick should enhance the look of your house rather than creating a disorienting ambiance. Additionally, it should go along well with the color of other decorative pieces in your house and the color of the floor.

Another handy tip is to go for shades with a contrasting look. It means that if the color of your walls is neutral, then you can go for shades that are darker such as red or purple. Doing so will enhance the richness of your space and soothe the senses as well.

Contemporarily, bright color window shades are gaining popularity as they make the room look much bigger than it is. Besides that, brighter colors such as green, light yellow, orange add a lighter dimension to your space. On the other hand, darker shades create the illusion of a much smaller and cozier space. In a nutshell, when selecting the hue for your window shades, you must strive for a color that not only complements the walls but also blends well with the overall décor of the house.

Colored Window Coverings That Are Trending

The color that you decide to have for your window coverings can transform the appearance of your room. However, not knowing which color to pick when opting for window treatments can be a perplexing and frustrating feeling. Well, here are some of the popular and trending options from which you can choose the perfect shade of window treatment for your home:

  • Cheery Drapes

Cheery drapes live up to their name. They create an energetic and positive vibe all around. You can never go wrong with cheery and brightly colored drapes. The most striking feature of these curtains is that they make your house look more spacious and open. The most sought-after colors in this category are bright yellow and shimmery orange. These colors have warmth and beauty of their own that simply cannot be replicated.

  • Peppy Patterns

If you want something out of the ordinary, then you can consider getting window treatments with peppy and engaging patterns. Some people find window treatments with solid and monotonous colors a bit bland. Curtains with floral or geometrical patterns are a great option if you want something eye-catching and fresh. Additionally, if you want to create a classic look, you can check out curtains with polka dots.

  • Stand Out With Contrast

To completely transform the look and feel of your house, you can go for drapes that have contrasting colors. For example, if you have white walls, then cherry red, scarlet, or crimson tones will enhance the beauty of your space by creating a contrasting appearance.

  • Complement With The Window Trim

If you are aiming for a classic and elegant look, then one thing you can do is opt for blinds that are similar to the color of your window molding. Most window trims are neutral or white, so you can be assured that the color of your drapery won’t clash with other decorative items in the room.

It is also a good option if you want to draw attention away from the windows and make the furniture, paintings, and other masterpieces the point of attention. When you match your drapery with the window trim, you can give a coordinated and cohesive style to your room.

On a Final Note

You should not be hasty to select the color of your window treatments. Instead, you should purchase it only after carefully considering the pros and cons of the design, texture, and mood that it conveys. After all, the perfect shade will add a positive value and impact to your place. So go forth and beautify your house with the brightly colored window coverings that are so highly in demand nowadays due to their aesthetic value and uplifting tone.