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The Multitasking Generation – Window treatments


Multitasking Window Treatment to Suit Contemporary Requirements


“How do you reach this very tech-savvy consumer when he or she is multitasking or parallel processing across different programs? It’s a different kind of consumer, who’s absorbing media differently”.
Samantha Skey
The modern era is the time of multitasking people. No one is doing one thing at a time, be it while driving, working in an office, reading or cooking. Gone are the days when our kitchens had stoves with the single burner for cooking. Today, the four or more burner stoves themselves show us how multitasking is becoming our way of life. With the change in lifestyle and attitude, today, customers want more from everything including their window treatments. To match their own performance, the modern generation want their window dressings to be multitasking as well.



The Amazing Aerolite Features

Keeping pace with the demands of their customers, window treatment industry has been rolling out multitasking window coverings which meet the contemporary requirements perfectly. For example, Norman has brought out Aerolite cordless shades, with a safe cord-free design that eliminates unsafe and unsightly cords to ensure optimum child and pet safety. It provides ease of operation for the customers. To raise or lower the shades, all the homeowner will have to do is gently pull the handle downward and let the shade rise automatically to the desired location and lock it in place. Since the demand is for more, the shade comes with a unique system that has an additional lining that works as an extra layer of insulation for the windows.
When it comes to aesthetic or visual appeal, the call is for more choices. Aerolite is thus available in four shade styles, soft fold, flat fold with batten front, flat fold with batten back and flat fold so that it will meet the specific taste of the customer. The soft folds gently cascade from top to bottom and works with most fabrics. The flat fold with batten front and flat fold with batten back styles pull up into neat, tailored folds adding to the beauty of the window shade. Unfortunately, due to visible horizontal seams, heavily patterned fabrics may not be suitable for this style. For the flat fold without seam style of the shade, horizontal stiffening rods run across the back of the shade which allows the shade to pull up into tailored folds when raised. This style works well with most fabrics. Aerolite shades are available in a mind-boggling spectrum of colors that would blend in and enhance any home décor.



The Versatile Cellular Shades for All Homes

Keeping up with the competitive market, Graber has introduced an incredible range of window blinds which fuses fashion with function to create magical effects. The revolutionary Crystal Pleat Cellular Shades are made from a variety of luxurious spun lace, point-bond or woven fabrics The incredible features of these shades are:

• They are highly energy efficient
• They provide solutions for numerous privacy and light control needs with their range of sheer, light filtering, room darkening and blackout shades.
• Crystal Pleat shades are offered in three cell sizes to match diverse decor styles
• The broad spectrum of trendy colors to enhance every room
• All shade components are color coordinated to enhance visual appeal

Graber Cellular Shades have an attractive closed cell design which creates air pockets for insulation of windows from heat and cold that lowers energy bills, in addition to offering excellent sound absorption, reducing noise in rooms with hard flooring.
To meet the demands of multitasking generation, these shades are also available with the optional top down bottom up feature as well. The amazing yet simple feature allows customers to lower the shade from the top, raise it from the bottom, or both for an excellent privacy and light control in their rooms as desired.
Another similar multi-functioning feature is seen in the Sun Up Sun Down Cellular Shade, which incorporates two fabric types working in tandem, giving the customer two entirely different cellular shades on one window treatment, giving customers control over thermal insulation, privacy, and light. The most preferred combination is that of sheer and blackout fabrics that can stream in diffused light through the day, blocks light completely for uninterrupted slumber, and provide privacy and insulation when the sun goes down.
Not all doors and windows are of same size. To meet the requirements for larger windows and patio doors, Graber had brought out specially designed Slide-Vue cellular shades that are equipped with all the benefits of cellular shades but on a grander scale.




Dual Shades

Often, customers are in a dilemma regarding the fabrics they want on their windows where each one is ideal for a particular situation or time. Coming to their rescue, manufacturers brought out Dual Shade design that integrates any two fabrics from the Solar and Roller collections, that can be independently lowered or raised as needed. This allows the customers to create versatile light control and privacy levels for any room. A combination can be made between the sheer, light-filtering, room darkening or blackout fabrics. Dual shades feature the same Continuous-loop and Motorized Lift operation as Roller and Solar Shades. For those wanting more, beyond this luxury, select fabrics are available in Sliding Panels and Vertical collections for whole-décor coordination.




Operative Options

Window treatments today are available in different control options such as
• Standard Cord Control
• Cordless Lift
• Continuous-loop Lift
• Motorized Lift
• Slide-Vue

Customers are leaning towards motorized options because it allows them to operate their window treatments virtually from anywhere in their home, fitting into their multitasking lifestyles. It provides easy access to hard-to-reach or large coverings while managing heat gain or loss more effectively than other options. With the motorized option, customers can operate multiple window treatments either simultaneously or individually. The new Z-Wave integrated technology creating a revolution in controlling of motorized shades. The Z-Wave resident shades communicate between the control and the shades, so those apps could recognize the current   status of shades. These apps can be operated via smartphones or tablets making automation a revolution. With location feature switched on the Smart Phones, you could program these shades to open and close according to your arrival to home or departure from home.  Graber Virtual Cord shades is integrated with Z-Wave and it comes as Z-Wave resident smart motor shades. For homes with children and/or pets, motorized shades are a safer alternative to accessible cords that are traditionally used to operate window coverings. With automated homes gaining popularity, this operative system is in demand since it can be easily integrated with home automation systems. Moreover, the low voltage Motorization requires no costly electrical hard-wiring.
The innovative technology involved in manufacturing and designing window treatments has allowed it to keep pace with the changing time. The wide range of products available on the contemporary market can keep up with changing needs of modern customers.




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