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Go Green with Natural Shades

Natural Shades

Natural Shades for Your Home

Besides offering a beautiful design, window treatments that aim for reduced energy usage result in more significant energy savings, meaning more money in your pocket over a long period of time.

Energy-efficient treatments help in reducing up to 50 percent of heating and cooling costs as the windows maintain your room’s temperature. When we start to think of not only energy savings but also the overall financial cost of having bare windows, eco-friendly design becomes the ultimate choice for any homeowner.

If you want to beautify your home while considering the environment at the same time, then natural shades are the perfect solution for your home. Natural shades are manufactured from recyclable, natural materials are entirely eco-friendly.


Go Cordless with Cordless Wood Blinds

Natural Wooden Blinds

These shades give you the pleasure of experiencing a majestic feeling with the aesthetic beauty of real woods in your home.

Wooden blinds are a classic option, complementing many decorative styles, and their simple aesthetic makes them pleasing to use and easy to operate. They offer you convenience, safety, and security. You can experience the greatest level of comfort with these cordless wood blinds.

Real Wood Blinds are manufactured from high-quality natural wood. These blinds are lighter than faux wood blinds, and they elevate the look of your home. The natural materials used to make these shades can be recycled and reused.

Cordless Wood Blinds are easily operated with just a push or pull of the bottom rail. Here are the benefits of real wood blinds:

  1. Cordless operation for ease of use
  2. Rich and elegant appearance
  3. They are made up of 100% Real Wood
  4. They guarantee child and pet safety.


Custom Outdoor Blinds For Your Porch

Natural Woven Shades 

With custom outdoor shades for your porch. If you’re a homeowner who desires to make the most out of your porch area in any weather, an outdoor shade is a perfect solution. Since our porch shades open and retract quickly, these window shades make it easy for you to experience the warmth of the sun or relax in the comfort of the shade any time you feel like it, all from the comfort of your home’s patio 

Your home reflects your taste and style.You can make your porch look even more beautiful with the natural woven shades. 

Bamboo woven wood shades are considered as one of the ideal solutions for a green home, as they are manufactured from natural bamboo, which grows so fast that it is acknowledged as a renewable resource of nature. This unique material is so eco-friendly as it is also harvested without the use of pesticides or any other chemical fertilizers. Natural window shades are often called woven shades. These shades are made out of organic materials which not only help to preserve the resources of the earth but also have a versatile style and a great visual appeal. The organic materials like bamboo, jute, grasses, and reeds end up providing a wide range of natural textures and colors and help you to match your home’s decorative theme. You can also change the overall look of your home from casual to extremely elegant. You can also customize the outdoor blinds for your porch to get the desired look.

You can install these window treatments to your outdoor porches and enhance the look of your outdoors by creating a pleasant look with the natural woven wooden shades.The Blackout and privacy liners give you the control over light as well as privacy you need. For maximum light control and privacy opt for a blackout liner. A blackout liner will arrest all light entering the room and also prevent us from appearing to the outside street hence provide privacy too. Or, for places that demand privacy but doesn’t want a complete blackout experience, pick a privacy liner which will increase your level of privacy and also allow a desired amount of outside light into the room.


Matching Curtains and Blinds

Matching Curtains and Blinds 

You can enhance the beauty of your natural shades by matching them with curtains.

It’s no secret how the right curtains matching with your blinds can change the overall appearance and feel of a room dramatically. Matching curtains and blinds is an art. If you follow a few simple tips in picking up the right drapery for your windows, you can turn your home into an amazing place.

Introduce a pattern into a common design. A pattern is a great way to add excitement to your home décor, and because curtains and blinds are easy to replace, you can renew the look of your home to reflect your tastes and match the changing trends. While matching with a pattern, select one color from the pattern and use that color as the fabric of the matching drapery or shade. Select the color and texture of your drapery by considering the theme of your home. Draperies also work as an additional layer of insulation and help your windows insulate better. For greater insulation choose a thick fabric and for general insulation choose a plain fabric. Make sure you choose the perfect curtains that match your blinds and give your home a glamorous look.

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Happy shopping!

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