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Why Natural Shades Are an Environmentally Conscious Way To Dress Your Home

Why Natural Shades Are An Environmentally Conscious Way To Dress Your Home

Window treatments play a very important role when it comes to home and commercial spaces. It adds on to the aesthetics and functionality of your home space. These days it has become a need and a necessity. Most homes have large windows for better ventilation, circulation, and sunlight. But then this can also attract unwarranted looks which are where window treatments come into the picture. They provide the best of both worlds – that is light and privacy. Plus, there is a wide variety to pick from in terms of color, material and more. With increasing concerns about over-pollution and climate change, people are switching to greener and environmentally friendly options. From having eco-friendly home decor, there are natural options for almost everything including window treatments. Once such an option is natural shades. Decorating your window with naturally made shades will not only help the environment but will also uplift the theme of the space. Many benefits have emerged with the trend of green shade, but their allure and charm seem to stand out the most.

Are There Such Things as Natural Shades?

Home is a common space where one tends to act naturally. Sometimes people add elements of nature to their homes, like plants, flowers or even nurturing a mini garden or farm. Some people even resort to decorating the space with wooden ornaments and furnishing. Even window treatments can be natural too! Natural shades are also popularly known as classic wooden blinds and are a great way to add some elegance to your space, be it home or work. They sound simple but work wonders wherever they’re placed.

Wooden blinds or shades are those made of wooden material like straw, natural grass, bamboo, etc. Not only are they subtle but they are classic accents, making one of the many olden types of blinds to existing. With wooden blinds, you can enjoy a certain amount of golden illumination that hugs your space as light passes thought the slats or panels. From formal to homely spaces, wooden blinds have a way of working wonders and making any space their own.

Window treatments can bring a certain cohesiveness to any space, the same can be said for wooden blinds. They not only tie together the ambiance of a particular space but also try to ensure not to be too loud with their style. Here are some tips when it comes to picking the right natural blinds and shades:

1) Mounting plays a very important role. You need to be able to decide if you need an inside mount or an outside mount. This will determine a bit of the aesthetics as the inside mount fit inside the window frame, whereas the outside mount sits outside the window frame.

2) The color of the space in which the blinds are going to be kept also plays an important role. Since natural wooden blinds are versatile enough to accent almost any type of style, this should not be too much of a problem but always keep it in mind to coordinate the blinds with the decor.

3) Natural blinds come in different sizes and shades. You can not only pick the one that fits your space the best but also picks a style from light options to dark that’ll accent the room the best. Don’t forget to get all the measurements right.
Natural Bamboo Shades

Are There Benefits to Natural Blinds?

Apart from jumping on the all-green bandwagon, there are many benefits when it comes to picking natural shades. It goes beyond the aesthetics they try to bring forward. Here are some pros that you can look forward to when you opt for naturally made window treatments.

1) Unlike other window treatments, natural blinds have a unique texture. They tend to feel sturdy making your home and surrounding feel cozy and warm, not mention introducing warm hues to the home space.

2) Since it’s made of sturdy natural material that will last the test of time. This means that wood is a durable investment that will last for many years to come. It will maintain its charm while also being easy to clean and care for as well. It’s is also lightweight making it easy to sit on your window for many years to come.

3) The best benefit of natural items is that they’re extremely versatile. You can put them in almost any room of the house, and it will not only look great but also won’t ever fail to impress.

4) A key and important function that any window treatment has to play is that of privacy. Blinds must provide the right balance of light and privacy as per your needs. Natural blinds are great for allowing in ample of sunlight while also being flexible to provide privacy as per your requirement.

5) Natural blinds are easy to maintain. They are susceptible to dust accumulation being kept near the window, just make sure you occasionally dust it so that it remains clean and looks good for years to come.