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5 Ways Motorized Window Treatments Help Improve Energy Efficiency In Your Home


Emergence of Motorized Window Treatments

There has been a revolutionary change in the world of window treatments. The days of corded blinds and shades are officially over as they have now been formally banned in the US and Canada due to safety concerns. Apart from being hazardous for kids and pets, the functionality of corded blinds also posed challenges. As the name suggests, the blinds and shades came with cords that needed to be manually raised or lowered to operate the window coverings. They needed physical intervention every time you wanted to change the position of the blinds. With the changing position of sun and your need to block out light, heat and desire for privacy at certain times of the day, you were literally running around drawing up the blinds or pulling them down throughout the day.

The introduction of cordless blinds also did not solve the problem much in terms of effort used. There were no cords but nevertheless you had to be present to pull the blinds up or down. This means that windows that were high up were still hard to operate, and you still had to go around your entire home to adjust the blinds even slightly. This is where motorized window treatments have made an enormous difference. Motorized window shades use electricity or battery to operate and they come with a remote. Pressing a button will allow you to operate the blinds from the comfort of your sofa or bed. Better still, these blinds and shades can be programmed to function by themselves at different times of the day even if you are not at home. Motorized window coverings can make a huge impact on your energy savings and have proved to be an extremely energy-efficient solution for all those who are battling with high energy costs.

Are Motorized Window Treatments Energy-Efficient?

Let us take a look at the different ways in which motorized window treatments can contribute to your energy savings.

Pre Programmed
Motorized window treatments can be scheduled to operate at different times of the day. For example, when the sun is at its peak and your house is most likely to receive hot sun rays in the morning hours, you can schedule you blinds to be closed. Similarly once the sun goes down and there may be chilled draft entering the house through the glass windows you can schedule them to close for better insulation. They will help to maintain the temperature inside. They prevent the interior environment from getting too warm or too cold which means that the air conditioners or heaters do not need to overwork to maintain temperature. This helps to save energy costs.
Motorized Cellular Window Coverings
Retain Heat
During the extremely cold winter months, there is an imperative need to keep the inside of the house warm and comfortable. You have heaters installed windows pose a danger of allowing warm air to escape outside. Automated motorized shades can be scheduled to close the moment the sun moves to keep the heat trapped inside. Uncovered windows allow easy passage for warm air to escape. They help to maximize heat retention even if you are not home.
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Keep Homes Cool
During the hot summer months, the opposite happens. Too much heat can enter the home and heat up space. It is important to prevent the passage of warm air into the house and keep interiors cool and pleasant. If you have many windows in the house facing the sun it can pose a huge problem. Motorized window treatments will allow you to operate multiple windows at the same time and with a single press of a remote button. There is no time lost and before the sun can heat up the rooms, you have been able to keep the heat out.

Low Power Draw
Even if these motorized shades operate on electricity they draw little power. You can also use rechargeable batteries for these shades which are extremely energy efficient and can last up to 8-12 months on a single charge if the blinds are used moderately.

Lets Light & Heat In/Out
If you are using light filtering motorized shades for your homes you gain doubly. As you schedule your blinds to close during the morning hours to prevent heat gain, it may render your home’s dark which means you will need to switch on electric lights which can increase electricity costs. Opting for light filtering motorized shades will prevent heat gain and also allow natural light to filter through lighting up your space and doing away with the need for electric lights. All this you get done with moving out from the comfort of your space.
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Motorized window treatments have made a significant impact on energy costs for those who have used their services. They are particularly helpful for aged and sick people who are unable to move around but have the right to comfortable living and need to keep their energy bills in check. So if you are still in a dilemma about whether to invest in motorized shades, go right ahead. Your investment cost will come back to you in the form of energy savings.