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Why Natural Shades Are Becoming One Of The Most Popular Treatments Of 2020

Why Natural Shades Are Becoming One Of The Most Popular Treatments Of 2020

By now, most people have realized the danger of pollution. Time and again, we have resorted to using materials that are not just harmful to us in the long run but also to the environment. Excessive usage of plastic has made our oceans a large dumping ground, affecting marine life and other creatures who depend on natural resources to thrive. There is a growing need for using products that are renewable and good for the environment. In fact, many brands and environmentally-conscious organizations have lately begun to offer products by adopting nature-friendly measures. The world of window treatments is no different. Brands such as Graber and Crown are building natural shades made from materials such as jute, bamboo, wood and grasses to contribute to a green environment while simultaneously upscaling the interior decor. No wonder these wonderful window treatments have made a comeback and are some of the top-selling shades of 2020. In this section, we discuss in detail the reasons behind this and also explain which natural shades you must go for.

Why You Need Natural Shades For Your Home

For a long time, I was the sort of person who liked to play it safe. Nothing held my interest beyond casual door and window curtains. As an office goer, my taste ultimately became classier and less Bohemian. So I went for ethnic print and solid curtains for my living room when I purchased my own space. However, it led to newborn allergies. I realized that my curtains had some toxic chemicals used in their construction, which often led to incessant sneezing and a sore throat. Worse, I wasn’t aware of the source for a long time.

Additionally, the curtains used cords that ultimately became faulty, and it was a task to pull them open and close them through the day. They became a liability, and I had no option but to replace them with other window shades. I couldn’t even reuse them for other purposes because of the material, and ultimately had to sell them at dirt cheap prices to a scrap dealer. Now I did not want to repeat the mistake, so consult a professional for getting the right window treatments. And that is how I got to know about natural shades: user-friendly window treatments that were simple to operate and raised the look of my windows to a whole new level.
Natural Wooden Shades

Benefits Of Natural Shades

Now that I have been using these natural shades for both my living room and bedroom windows, I can easily list their multiple benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

1. A Fresh Ambience: I am positive that there are multiple users who have never used natural shades before, so here is a tip: there are few shades as classy as elegant as these beauties. Their look is both minimal and sophisticated, and you can turn the look of your room completely by installing them. They bring a freshness to your home decor, which is bound to be noticed by your family and guests.

2. Complement Existing Decor: Well, there must be lots of furniture made of natural wood strewn across your floor, from beds and chairs in the living rooms to loveseats and tables with intricate wooden carving in the living room. Having natural woven shades completes the look of the room like no other. Besides going along well with the furniture, their natural colors are a nice addition, and in some cases, an extension, to the walls and floorings. They blend in seamlessly, realizing your dream of ideal interior design.

3. Different Materials: Natural shades aren’t merely built of North American hardwood which is the most coveted natural wood you can find for your shades. These are also constructed from different shapes of reeds, bamboo vanes, grass and jute to lend a unique window treatment experience. They are also constructed from natural yarns.
Natural Bamboo Shades
4. Insulation: Wood, one of the popular materials used in their construction acts as a natural insulator on your windows, protecting your home during all seasons. High-end brands such as Graber make use of the best quality wood that doesn’t wear thin even after years of use, so you know that your investment won’t go waste if you go for natural woven shades. These shades prevent the hot air from disrupting your comfort during scorching temperatures, while their construction prevents the escape of hot air during winters when coziness and warmth are your top priority.

5. Light Filtering: Just like their insulation feature, natural woven shades can also be adjusted to let in plenty of natural light for brightening up your mood when you are working from home or just relaxing on a weekend. The glow created inside the room, coupled with their natural and earthy essence, is just what you need for your windows.
Graber Sheer Natural Shades
6. Motorized Options: Imagine having to operate these classic window treatments with a remote or a smartphone while you are resting or watching television. The convenience of motorized window treatments is not only limited to the roller and cellular shades. The fabulous brand of Graber, a predecessor in delivering state-of-the-art technology in window treatments, has introduced motorization in natural shades as well, thus enabling ease of use and a perfect amalgamation of the traditional with the modern.
Smart Motorized Natural Shades
7. Energy Efficiency: When you have window treatments with both light-filtering and insulation capabilities, you know that you have a winner on your hands. When there’s enough natural light inside the room, there is no need for a bulb, and when the sturdy material keeps the hot and cold temperatures at bay, there is no need for an electric air conditioner or a heater, which will otherwise only increase your monthly energy bills. These effective shades secure your home against the weather and prove that your investment was all worth it.

8. Renewability: Possibly the most important reason why people would go for them. Natural materials like wood, bamboo and grass are renewable, and even when you throw them away, they won’t entirely go to waste. It’s because they can be used again by the scrap dealer to build furniture, frames or other useful materials. In fact, you can use the material again after several years to build you a chair or table that will come handy anywhere inside the house.

Tradewinds Graber Natural Shades

One of the most elegant and natural shades by Graber, these are constructed to bring a natural and fresh atmosphere to your home. They are available in a wide variety of colors, including Lip Ambrosia, Revelry Birdnest, Chencun White, Escape Forest, Inan Umber, Yunnan Sky, Zishan Auburn, and Merino Sevilla to complement your existing decor. Being user friendly, they can be easily cleaned by vacuuming, dusting, soil removal and spot cleaning. The lift styles come in various options such as standard cord control, continuous-loop lift system as well as a cordless system.

Final note: Natural shades are in vogue because of a good number of reasons. They are renewable and contribute positively to the environment instead of other blinds that use synthetic materials that might be detrimental to your surroundings. They boast of a wide variety of color options and also protect your home against external weather conditions, besides offering a sophisticated and elegant touch to your home

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