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All You Need To Know About Traditional Drapery – From Buying to Installing

Traditional Drapes

Traditional Drapes – From Buying to Installing



Nowadays, there are just too many window treatments ideas floating around on the market. From the ever-dependent blinds and beautiful shades to decorative shutters and eye-catching Traditional Drapes, there is a vast sea of products to choose from. By incorporating the latest technologies, renowned brands are taking the competition to the next level. But amidst this plethora of hi-tech motor window coverings, the artistic draperies hold their own.

Draperies are commonly considered as a Traditional Drapes and standard decorative idea for home windows. But they have evolved proportionately in style and function over time. They’re not just any regular window coverings, they bring a timeless and sublime look to your interiors.

They are pretty easy to handle with many other functions too. You will fall in love with the range of styles and different hues offered for these drapery panels from Graber and Crown.

So step into the world of Contemporary Drapery Panels and let loose the artist in you!

Contemporary Drapery Panels

Benefits of Traditional Drapes


 Traditional Drapes

Drapes or Modern Curtains have one advantage far more considerable than the other soft treatments. They bring unrivaled elegance and glamour to your interiors. With different hues of black, brown, whites, orange, purple, and more, there is no shortage of colors or styles. Each fabric is different and functional in its own way.


# Attractive Colors and Styles – Whether the draperies are left free-flowing or tied to enhance the beauty, you can play up the traditional or modern decor of your home.


Attractive Colors and Styles

# Privacy and Light Control – Drapes give you a significant amount of light control and privacy as well. If you want some downtime, just draw them closed and plunge the room into a comfortable atmosphere. The materials are available in thick fabrics as well, giving you room-darkening features.


Privacy and Light Control

# Additional Liners – While light colors may be great for the eyes, they might let in more light inside than necessary. To overcome this, brands introduce the option of fitting in additional liners like thermal, blackout, water-repellant, and more.


# Affordable Aesthetics – Drapery Panels Styles bring an aesthetic look to the house at an affordable rate. Without shelling out much from your purse, your window decor exuberates fashion and functionality.


# Reduce Your Energy Bills – They are not just affordable products but also help you reduce the energy costs at home. By insulating against heat transfer against the windows, they maintain the temperature of your room.


Window Valances and Cornices are extra additions to bring a stylish and decorative flair to your room. Excellent for pairing up with up with blinds and shades, these extras make your space look extravagant like those houses you see in HGTV.


Window Valances and Cornices

# Different Designs – There are different designs to choose from. Some examples are Rod pocket, Pleated, Sheer, Grommet, and Specialty Drapery Panels.


# Various Window Sizes – Unlike other window treatment ideas, they are attractive decors for windows of any size and width.


The Process of Installation and Maintenance – Contemporary Drapery Panels


Now that you know what these designer panels are capable of, you might want to add them to your house immediately. They are perfect if your idea tends towards the more creative side of a tighter budget. Purchase them with us in a few easy steps. Installation of them is pretty basic and doesn’t require much effort. Just follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be fine:


1) Choose the drapery hardware like curtain rods and brackets. You can order them with us while ordering the curtains.


2) If you are questioning how to install curtain rods, you can do it by yourself with few essential things like screws, screwdriver, leveler, inch-tape, etc. Just measure where you want to place the brackets – to make your decor look wider or free-flowing, mark points at a bit further from your windows.

How to Install Curtain Rods



3) Now measure where the screws need to be drilled and with a leveler make sure both sides are in the same position.


4) Meanwhile, you can keep your drapes ready to go by attaching them to the curtain rod.


5) Now to answer your next question – how to hang curtain rods? Just put the rod containing the curtain on the brackets and tada – you are done!


6) If you want to increase the dramatic flair of your window with valances or cornices, you can add that too in the process of installation.


Maintenance of these products is not complicated. Just vacuum or dust clean at regular intervals to give a fresh and uncluttered look for your interiors.

You can also mix and match the curtains with other treatment ideas, like curtains with blinds, drapes with shades, etc., for doubly efficient and desirable window decors, radiating a unique look. The choices are endless and limited only by your creativity.

Curtains With Blinds


So browse our range of Custom-made Drapery Panels and select the color and fabrics that fit with your house and your personality. Customize the styles and make it your own. Get all this only at ZebraBlinds at the lowest prices. If you have any queries – you can reach our customer support team anytime!


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