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5 Things to Watch Out for When Mounting Bamboo Roll Up Blinds on the Exterior Areas of Your House

Mounting Bamboo Roll Up Blinds on Your Exterior

Nature and its bounty never fail to impress and have a therapeutic and calming effect on the people. Nature is elegant and peaceful and many people try to bring elements of nature into the décor of their homes to give a refreshing and close-to-nature vibe to the interiors. Eco-friendly window treatments made from organic material are a great way of doing that. Bamboo blinds are an excellent option for accentuating the windows in the house with some natural goodness.

What are Bamboo Blinds?

Bamboo blinds, as the name suggests, are made from woven bamboo fiber. The unique texture of the bamboo blinds gives a summer-like appeal to the home decor and makes for a vibrant and graceful indoor experience. These are extremely lightweight and just like the wooden blinds, provide excellent protection against the outside heat and light. These are available in all kinds of operational mechanisms including the roll-up mechanism. You can also easily convert regular bamboo blinds into bamboo roll-up blinds. All you will need is a roller, some basic tools, and some free time.
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What are the Benefits of Bamboo Roll-Up Blinds?

Bamboo roll-up blinds have all the benefits of regular bamboo blinds and some more. These are excellent heat insulators and also provide superb light control.

The bamboo blinds are durable and the bamboo fiber used in these blinds is moisture-resistant too. This makes them an ideal candidate for use in any section of the house including the kitchen and the bathroom. Besides durability and moisture-resistance, bamboo blinds also provide good heat insulation and light control. Hence, you can use these blinds both as external and internal window coverings.

The roll-up mechanism gives some additional advantages to the bamboo roll-up blinds. These blinds become smoother and easier to operate due to the roll-up mechanism. Motorizing your bamboo blinds gives you the luxury of remote and cordless operation of your blinds. You can easily control the motorized bamboo blinds using a remote, your smartphone, or even as simple voice command.
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Why You Should Use Bamboo Roll-Up Blinds in Outdoor Sections of Your House

The bamboo roll-up blinds are graceful and versatile enough to be used both as an external and an internal window treatment solution. However, there are some specific features and factors related to bamboo roll-up blinds that make them an ideal candidate to provide coverage to outdoor sections of your house.

Bamboo as a material is not only eco-friendly but is also readily available and this helps keep the cost down. Outdoor blinds that are durable and also cost-effective are nothing short of a dream come true. Furthermore, the excellent heat insulation, light control, and privacy performance of these blinds are some of the other highlights. Affordable price point, durability, and a host of useful features make them an excellent dressing solution for the outdoor sections of your house.

5 Things to Watch Out for When Mounting Bamboo Roll-Up Blinds on Exterior Sections of Your House

While the bamboo roll-up blinds are more than capable of handling requirements related to motorized outdoor shades, you need to be mindful of a few aspects to ensure their effectiveness and longevity. Lets us look at those aspects in greater detail:

• Make sure that the outdoor section is covered properly: The outdoor sections of the house are directly exposed to the external heat and light. If you want to convert these sections such as the porch, the patio, the backyard, or the balcony, into a comfortable outdoor recreational area, you need to ensure good coverage so that there is sufficient protection against the heat and bright sunlight. Hence, when you are mounting the bamboo roll-up blinds make sure that the blinds are extended from above the top portion of the open area and down till their overhang portion. This will help ensure proper coverage.

• Bamboo roll-up blinds are not suitable for open-air balconies: If you have an open-air balcony with no roof or overhead cover or another balcony above it, bamboo roll-up blinds won’t work for you as there will be no overhead structure to mount the blinds.

• It can get expensive: If you have a large outdoor area that you want to cover, you will need multiple blinds to cover the whole area. This will increase the overall cost. Hence, it will be better to think it through and even come up with provisional estimates for the whole project. Depending on the estimates, you can make necessary modifications to the plan so that it fits within your budget and requirements.

• Clean the blinds regularly: Since the external window coverings are exposed to the outdoor environment, they also get dirty more frequently. There can be dust accumulation or even stains caused by bird poops, etc. If you see any stains, it will be better if you clean them immediately. If the stains get dried out or are left uncleaned, they become tougher to clean later on. Frequent dusting and cleaning of the bamboo roll-up blinds will also ensure that they continue to look great and also function smoothly.

• Keep the operating mechanism within reach: The default operating mechanism on most of the window treatment options offered by brands is the pull cord. If you also use a pull cord to control your bamboo roll-up blinds, make sure that it is at a comfortable distance so that you can access it easily. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of manually controlling the blinds, you can opt for motorized variants that can be controlled remotely using a remote or even your smartphone. Battery-powered motorized variants will be best suited as you won’t have to plug them into a power source.

• Keep the blinds rolled up when not required: Since the bamboo roll-up blinds will be installed externally, they will be directly exposed to the elements. These blinds are lightweight and hence, strong winds can blow them down. You can easily prevent that by keeping the blinds rolled up when strong winds are blowing. Keeping the blinds rolled up when not required will also help ensure that they don’t get dirty that often.

• Avoid too much exposure to moisture: While bamboo is more water-resistant than regular hardwoods, be aware of the limits of your bamboo blinds and ensure that they aren’t exposed to direct rain or lots of water, or they can warp and develop mold. Take them inside when it is raining.

Bamboo roll-up blinds are affordable, versatile, and provide excellent coverage to both indoor and outdoor sections of the house. These simple tips mentioned above can help ensure better efficiency and longevity of your bamboo roll-up blinds.