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Why Motorized Skylight Shades Are Great Investments

Luxury at My Finger Tips

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”
Alan Watts
This perfectly describes my family when we were ready to move out of Nashville without much preparation for the change. My husband Darren is a hardworking man. Though he gives our family all the attention, love and care we need, he somehow manages to give more than 100% to his job as well. No wonder he got his big promotion and was transferred to work at the headquarters of his company. We are all very proud of him. Yet, it was tough for us to say bye to our beloved “Music City” Nashville, and move to Memphis. My kids were sad to leave their friends behind, and at the same time were excited to move to the fourth largest city in the Southeastern United States. Change is sad, scary and exciting at the same time; moreover, it is an inevitable part of our lives. We decided to take it in our stride and make the best of it.

We had recently redecorated our home, especially our skylight, with motorized skylight shades with great love and care. My heart felt heavy that we were going to sell this place so quickly, after enjoying the new set up for just a few months. Darren would never have thought of redecorating our home if not for the fall I’d had last summer. Our living room had an amazing skylight that made the architectural design of our home look awesome. This particular large skylight ensured that our living room was naturally, even when it was overcast, bringing a friendly warmth into our room. I was thrilled by this coziness and have spent innumerable hours basking in its glowing glory with a hot chocolate and book in my hand.

Our skylight was vulnerable to direct sunlight when the sky was clear, since there was no shading for that particular area by trees or other buildings. As a measure to control the solar influence, the skylight already had a light filtering cellular shade covering it with simple standard operating controls when we bought the house. There were certain times when I wanted to block out the glare or light entering our home through the skylight. Since it was high up and hard to reach, we had to use a ladder or stool to reach for the controls. Last summer, when trying to adjust the shade, I slipped off the ladder and had a nasty fall, causing a bad bruise on my hip and thigh. Without thinking much, Darren decided that he was going to replace the shade over the skylight with the motorized window covers. With his announcement, there came suggestions for a few more touch up’s for our home. Though I was a bit hesitant to redecorate our home at such a short notice, I welcomed the idea of having motorized skylight shading, since it would be so much easier to control with a remote control.

Darren did some research before zeroing in on the WoodlorePlus PerfectTilt RF Skylight Shutters since they had a remote control which was important for us. Using control technologies found in high-end stereo equipment, the PerfectTilt RF signal has a range of up to 65 ft.
Once installed, the new motorized shutters gave our home a new modish and luxurious look. I loved the new wood composite engineered shutters which were a perfect combination of style and function in a cool color of Crisp Linen that had a soothing effect on our interior décor. These shutters were made of superior quality material when compared to our previous window treatment, which made it possible for me now to control light entering our living room.

My new skylight window treatment provides effective protection against unwanted heat loss, gain and UV exposure, making it perfect even for those clear days when sunlight seemed to a bit too harsh for me. I loved the flexibility that came with the motorized skylight shutters, now that I did not have to bother that they were located so high that I could not reach them even with telescopic pole. I could also tilt multiple panels in sync or individually. The ergonomic remote included 8 preset angles and can control unlimited number of shutters in range. Moreover, the set up the e-timer option allowed us to control the shutter from a computer or smartphone from anywhere, at any time with its proprietary web interface. How wonderful it was that we could tilt our shutters automatically on whichever day or time we choose.

With all the advantages and fun of playing with my motorized skylight for a few months, it was time for me to move on. Luckily, the new changes we made got us a better price for our home than we had expected. Our real estate agent mentioned that the motorized shutters had increased our home value to a great extent. I am going to demand that I get motorized window treatments on all of my windows in our new home, because we have some money to spare due to increased selling price of our home. I was in love with the luxury of controlling window treatments at the push of a button.

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