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Must-have Accessories for Your Blackout Blinds

Accessories for Blackout Blinds

Additional Accessories to Make Blackout Blinds Effective

Do you have blackout window shades in your home that block out the outside light entirely while providing privacy? Blackout material used in window treatments effectively prevents the excess light that enters your home while keeping the space comfortable and relaxing. But sometimes, your shade or blind allows light in from the side of the window frame. In the world of window fashion, these are known as light gaps. These gaps occur because shades cannot be made to fit the windows correctly. Although it may difficult to fix this issue, the latest technology makes impossible things possible. By measuring or installing the window treatments properly, you can reduce the risk of light gaps. Or mounting the shades out of the window frame is also a better idea. But you can get a permanent solution to this, just adding a few elements or accessories.
Blackout Shades
Blackout shades and blinds are the best way to dress up your bedroom or media rooms to set the perfect mood. Don’t spoil it by allowing unwanted light. Learn more about the extra attachments and get rid of additional light.

Add-ons for Blackout Window Treatments

Most homeowners believe that adding additional blackout liners may give them double benefits, which stop the light leaks through the side of the frame. But technology has introduced a few accessories which will provide you with complete coverage –

• ZebraBlinds Universal Light Blocker – Light blockers are uniquely designed to reduce the light gaps. Blockers are available in a range of lengths, trim them appropriately to fit the windows properly. You can cut them using sturdy kitchen scissors or a hacksaw.

They are available in cotton color and easily coordinate with your window shades and interior décor. You can place this L-shaped plastic behind the fabric or parallel to the material, depending on the needs. Place them as close to the window treatment as possible for maximum coverage. Experiment with the placement of the blockers before you take off the sticky part from the attachment.

Be careful while installing them because a small mistake can lead you to face the problems of light leaks. These affordable solutions can be fitted with every window shade. Order them for your new and existing window treatments and determine the difference.
Universal Light Blocker for Blinds
• Side Channels – These channels act as supportive elements for your window treatments. They are suitable for all types of window dressings like cellular shades, roller shades, and many more. Besides reducing the light gaps, this unique U-shaped channel provides insulation and a stylish aesthetics for your indoor.

No matter how tight you fit the window dressings, it will let light enter your interior, but installing side channels right on the side of the window frame will provide an opaque barrier to any light that tries to come through the edges. Get the complete darkness on a sunny day also.

Enjoy a better energy-efficiency with this channel. For example, attach them with cellular blinds to prevent the air leakages from the side of the frame. They are the perfect investment for lowering the home’s energy costs. Even their sleek look gives the windows a clean and streamlined appearance.
Side Channels for Blackout Blinds
Note – You can install draperies or curtains over the blackout window designs to get the maximum effectiveness though they don’t come under the accessories part a better idea to get protection from the light gaps. This pairing solution is not only functional but also enhances the beauty of the area. A simple way to get double benefits. You can layer other window coverings as well to get the ultimate output.

Get the Best Results with Extra Accessories!!

Are you ready to give your interiors complete coverage from any incoming light with these fantastic accessories? Get them now and fit them with the window treatments to get the ultimate control on the light. But no matter what new thing you purchase, make sure to give the proper measurements of the window frame to the manufacturers to get the right fit. This will reduce half of the light gaps. Need help? Contact a professional; they will assist you with the whole process!

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