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Bringing In The Natural Light – Radiance Unmatched

Shades and sunlight.

“Modern designers filled the world with buildings and developments divorced from their context, existing as if in some alien realm disconnected from ecology … and place”, said David Orr, dismayed by our modern cities and closed apartments. We, the technologically innovative e-generation, living in cities are losing our connection with nature and the wilderness. Even in broad daylight, many of us are forced to switch on artificial lights meant for the night. Isn’t there a way to bring natural light into our homes without causing any damage to our interiors?

Sunlight may stand second only to women when it comes to confusing you and driving you crazy! Opinions about sunlight change so often, that you do not know what is best for you. The fairest of them all turned out to be sickly and pale in the 21st century that loved people who were slim, fit and had bronze-complexioned. There is a rush for sunbathing. The 1920s and 1930s was the time when people believed that sunlight provided much needed Vitamin D synthesis that strengthened bones and also prevented rickets. This brought on the increasing popularity of sunbathing, until it was found that sunlight also had harmful UV rays which increased risk of skin cancer, i.e. malignant melanoma. People were confused whether they should get tanned or not, whether they should be exposed to sunlight or not and whether they should allow sunlight streaming through their windows and skylights or block them. The importance of sunlight in our lives was further proven with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It was proven that most of the people subconsciously love sunlight and enjoy naturally lit places. When managed properly, sunlight can have a positive effect on your health, mood, and immediate environment, while saving a lot of energy.

Technology, research and innovation has found that there should be a proper balance between natural sunlight and our exposure to it, so that we can reap the benefits while keeping away from the harmful effects.

Natural sunlight is sometimes best utilized when skylights are incorporated to bring stream sun into your home. Since the light streaming in through the skylight can damage your interiors when the sun is at its zenith, you may have to use proper window treatments over your skylights. One of the best options you have is the CrystalPleat Blackout Skylight Shades from Graber, which will cover your skylight windows poise, sophistication and elegance. It also provides your home with great blackout for proper insulation of your indoors, and privacy control.

The ample fabric color options can match any interior decor, providing your home with an eye-catching aesthetic value that is further enhanced by the concealed brackets and no side mounts leaving no room for a visual clutter. When required, they can be closed completely to create a blackout effect in your indoors. Crystalpleat cellular shades not only blocks light entering your home through skylights but will also give you excellent insulation with the cellular structure. When the sun is overhead, the air pockets will insulate against the external discomforts like heat and noise, whereas the metalized lining inside the cellular fabrics will block the sunlight to create a cozy ambiance inside your home. During the safe hours when the sunlight is not strong and harmful, you can open them to let the natural sunlight shine in and brighten up your home and your mood. What is spring, if you cannot bask in its glory? The cordless motorized option can give you power to operate even those skylights which are out of your reach with ease with a help of a remote control.


Exterior Shades the extension of living space.

Using exterior solar shades on patio enclosures or extra outdoor spaces which allows filtered sunlight are also great ways of using the natural wealth of sunlight without worrying about its side-effects. This spring, you need not worry about the ill effects of the sun because you have a wide range of enthralling solar shades that can provide cover to patios or balconies of your home to ensure that you are not bothered with harmful UV rays of sun. The exteriors solar shades are ideal choices to provide the exteriors of your home with the protection needed to safeguard your home from unnecessary heat during spring, without taking away the benefits of natural sunlight from your life completely.

Lounging in the filtered light provided by your exterior solar shades, you can enjoy reading your morning news or sipping your evening tea in the natural light without feeling the heat or increasing your risk of skin cancer. Your patios, decks or balconies can exude natural radiance, yet provide a cool ambiance that you can enjoy throughout the year. They can prevent both the heat gain during summer and heat loss during winter, saving on your energy bills; not to mention the natural light preventing switching on the artificial lights in your home.

The amazing outdoor solar shades from Graber can deflect as much as 97 percent of harmful UV rays from entering your interiors, cut down the sun’s glare and optimize the energy efficiency of your home or office effectively. With the motorized options, you are the master of natural light in your room with just a press of a button.

Edward Hopper said, “There is a sort of elation about sunlight on the upper part of a house”. Bask in the sunlight in the safety of exterior solar shades or light filtering cellular shades to enjoy the radiance of nature to the fullest.


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