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Natural Woven Wood Shades

It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.

David Attenborough

Natural Woven Wood Shades – Captivating Designs for Windows

I underwent a great transformation after watching the ‘Life Series’ that was written and presented in excellent style by David Attenborough. That was just a beginning of a series of books and documentaries I watched about the disaster our planet is heading for, at a break-neck pace. How can we, the civilized and intellectually advanced beings, be so blind to the fact that when we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves?

Being the father of 4 incredible kids, I decided to make a tiny difference in my lifestyle, so that I will get rid of all the guilt I am undergoing for leaving behind a terribly polluted planet for our future generations to deal with. Susan, my wife, and soul-mate were very happy to join hands with me and create awareness in our family about environment protection. Our initiative for the year was to research and make all possible changes to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. The first step we took was to take a step back from the artificial world of mass production and technology for the benefit of a more natural life.

Natural Woven Wood Shades

Natural Woven Wood Shades

We decided that we have used enough of our share of disposable bags. Now it was time to reduce the amount of trash that is polluting our environment by opting for our own reusable bags. Nothing is worse for our environment as is the extensive and unnecessary use of plastics, so it is highly important that we replace them whenever possible.

Due to my growing family and increasing expenses, I had installed cheap vinyl blinds on our windows a few years ago. I regret that decision today. They not only had developed dents but also lost all their bright visual appeal in the first year of installation. Moreover, they were harmful to my growing kids. I decided to replace them with natural blinds that have innumerable advantages, besides being extremely environment-friendly.

Tradewinds Sheer Natural Shades

Tradewinds Sheer Natural Shades

Susan loved the Tradewinds Sheer Natural Shades from Graber. I decided to go ahead with the purchase since they were an excellent choice for our home. The decorators and designers from the renowned brand had discovered the unspoiled beauty of natural accents in the best possible way. The placid, untouched beauty of sheer natural shades created a surprising connection between our rooms and the natural world, making us feel so comfortable and safe. Since Graber Tradewinds Natural Shades are constructed from organic, renewable resources, including bamboo, and the variants of bamboo-like silt bamboo, bamboo reed along with jute, grass cloth, and sisal, they went hand in hand with the initiative of change we had planned for our home. Being made of natural materials, the installation of these shades would ensure that there will be no emission of any hazardous or toxic materials in our homes. They are the most eco-friendly option available to us today.

Apart from being safe and friendly, these shades had great visual appeal, increasing the aesthetic value of our home. We had great choices of textures and color variants available to us which made decorating our windows a great joy. Besides, the weaves of these shades are very rare and distinct with the additional advantage of Roman Style, which gave the shades a very classic and elegant appearance. The diffused sunlight entering our rooms through the natural woven shades transformed our décor into something special with the unique, captivating design statement they made. Our entire home could be lighted up efficiently with the help of these shades, giving my children the advantage of indulging in the natural liveliness of nature.

Natural Window Shades
What endeared this product more to our heart was Tradewinds Natural fiber roman shades could be operated efficiently by our children too, as they are very safe and simple to operate. It was tough to decide between the cordless and motorized version. Cordless shades offer a safer alternative and are easy to use as well. To lower the shade, pull down; to raise, simply guide the shade into the desired location by gently lifting the hem-rail. That is not hard for anyone now. Though motorized shades came at a higher price, the advantage was great. Available with Radio Frequency (RF) these shades efficiently manage energy that was something we planned for in our home. They also increased the safety and security of our home. We could operate the shade from virtually anywhere in the house without direct line of sight, besides operating multiple shades simultaneously or individually. We could also opt for optional wireless wall switches to control the shades when entering or exiting a room. Since the shades were reasonably priced, I decided to spend the saved amount on the motorized operating system. We opted for liners on the shades installed in the three bedrooms of our home, for privacy.


I am pleased with our choice since these natural shades add natural color, texture, and dimension to our windows and create a comfortable atmosphere of casual elegance or simple sophistication in which we feel safe and secure.
Once done with the change in our window treatments, we created awareness in our children about saving water. I am so proud that even my youngest one will not allow the water to run when he is brushing his teeth.
We decided to use paper towels and disposable cutlery for as little as possible, if not entirely. We made sure that we would purchase and use recycled products, besides recycling all the products we used at home.
I feel a sense of responsibility and pride in with the changes I made to our home and our lifestyle. I know I will not be able to save the planet with these tiny changes, yet little drops of water make the mighty ocean. If people would take first steps towards the safety of our environment, we still have hopes of saving our mother earth. I have taken mine.

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