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Creating a Cohesive Look for Multiple Bedroom Windows

Multiple Bedroom Window Ideas

Creating a Cohesive Look – Multiple Bedroom Window Ideas


Contemporary homes, whether they are a duplex in a city or a palatial bungalow in the countryside, require constant care and attention. And windows are one arena where maximum attention must be given, as they are the openings by which heat, light, rain and cold drafts of wind pass through. Naturally, they must be accordingly set up and taken care of. While window treatments are not really essential in areas that experience neutral or pleasant climates through the year, the need for effective blinds occurs when the temperatures fluctuate, especially to extreme ends.

The real challenge can happen when you have a bedroom with multiple windows. Although it is preferable to have shades that can be uniform, they are not always a good idea. In this section, we consider some of the most effective ideas when you have more than one window in a bedroom.


Multiple Bedroom Window Ideas


An attractive and stylish window covering is coveted; however, we must not compromise on quality when it comes to finding the right window coverings that are effective in protecting the house against outside temperatures, unnecessary and cacophonic sounds, and intruders wanting to have a peek inside to satisfy their curiosity.

Let us find the perfect multiple bedroom window ideas for you that boast the best of both worlds: efficiency and attractiveness.


Summer Window Treatments with Solar Shades and Faux Wood/Wood Shutters


This combination can work out very well if the size of your room is big and beautiful. On one hand, you get the light filtering benefits of solar shades, while on the other, you get to reap the benefits of blackout features. Depending on what features you expect at a given time, you can open and close them according to your convenience.

Solar Window Shades

Solar shades are extremely effective and efficient in that they block out heat and ultraviolet radiation while retaining the outside view at the same time. They come in various opacity levels. With their translucent fabric that is solid and minimal, the classy look is maintained throughout. They also serve as amazing cost-effective and energy saving options that save you a lot on electricity costs, making them pretty good summer window treatments.

Faux Wood Blinds

Both faux wood and wood shutters are amazing options in window coverings that are very popular among aficionados. The long-lasting quality of faux wood blinds is generally preferable over their wooden counterparts, as they are known to be lighter, more durable and resistant to moisture and dirt. But both of them, with their natural look and environmental-friendly construction, are the ideal choices to go for any home. They can also be easily set up on any window, and in combination with solar shades, they can lend a unique and fabulous appeal to rooms with more than one windows.


Perfect Window Heat Blockers: Honeycomb Shades


Cellular Honeycomb Shades


When you want to add a nice and charming finishing touch that doesn’t look out of place with the overall décor, you can go for the ever-reliable and always-in-style cellular shades. Also referred to as honeycomb shades because of their shape and design, these shades are modern window treatments that are great window heat blockers.

Even if you have two or three windows in your bedroom, these shades, with their uniform look, will look good on any window, whether big or small. These shades have small pockets in their material. These are designed to trap heat or light in them. Hence, they are one of the best shades in blocking heat and filtering light, depending on the kind of cellular shades you use.

The light filtering honeycomb shades use a single shade cell, as the purpose is just to block the harmful UV rays and reduce glare. During the daytime, these can reduce your electricity bills by lighting up your room and giving it a nice and appealing glow, while blocking heat coming in from outside.


Different Types of Roman Shades


Fabric Roman Shades


Create a flamboyant look in your bedroom with a number of different window treatments for different windows. Explore your fun and quirky side and make your room come alive with a vibrant and scene-stealing look. For this purpose, there are no shades better than Roman shades as they come in a wide variety of colors and prints to adorn your windows.

Roman shades are classic window coverings that fit exceedingly well in a contemporary décor. They are known for the soft and a polished look they offer to any room, which is a perfect amalgamation of tradition and modernity. When they are fully raised, they stack evenly in horizontal folds as opposed to other horizontal window coverings, which look cluttered and plain in comparison.

Roman shades can take several varieties or forms. The common types of Roman window coverings are the plain fold shades with a solid appearance or they can come with slightly visible pleats which can be seen when the shade is fully extended. Other shades include the Hobbled Roman shades (creating smooth overlapping folds and loops or extended) and European Fold Roman shades (give a curved look at the bottom when raised)

When setting them up on more than one window, you can set up more than one kind of Roman shades to give a contrasting look. These shades have a blackout and room darkening features with different kinds of operating styles. They may come with a continuous loop system or come in cordless options. Modern Roman shades come with motorized features that give them ease of operation and keeps them safe against children and pets inside the house.


Matchstick Blinds or Woven Wood Blinds


Imagine having window shades in your house which give a natural and environmentally friendly look, making it seem you are living in the lap of nature. Matchstick blinds or woven wood blinds add a subtle touch of class with their look that is suitable for any room in the house. The look is understated yet brilliant and is a favorite among connoisseurs with a refined taste. In a coastal home or one among the countryside with dollops of sunlight to grace your home, these shades will fit perfectly in, even on multiple bedroom windows.

Yes, they can be a great option to be installed on more than one window in a bedroom. Matchstick blinds can come in a large variety depending on the amount of sunlight you want inside and the tightness of the weave. Made of bamboo, they are made of very thin pieces of wood, which gives them the name. they have an inviting feel which can make the guests in your home gush over your splendid taste.

Matchstick blinds with their unique and fabulous texture are becoming popular in all kinds of homes. You can have them set up whether you are staying in a city apartment, a duplex or a bungalow. You can also find them in cafes and restaurants which keep the customers a taste of natural sunlight. They can be set up on multiple windows in a room as well, creating a uniform and subtle look of elegance and class.

Thus, you can go for these window treatments if you are undecided about the kind of window treatments you can install for multiple windows. However, it is suggested you do proper research before shopping them at ZebraBlinds.

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